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Improving Creative Writing Skills at Secondary Level


Most of the students have a natural interest and talent to express themselves. They love stories and poems and have a world of imagination. They want to write for pleasure, for information and as they grow older they want to express themselves through their writings.

For this reason it is important to make creative writing an important part of schools curriculum. These writing should be enjoyable and children should have enough opportunities to chose there subject for writing which will develop their cognitive as well as `communicative skill. The writings of the students and the people show whether they have understood and mastered the concept or not.

In Pak a large number of `students finds many problems while writing in second language. It is because the native speaker never achieve high level of expressiveness even in writing in there native language.

When we compare Pak with other countries we see that no work is being done for the encouragement and improvement of the creative writing there are no special academies or institutions which can produce good writers whereas other countries as America England and Canada have special institutions, large number of projects and courses for the improvement of creative writing. These countries are producing quality work and good writers every year.

The second part of the paper shows that the process of creative writing is not a simple process. It is divided into different stages, the pre writing and writing stage. In creative writing pre writing and writing both are involve and need special attention on the part of teachers and the students.

Students have problems with generating ideas and selecting them. They need to learn how to Create ideas and write them. It requires an intelligent choice of topic critical thinking and observation. They should know that the ability to write any thing is not simply an exercise of knowledge gained like vocabulary but it can be learned in a conducive environment and right situation.

The teacher can assist them by using different techniques as brain storming, conferencing by showing pictures and other activities. Teachers feedback and help is necessary in writing process.

Many students who can speak language perfectly and can write in beautiful hand can not express themselves coherently they fail to write even two sentences to express their feelings the reason is that their teaching is confined to the  role memorization of different essays and composition of individual sentences which can not raised to the next higher stage which is the stage of communication. The teacher can guide the student in using  appropriate structure and vocabulary keeping in view the subject matter and the reader  they should keep in mind the form of writing, for example a descriptive piece of short story, a personal letter and etc. all this need  the mastering of various rules used in language.

Hypotheses is that all students can learn  and they want to express themselves they express themselves in different ways some write essays, some poetry, some dialogues, report and other things. The development of the skill of writing should therefore proceed progressively through different stages  guided by the teacher because the teacher is responsible to develop these skills in their students at school by using various methods and techniques

The purpose of this research is to look at the situation of creative writing in English class room and offer the suggestion for helping students to over come the difficulties they faced in writing clearly and effectively


People in all ages enjoyed the writings of different authors. They not only enjoyed those writings but appreciated and criticized them as well. Most of these authors write to earn there living but other write only for there own satisfaction because when they express their thoughts and emotions they get a relief out of it and readers on the others hand not only enjoy their writings but also get information from them. These writings can be the reflections of reader’s mind as well.

Infect all the people want to express their feelings and share their thoughts and ideas with other people. It is only possible if he communicates with others. And one of the best ways of communication is writing. For this writer should know how to express his or herself in an impressive way. These writings are of great importance. If these are subjective then they reflect the writer’s own mind, and if these are objective then these are source of great knowledge, current and old. Whatever these are, these are a light for the readers and instigating power as well. These writings are not only for one or two proposes due to which several writers have described different types of writings.

Hedge describes different writing types by making a distinction between personal writing, public or professional writing and creative writing (95-96).

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