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Pandemic Poem in English Example

God is just an idea that unites and divides people

— Spanish flu

You, Humans, are very interesting, Nature assigned you the same red blood but your innate fiendish efficacy which is to be superior over every other being led you to differentiate yourselves under the name of sex, color, religion, and social status.

When you throw a stone to a dog and a lion, a lion always reattacks, and a dog just barks and runs away. Just like that, Lion, you are when the science people like Darwin deny the existence of your God. Eventually, you’ll turn out to be a dog when someone speaks of the Integrity of Humans across the globe. Ignoring the true God as Nature, you believe in your imaginative God living in the clouds by expecting the miracle to happen anytime. On the darker side, you guys lock your over-imaginative fellow beings inside the prison, tagging them as psychopaths. If I was allowed to claim the powers which could control and punish you humans, I would have sternly taken out an organ from your body every time you people bowed your heads looking at your feet in front of your supernatural God believing that it would solve your problem out of nowhere all the while ignoring and exploiting the true God Nature. This behavior forces me to conclude that you humans, the so-called intelligent species are just literate enough to read and write scriptures but not Educated in any way to understand the sole truth. Pigs would sound better if they spell ABCD. Science is the only thing on earth that deserves the respect of my virus family and all of the animal kingdom as it accepts and preaches the Evolution, the magic created by Nature, the true God on earth.

Pandemic Poem in English Example

You got to pray what’s real, not what you believe to be true. The rock stays like a rock until the water and weather hit it so hard and so often that it will one day turn itself into a beautiful shape or become soil that starts to support plants. Just like the rock, I think you humans need the hit from the Evolution many times and to the right part(brain) until you unlearn everything about your God and start believing in yourselves. I am not roasting you because of your belief in your God, sometimes some of you do good deeds by fearing God, but at the same time, you would end up denying the sole truth of your existence claiming that your God to be the only answer.

The religion on which you have the conceit of has no base, it has aggravated your thinking system enclosed inside your skull, if you go on claiming that GOD is the only reason for all creation on earth, you are already out of the way to understand science and Evolution. It’s not possible that there’s no beautiful lotus in between a dirty pond. One among you who called himself as Geroge Carlin impressed me by stating boldly that “Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man living in the sky The one who watches what you do, every minute of the day. And there’s a special set for the invisible man of ten things he doesn’t want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, there is a special place for him, full of fire, and of smoke, and of burning, and of pain, and of agony, to send him away you will live and suffer and burn and choke and yell and weep forever and ever until the end of time! But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money! “. Mother Nature is proud of him. This man is so wise to be called Educated, as I was lucky to hear this speech of him when I was still a prisoner inside my master Bat, who accidentally went flying inside an auditorium where you humans were ironically laughing will their full breadth to actual facts. One can witness the beautiful rainbow only when the sun stands against rainfall. This man was the bright sun born in between the empty heads of darkness.

On my way on earth, I met a bacteria, who is my all-time family friend and the one who domiciles beside you from your toothbrush to your coffin. He knew more about you humans than any other organism on earth. He was none other than Salmonella, who had expertise in making you sick by entering your body through your long-kept food. We greeted each other, and the moment I asked about you humans, he was turned up and became enthusiastic about you and said,

“what can I say because I can’t just sacrifice my whole life explaining these creatures. But, I can say this for sure. Human mind and mood takes more number of shape than my family members do” we both laughed down and as we were standing on your food we were about to enter inside your stinking stomach, so I decided to move to some other place and take a tour around your homes to which Salmonella gladly agreed.

The only thing that had spread between humans more than bacteria and viruses combined was ignorance. If I were to believe in human God, I would spend the next few centuries in choosing the God who matches my lifestyle, principles, and purposes. Wait! Is there a god for viruses too? What do you call him/her? Virus BABA?

We roamed around your neighborhood, your parks, public toilets, parking lots, etc., we were tired after this brief checkout and decided to rest, and we both sat on an ant expecting that it would take us to the mud home of its where we had the chance to meet Staphylococcus who was our long lost cousin germ. Being interrupted by a human who was walking by the ant unknowing carried us on his leg with some hard, shiny cloth on it for which you call it as a shoe. We had no other option but to hold on, and this human entered into a very strange place where you people were true to yourselves and helped each other get up in their life. Unfortunately, it was not a temple, mosque, or a church. I was confused at first sight and as I took my sight towards Salmonella for an explanation he turning towards me said

“its a bar, the place where human goes out of control,”

“how do you know exactly?”

