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Sample Self Reflection Essay

Self-reflection may seem like an easy task when you start working on your essay. But immersing yourself in thoughts and experiences is harder than you think. In the process of creating a reflective paper, you are describing ideas you have received or expressing your opinion about some experience. Self-reflection essays are usually personal writing about some experience, but you can make them up, too. Learn how to write my essay with elements of self-reflection using the example below;


Values, Strengths, Personality, and Motivators

Values are stable life goals that one has. Values reflect what a person considers most important to them. Most Sample Self Reflection Essayimportantly I value my self-respect. I am confident and proud of myself regardless of the poor decisions I have made in the past. I am open minded, clean, obedient to my elders, peers and respectful to the young, and I believe that the world is a beautiful place and that I should not waste my time and energy focusing on negativity.

I wouldn’t say that I have life figured out yet, but I have an inner drive that makes me question the environment around me and why both good and bad things happen. I am always punctual, outgoing but not very sociable. Social situations make me nervous at times especially when I am interacting with strangers. I am very tolerant, understanding and honest with people.

Some of the positive experiences in my life were graduating from college, being promoted at work and for the first time in my life buying a home. My life in college made me realize that I could persevere and be tolerant. College also taught me how to build my confidence, make the most out of social situations and to accept that people are not perfect, it is their imperfectness that makes them perfect for us. Perseverance, tolerance, desire, and self-acceptance are some of the attributes that helped me climb the ladder at my workplace and drove me to buy a home for the first time.

The most difficult moments in my life were being laid-off during recession and losing a loved one. I was in denial, and I felt sad and angry at everything and everyone. I blamed myself and God for everything that happened. I was broken, but time heals all wounds. I was able to rediscover myself, and this events shaped me into being the person I am today. I rediscovered myself because I believed in myself and I was able to use the situations to make myself a better person.

My main motivation is my family. My parents and siblings motivate me to live every day like it’s the last. I want to make to impact my society positively and leave a long-lasting imprint. I strive to learn something new every day and grow to become a better person.

Leading a Good Life

I will have led a good life if I end up positively impacting the society. I do not necessarily have to impact the whole society. I will be content with positively impacting a few individuals who will, in turn, inspire others to lead better lives. “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts,” remarked the great Winston Churchill. According to me, success is waking up in the morning with the feeling that someone out there is leading a better life because of me.

The desire to positively impact those around me and the society at large lead me to the path of leadership. As a leader, I will have the ability to make the much-desired change needed to make people lead healthier, safer and content lives.

Concepts that can Make one a Better Leader

The concept of emotional intelligence would shape me to become a better leader. Emotional intelligence helps one to manage the anger, fear, and sadness that comes with the feeling of losing a loved one or facing a negative event in life. An emotionally intelligent person can manage relationships better, be socially aware and how to manage themselves and be self-aware. Emotional intelligence also fosters the spirit of empathy. A leader’s ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes makes them better than one who is sympathetic and cannot view a situation from another person’s point of view.

A person’s values and personality can shape them into leaders. To become a good leader one has to be fit for a specific organization or a specific job. My open-mindedness, self-respect, obedience, value for family and ability to forgive and forget makes me fit to be a leader who would be impactful and take an organization and the people associated with it to greater heights.

To become an impactful leader one has to be motivated. Motivators can either be intrinsic or extrinsic. I am mainly motivated by my family, personal growth and desire to make a difference and see others do better. Good leaders do their best to motivate those around them, to lead better lives and make a positive impact on the society and environment around them.

Action Plan to Improve a Strength

To reach my desired levels of leadership, I plan to embrace the concept of empathy, motivation and being able to socialize and interact better with others. I plan to know the life stories of at least half of my classmates before the end of the semester. Familiarizing myself with some aspects of the people I school with will help me improve my social and interaction skills.

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