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Personal Reflection Essay Example

An individual’s personal skills and qualities can play an important role in influencing their performance as an entrepreneur. Besides other important factors such as the presence of the capital, availability of market, security, means of transport, personal skills and qualities of the entrepreneur also plays a key role in determining the success of the business (Unger, Rauch, Frese & Rosenbusch, 2011). It is, therefore, on this basis that the given paper attempts to explain some of the personal skills and qualities that can make me be a suitable entrepreneur in the future.

As a young entrepreneur, I am aware of the importance of being endowed with excellent communication skills. Communication is a vital factor that plays a bigger role in influencing the performance of any business activity. In business, the communication process can take different forms. Some of the primary forms of communication in a business activity include; the formal communication, verbal communication, non-verbal communication and written communication. Communication system within the company will, therefore, enable an understanding between the seller and the customers, the employees, and their employers. Communication is the most convenient way of transferring information from one person to another (Unger, Rauch, Frese & Rosenbusch, 2011). Having an effective communication skill will also enable me to convince my customers on the reason why they should prefer my products to that of the competitors. Excellent listening skills also being part of effective communication skills will make a great contribution to my development as a successful entrepreneur. It is because being a good listener will enable me to listen to my customers and be able to get their recommendations that can be implemented for the continued success of the business.

Effective communication strategies are also a useful tool that can lead to tremendous growth in one’s business venture (Kuratko, 2016). This can possibly be achieved when it is applied in the different business marketing strategies. For example, an advert that utilizes a good command of language and other elements of an effective advert is appealing to customers. Being equipped with such effective communication skills will, therefore, contribute positively towards my success in future as an entrepreneur.

Having excellent adaptability skills enables one to adjust faster to the new situations within a particular environment. As a good entrepreneur one should be able to develop new strategies that can help him cope with the new situations. It will be very helpful if a business person can be able to adapt faster (Kuratko, 2016). The changing conditions also happen faster without any prior notice, and therefore, if one is flexible within their business, they will be able to mold very quickly and fit into the new situation without experiencing much effect of the change that has just evolved into the market. The many changes that are usually encountered in the market are attributed to the advancing technology that is being adopted in all sectors so as to improve the way things have been done before. I have got excellent skills that will help me to adapt to every new situation that I usually encounter in my life. As a future business person, I believe my adaptability skill will help me a lot to adjust to the continuously changing conditions in the market and this will significantly contribute to my success.

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As a disciplined person, I believe that this will help me to be very successful in my business endeavors in future. It is because self-discipline helps one to keep control of things even in dangerous situations, it keeps you calm, and by being calm, an individual can quickly make sound decisions that may help in toppling such situations. Discipline will also help one to earn more respect and favor among the customers. This is because a disciplined person knows how to handle his customers without necessarily irritating them and this mainly depends on the way you talk to them. It is mandatory that an entrepreneur should be in a position to completely understand all the employees so that you can easily handle them without getting into the cross with them. By knowing the employees, the entrepreneur will, therefore, be able to assign the employees the tasks that they are well fitted for and by doing this, he will be able to set standards for each employee to meet. Discipline will, therefore, play a significant role in ensuring that such targets are adhered to without any deviations. Discipline is also fundamental to being successful as an entrepreneur. This is because it helps one to keep his priorities especially in the handling of tasks and pursuit of the set objectives strictly without deviating or being dragged into other things that may cause one to be mixed up (Unger, Rauch, Frese & Rosenbusch, 2011). Being a disciplined person, I, therefore, believe that it will help me greatly in achieving my business dreams.

Besides the other, skills and qualities, I am also creative and persuasive. The given power will play a critical role in my business career. As a creative person, I will use my creativity to come up with new ideas that will help in improving all my business activities as well as fit well into the current trend in the market. Such new ideas will take a critical role in deviating from what the other business competitors are implementing in their firms and thus bringing up some form of uniqueness that will be impressive to the customers (Oakley, 2014). As a persuasive entrepreneur, I will be able to introduce my products quickly into the market by being accepted by the customers. The creativity skills can, therefore, be implemented in a way that the goods and services will be complemented with other things that will make them attractive to the customers. Since the success of any business venture depends on its ability to be embraced by the customers. By being creative, I will, therefore, be able to influence my clients to love the products I offer by using my creativity and persuasiveness and thus will contribute significantly to my success as an entrepreneur.