“I have been inside that bottle many times.”

“what’s in that bottle ?”

“its liquor, the liquid that humans created for their entertainment, They say that its harmful .and this is the same drink which is saving a human government to function properly with their paper money. “

I took a look around again looking all those sober faces with spilled liquor on their shirts and pants and then I got to know why it was harmful, it makes you speak the truth and you humans never like the truth which turns you down in front of one another .you humans seek pleasure at both from the drink as well as from lies.

As we were still on the leg, a drop of beer fell on us when the human who was carrying us bumped another accidentally, the splash hit us so hard that I fell unconscious and when I woke up I was inside a big box(dustbin), and I found myself scrapped inside a white paper(tissue paper) and when I searched for Salmonella, he was not there, I was tensed and worried, I needed him to assure my way out of there. I was left without hope inside a big litter box. when I was high on tension, I saw some Salmonella’s enemy lysozymes who were busy killing bacterias they saw, even they entered that litter box through tissue paper but they as they actually resided in your saliva all the time. Finally, I saw a cockroach approaching fastly towards me, and there he was, Salmonella riding on its back.

“come on my friend, let’s go for a ride out,” he said

I was happy to find him, and we both ran out on a cockroach’s back, cheering our goodbye to one of the honest places on earth. THE BAR.

I took Salmonella and his network around your household for granted and sought out to find the reason behind your faith and devotion to your God. This process gave us a too great experience, and both of us decided to begin this crazy expedition from your Bandage center (Hospital). The scenes there were very heartbreaking, I never thought I would feel empathy, but there I felt after looking at those patients who lost their legs, hands, and sometimes heads too.

It’s straightforward to convince someone who has negligible knowledge of the world around, and you were there in that Bandage center, the who got convinced without any prior knowledge of the surrounding.

Just 5 minutes after your birth, your parents decide your name, nationality, religion, and sect, and you being the victims spends the rest of your life, defending something that you never choose. It’s like feeding the newborn baby with all the toxic food, thinking that one day the baby will grow up to take care of the guardian. Heartfelt thanks to Salmonella, who told me that there are about 1400 religions on earth with their own rules, rituals, and Gods. These 1400 religions add up to 1400 gods, only if I consider one God from each religion. If you believe in one among them, Why aren’t these gods protecting you from me? If he can do miracles in the holy books, why isn’t he taking action against me? Is he afraid of me, or is he busy doing chemistry with the chemicals he claimed to be created to invent a vaccine for me and then when its prepared has he thought throwing the vaccine as holy water from the year-old saucers used by his earthly contractors?. The God that you claim to be present is just an idea like a movie character saving the innocent and kicking the ass of villains. Your God just unites familiar minded people just like the presence of RNA and DNA unites us like viruses. Nature is the only true God, it gives you air to breathe, water to drink and cleanse, food to eat, fire to cook, and shelter to live safely. The only purpose of God is to show kindness, which is all the while done by Nature itself from the birth of Humanity.

Until Nature arrives to render help, the only ones who can help and save you ignorant literate humans from me are Scientists and Doctors. The ones who teach Evolution as the grand concept behind the creation of living beings. Let’s consider my pandemic as a social experiment. An experiment to arbitrate if you humans are still dumb enough to rely on your religion and God instead of actual warriors who believe in Science to find a cure. How did you humans even think that there is an omnipotent being living in the sky procreated a dog saying

You’re going to be man’s best friend, you’re going to bark, you’re going to live for 13 years, you’re going to go on marrying other breeds of your kind and one day you’re going to end up marrying other breeds of your kind. up lying in a human’s home not doing anything but to piss on the same rock every day”.

Let us assume that your God (if exists) accidentally lands on earth on his way to some distant galaxy to light the supernova. If he meets any of you humans on the road, the only thing that they would say to each other is, “I created you”. Even before you get into this conversation, I think you would have made an attempt to ask his Identification of his religion, caste, and demographics.

Goddess Nature never felt the need to understand the word Prejudice, so does the people with a microscope in their hand and science in their mind, who work for the betterment of Humanity. Of course, they fight against me, and sometimes they don’t believe in Nature as a true god too, but at least they believe in the creation of Nature and use their Brain on some divine purpose instead of going underground claiming that there’s a GOD to take care of.

