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The Hero’s Journey BY Joseph Campbell Movie Summary

Campbell Theory of The Hero’s Journey Movie Review

According to Joseph Campbell’s theory of the hero’s journey (see diagram below), the protagonist of a story leaves his or her familiar/ordinary world, enters a strange environment or situation, and then, having survived a series of trials and tribulations, returns to their original world somehow changed. Discuss the protagonists of any three of the fantasy films we have screened in terms of Campbell’s theory (see Chris Vogler’s article, “Starting with Structure”).  What do they/we learn by virtue of their journeys? What do we, the audience, learn by going along?

This film is about a man that is moved into a place by leaving his family alone. He wanted to live peacefully at a place and hence he decided to leave its family all alone. Every story starts with a background or with a proper view for the people as people take interest only in the story when it has something that attracts them like heroes and heroines. The history you show in the film must be very attractive and interested so that it will attract all your audience. In the book of Campbell has passed a journey that makes him wonder in the world. The best thing about the story is that it has cauterized in a beautiful place that it needs to be watched by everyone who visited him or her once.

The main thing about this movie is that they are focusing on all the important events and the entire essential parts that make the movie complete and attractive to the audience. The story has many f the parts that make the story or film more attractive and more authentic as they are going to manage the working of the organization complete and authentic as well. In the ordinary world life of the hero, he was a simple man who uses to live with his parents. He did not know at that time that he was going to complete a journey in future. He was passing a normal life and he was very happy in its life. There were no critics and complications he had in his life. The hero was a cool and calm human being like all the other people lives around them. We can easily identify his life routines as he uses to live a simple life like other files.

Once while he was sitting in the room he uses to receive a call from someone that if he wanted to do some action he should get up and go for that. He had received threats for his family that they do not remain safe if he does not go out and moved for some adventure He first considered to be a joke with him but that phone ranged repeatedly the person says the same thing again and they have been punished because of this so he decided to go out as they are going to save the life of their family.

The hero first hesitated and he has the fear of death as well but for the sake of its family’s life, he uses to go to the quest to fulfil it and to complete it in order to go back home safe and sound. He has to face too many problems in terms of completing the quest and as well as many of the complications have come where he thinks that, he is just going to die. But the hero is very courageous so he manages the whole situation well and maintains the working in a proper way. He has to face some kind of training in the start of the quest that how to perform the tasks in the quest because it is not known by the hero that what to do and how to do.

The training was very hard and the trainer was hard and strict as well. The most important thing is that the training was as difficult as the tasks were not known by him and as well as they are lengthy also. The things that are needed by the people are provided to him on time and when they have asked for. The place where they are staying was very much different and in a densely populated area where they are going to manage the working efficiently and appropriately as well as they have not be provided that comfort which can completely make the life of the persons or hero easy. The training provides him confidence in terms of realizing them about the things that what should they take care of and what not.

The mentors’ were available all the time and they have been provided with the best ever training for the great accomplishment of the task. The hero after training is ready to face the quest or challenges and he is not only making the task easy and as well as it is making the life of people safe and secure. The things and the aspects with which he is familiar with are easy for him now to tackle and to manage all the aspects properly as well. There are many of the tests and punishments have been taken by the hero in terms of testing it that whether he is acting upon the system properly or not.

Hero has to face many of the issues in the start but soon he will have to change the minds and they have to select those people who are able to trust because they are going to share some of the important things among each other. Therefore, for that situation, a trust with a person is needed which can keep secrets and that can prove to be a trustworthy person for the people and overall system as well. The heroes have not been approached to every place in the quest he has to reach every place but for that, he has to earn the approach of it towards all the goals in order to achieve them properly and efficiently as well so that the results will be great.

The working in the quest was to defeat the enemy as well as to make the life of ourselves and our surroundings people very much improved and efficient as they are going to manage the working of the quest in terms of achieving success up to a height of success and up to an extent of great people as well. The reward after this was that they are going to manage the completion of success in terms of making them extraordinary successful and very much improved as well. There are many of the challenges that have to be faced by the hero in terms of making the life of it different in terms of making the use of the challenges and performing best in the quest.

There is a twist in the quest that they are going to manage the working of the people as the hero have to face the death in terms of performing the most complicated challenge in terms of as a result it will pass close to death. The weirdest situation is that it has to be managed and balanced properly that it has to be passed as a must and if it was failed by the hero then he will face death. And also the people committed to them must have to face troubles or deaths if they are going to fail.

The audiences that are facing the situations must have to pass through these situations as these are very much wired and complicated students so that the overall myth of the people as well as for the purpose of the destruction and in terms of cleaning the overall process of the quest to be accomplished well and make sure to get success in this regard. At the end of the quest, the result was to handle the situations included the best form of working in that quest and as well as getting success at the end. You must know this that the things you are making or playing with them are as well as improved and innovated as well.

The results should be positive and high as these quests are performed with the best interest of the people and with the great efficiency as well. The most important factor is that each sample must be made according to the proper formatting and with the best ever efficiency as these are the best and the worst efforts in terms of making them accurate and effective. The reward was to be meant and in terms of making the work right after the instructions have been working as the best working efficiency in the overall progress of the quest. There are many of the things that are to be considered well and as well as they are going to manage the working of the overall quest is to be managed properly and efficiently as well as they are to be meant in order to explain the best results as the end of the session. (Bronzite, 2018)


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