As an individual who is having passion and motivation in business ventures, my chances of being successful in my future activities is guaranteed. It is because every business person needs to be passionate and motivated in their activities. The ability to love your business gives one the determination to continue carrying on with the activity even during bad times in the firm (Oakley, 2014). Having passion, therefore, prepares one psychological for the challenges that he is bound to meet. This is because all business activities must undergo certain challenges that may inflict negatively to their performance and a business venture that is not likely to withstand such challenges, is likely to collapse. A business person who is passionate and motivated will therefore learn to persevere such hard times as the passion will give them the motivation to continue until that time when they shall have succeed. Motivation also keeps one from carrying out certain activities that might have been challenging without giving up before success is achieved.

Besides, all the desirable qualities that I have, I also have some personal weaknesses that I think will not contribute positively to my being a successful entrepreneur in the future. I am not good in writing. This is an essential part that can be applied in the business communication as well as keeping the records. I will have to hire someone to do the writing on my behalf, and this might not be a cost-effective measure, and it can hinder my success in business. I also lack the skills of organizing my team. As a leader, it is essential that one should be able to assemble his team accordingly so as to ensure that all the objectives are met. I, therefore, need to learn more skills on how to organize groups. Otherwise, this will impact negatively towards my success as an entrepreneur.

Education is a fundamental aspect that plays a critical role in the management and success of every business activities. It is because an individual education influences every aspect of the firm. My current school level has played a great role in changing my entrepreneurial skills in a variety of ways. Firstly, education has played a great role in shaping my communication skills which are a vital aspect of business management. It is because I have been able to learn the national and international languages such English and therefore this gives me the potential to effectively communicate with customers and employees from different ethnic groups (Shane, 2012). Education has therefore removed the communication barrier that could have acted as a hindrance to my success in the business. The financial management skills that I have learned in school will also help me in the proper management of my available resources. For example, through the business education that I have been taught in my various levels of education, I will be able to address all the accounting needs of my business, comply with the government regulations and also to ensure that my business is applying cost effective measures.

Through education, I have also been able to be specialized in some areas of the firm, and this is important as it will enhance my success in business. It is because, through specialization, I have been able to concentrate my studies on the specific areas that I needed to improve to be an active entrepreneur (Zhang, Duysters & Cloodt, 2014). I chose to specialize in entrepreneurship, and therefore this gives me an upper hand in the business sector as I am well versed with a number of issues in regard to that area. There are also a variety of skills that I have acquired through the business education that is quite helpful in the implementation of effective sales skills.

I have a good personal background that will contribute positively to my behavior as an entrepreneur. I have worked in a hotel business for ten years as an assistant, and therefore through this, I have been able to acquire more experience on how to manage and handle a business (Jin-zhao & Jing, 2009) I can comfortably speak in three languages such as English, Mandarin, and Cantonese and this, therefore, makes it possible for me to communicate with the customers. The ability to speak and understand English is also an advantage as it will enable me to conduct international business or communicate to the international customers especially the tourist who might come to China. I have also developed a passion for being an entrepreneur being that my mother has been a hotel manager and this gave me an opportunity to apply my interest in business. Some of the personal backgrounds that will favor my behavior as an entrepreneur are my creativity, flexibility and compelling characters.

If I would decide to develop a hospitality business in future, I will choose to open up an English café. It is because the globalization has opened up my country and therefore many of the tourists have begun streaming into the country for the purpose of learning Chinese culture. As a result of such business opportunity, a café will, therefore, be the ideal business that can tap into that market. My ability to communicate in English will also make it easier for me to understand what the customers might be looking for regarding our services at the hotel. My experiences while assisting at the hotel have also contributed a lot in developing my interest in operating a business activity in the hospitality industry.

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