Never have I thought that I would be procreating myself inside the bodies of yours and then moving to one another. In the process of my infection, one fine day I accidentally fell on a luminous screen with colorful blocks moving with the swipes of your fingers, they called that animal as SmartPhone (by the way it was not an animal if it were, no doubt it would have taken over Humanity by now), I was shocked in the beginning to think that Nature never created any rectangular animal with more intelligence than humans, but after observing the actions performed over it I realized how lazy and hopeless you humans are, to create something that would avowedly do their work. Humans turned out to be parasites, but this time it’s them who are inured on this rectangular luminous being. I was lying on this Smartphone for a week, and the one who was using it was most of the time entering into the world of a bluebird with Twitter written below it, one day I noticed something inside it that went like #stayhomestaysafe and wondered that it was actually an order for everyone to follow, but that man was hanging out of his home pressing the heart icon and typing some comments on the same topic. Not just the bluebird, he did the same on some other virtual worlds called by the name Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. He never took the signs of warning seriously; the only sign he took seriously was the sign which popped out of nowhere, saying “WARNING! BATTERY LOW”. I feel loathed every time I remember the frittenful act on the device. It is a technology built by you which instead of being invented is getting adopted. I sometimes hear that your great God is both omnipotent and omniscient, and I am very happy for you to announce that God always resided in your hand. Yes! That rectangular luminous screen is omniscient, which can answer all your queries, be it an emotional problem or a normal one, and one day will be omnipotent, and it won’t just answer and help you, but control you with all its electrical and technological power.

The waterfalls always entertain the viewers, but in the end, the water always flows down to towards the earth; never does it follies to be at the top of the land. But you humans are entertainment seekers, never turn yourselves to something that you bring you down, you are so light-minded and are consequently exposed to the fictional comics and the characters in it, thinking that there will be someone in the form of Superman or Captain America, who would someday arrive for help. But you ignorant beings never make an attempt to be a superhero. The truth is that your rectangular screens have actually exulted the freedom as a human being, especially the freedom of expression, which is provided by your constitution. You don’t believe that there are rules of nature that each and every animal lives every second following them and its time to remind you of the rules that you have no idea of, here are they

Freedom of habitat

Freedom to hibernate.

No overconsumption of food

Freedom over water bodies

Exclusive territories for all animals

Trust in mutual existence

Everybody after a death must degrade and give rise to a new plant.

That’s not it, there is a punishment for those who violate these rules, and it would be better if I introduce you to the animals who met the penalty. THE DINOSAURS FAMILY. And I am god damn sure that you are the next in that list with the red underline. A monkey always resides in a tree, that doesn’t mean that it won’t like to sleep inside a Lion’s den, it means it knows its limits and respects other animals territory. But you those developed monkeys who are going to get eaten by the hungry lion for taking a chance to fulfill its stupid pleasure of sleeping in its den.

If I get any chance to meet Nature one day, I will recommend it to add one more rule stating


Affection shows your mentality, but only the situation reveals reality. From the time I was liberated, even my thinking was human-like filled with selfishness and obstinate not to give up on my family, but unlike humans, I was right about my self and my words all the time, and I am right. Of course, I have no affection, but the situation is different, for you are the one to be blamed for my behavior, and your mentality is the sole reason for my outbreak. There’s a saying that one of you had quoted which goes by “life has no limitation except the one you make”. why don’t you humans just understand this and stay in your limits, here I am being your limit on your own world, killing your own beings without mercy. I won’t end my story until I make you understand what made me do things that I do.

You are a human, and you live with your beings, but the truth is you don’t, you are absolutely unaware of yourselves. As a result, most of your beliefs about your behavior are always wrong. One thing that I love about you humans is your ability to create art, especially poetry. My messiah William Wordsworth stands as a pillar behind my education, he was the first among you to come up with a religion praying our Nature as a true god. Now that me being his follower, I believe that it’s my duty to write a poem and give him a tribute.

Thou shall live, and thou shall not believe,

In someone who gazes from the sky.

You’re worried about pandemic ignoring the Pandemonium,

Of who the hell built that ladder so high.

If the hell is burning down,

And heaven is floating above.

What’s the difference human?

While you’re the only Psychopaths around.

What a world this is,

Where prayers are fiendish than friendly,

If someone did hear them,

He would have stripped his ears, leaving prayers to go gypsy.

I am not the only skeptic here,

For you can join my team.

don’t be weak, just stay scrupulous

For morose voices soon be seen.

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