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Argumentative Essay Sample

The three professors describe the challenges that people underwent in the 20th century. The problems are likened to the four legends as described by Franz Kafka in his argument. The professors emphasize on the struggles that each has to endure in the pursuit of their dreams. However, the most critical thing is overcoming such challenges to allow human beings to live a legacy that can be passed from one generation to the other.

Professor A describes Franz Kafka as one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. In spite of being successful, the writer is faced with challenges in the pursuit of his dream. The writer has struggled in his entire life just like the Prometheus. However, he still had his parents to rely on despite the struggles. His parents were available to provide with the emotional support. The difficult life that Kafka lived made it difficult for him to establish and sustain a relationship. In this regard, he decided to stay alone without having to marry. The primary argument of Professor A is based on the struggles that Franz Kafka endured in his life. He was bitter a person. His sufferings have been described in four instances. He felt isolated in the society making him suffer from low self-esteem. In addition, he was a Jews who lived in Europe. He was affected by growing avocations of anti-Semitism. Professor A has supported his argument with factual evidence by elaborating different struggles or challenges that Kafka was exposed to.  The interpretation of Professor A is written, and much of the arguments are related to the thesis statement. The thesis statement has been developed clearly, and the succeeding arguments have been advanced to support it. The arguments relate the struggles between Franz Kafka and Prometheus. They indicate why the writer had to live such a life. Professor A in his concluding statement describes the final decision taken by Kafka where he tells his friend Max Brodto to destroy all his unprinted manuscripts so that people cannot know much about his autobiography.

The primary theme of Professor B also describes the struggles of Kafka in a hostile world.  The primary theme of professor B likens the struggles of Kafka to modern challenges that any man or woman can experience in this indifferent world. Each of the four legends used in the argument describes the struggles of people in different conditions.  Professor B believes that such struggles are beyond human control and that is why they are subjected to such efforts to ensure that they survive. According to Professor B, the writer is “clamped to a rock, ” and he has no any other option but to watch helplessly as the eagles “tearing beaks” take away his liver. He likens this statement to the current problems such as wars, epidemics, genocides and natural disasters that people find themselves in today. He concludes that people are faced with a myriad of challenges that they find no time to rest.

Professor C describes the essence of writing things down for remembrance. The professor believes that it is important to write stories down to remember them in future. He has represented the writer’s legends and their importance in allowing the reader to understand the story. Professor C has described the four legends that the writers have put down in the story and their significance to both the writer and the reader.  The interpretation of the story relates to the thesis statement because he has outlined all the four legends presented in the argument. In the concluding statement, Professor C emphasizes the importance of writing down parables so that they can run in the people’s memory in the future.

The argument of the Professor B is the strongest. He relates the legends with the struggles that people experienced in the 20th century. He outlines that there is a myriad of challenges that people are faced with that they never find time to rest. He likens the four legends of the writer to the struggles such as terrible wars, natural disasters, and genocides among others. Such battles eat away our flesh and leave us vulnerable. These struggles are beyond our control, but they can be overcome.

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