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Johnson & Johnson Career Development Practices

A career is a series of distinct but connected activities of work that provide order, meaning, and continuity to a person’s life. Career management is conscious planning of a person’s engagements and activities in the job that one undertakes in the course of their life for better growth, financial stability, and fulfillment. Therefore, it is a process that begins from oneself understanding hence encompasses occupational consciousness. Career management is less or more of organizational management; most importantly, organizations are nothing but individuals’ assortments.

The career management process starts with the formulation of objectives and goals short-term within an organization. The accomplishment of goals needs a well-planned strategy, which means an action plan to attain the objective. This has to be accompanied by the establishment or drafting rules or norms, procedures, and policies that govern practice or action. The final step in career management is a career management plan evaluation, which ensures that progress is made within an organization. At different stages, one may select career paths which are in line with their strengths, weaknesses, dislikes, and likes through utilizing various career valuation test’s services.


The burden of managing a career is high on an individual than on an employer. Therefore, to ensure personal advancements, especially in changing attitude, competences, and skills are things an individual require to be taken care of. The short-term objectives require to be met and assessed. On the other hand, long term career objectives must be reviewed with the changes with either self or in employment set-up. Also, organizations might or might not be troubled more broadly or aligned to a person’s primacies in life and career. Regularly, counseling is of crucial importance in assessing work and its prospects and creating a clearness of values since they experience changes with the passing of stint.

A program of career development is a prearranged mechanism that is meant to integrate a chain of activities that are connected to personal career planning by either organizational or management of employee’s career for employees. The principal goal of developing and designing management of a career program is to offer employees opportunities to grow in organizations and enlarge their horizons hence upgrading and maximumly utilizing their skills so that the organization can benefit.

Times have changed, and so has the aspirations and needs of the employees. Times have passed by from where employees would twig to one occupation until they retire. Nowadays, there is a lot to discover and realize; hence individuals can not afford to remain inert. Individuals thus require an unceasing growth of themselves to get to new heights. The system of career development consists of various components that are essential in the operations of an organization. To improve on the system’s efficiency, the Human Resource managers ought to have completed knowledge concerning these tools because they occupy a consultant role, mainly when supervisors and employees utilize this system.

Career programs try to balance objectives, organization’s requirements, employee requirements, and physical requirements. All the programs are groups or associated with various workshops and activities that assist in fostering improved communication in the entire levels of an organization. Each one can understand other’s skills competencies and requirements. These programs also give employees a chance to comprehend their aspirations, feasibility, and desires so that they can assess their competencies and skills, thus setting specific goals. When a career program is presented in an organization, the top-level management has to ensure that it serves the purpose that it is meant to serve. To ensure that the career program serves the meant purpose, there are factors that H.R. professionals use to measure if a career program is active. These factors include matching standards with the outcome, change in indexes’ performance, greater self-awareness among employees, and balance between organization and employee requirements and objectives.

Organizational Career Management practices involve succession planning, performance appraisal as a basis of career planning, education, and training as part of career development, career workshops, and formal mentoring. O.C.M. is a model that describes the Career Management practices and proposes that when determining O.C.M. practices commonly, organizations ought to be wise if they contemplate the level of participation, which is essential from line managers and H.R. to do such practices. On the other hand, performance management practices include identifying the goals of your performance management initiatives, defining and describing roles, pairing goals with a performance plan, and frequent couching, among many others. Performance management has two theories, one of which is Goal-setting theory that suggests that individual goals formulated by employees play an essential role in motivating him for superior performance because employees continuously follow their goals with determination. If the goals are unachieved, they either modify and make their goals realistic or improve their performance. If the performance improves it, then the aims of the performance management will have been achieved.

The tools required for successful talent management include workforce planning, recruiting, strategic plan and goal alignment, executive coaching, leadership development, recognition programs, diversity and inclusion, engagement, and retention. On the other hand, the main succession planning tools include SAP, Plum, Cornerstone on Demand, UltiPro, Succession Wizard, Talent Guard, People Fluent, Empxtrack, Saba, Sum Total, Bird Dog H.R. and Page Up Succession Planning.Johnson & Johnson Career Development Practices

On the accomplishment of task two, I had the feeling of anticipation that Johnson and Johnson company can do excellently and improve in their operations if they employ the right strategies and H.R. policies and systems. I think everything is on track, although Johnson and Johnson company ought not to relax but come up with strategies that will earn them a competitive edge to stay in the market, which is full of competitors.

S.W.O.T. Analysis – Johnson & Johnson

S.W.O.T. analysis involves the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that a company has. Therefore, Johnson and Johnson’s company experience four faces as follows:

  • Strengths (+) of J&J company include their high reputation in the healthcare industry, their high-quality employees, a dedicated H.R. team, and low rate of turnover among employees in high positions.
  • Weaknesses (-) of J&J company include cuts and budget constraints, low morale of employees, lack of data measurements and high rates of turnover in the service department.
  • Opportunities (+) of J&J company include expansion of program benefits, flexible working days and hours, partnership with wellness and health services.
  • Threats (-) of J&J company include budget constraints, export laws and compliance, market uncertainties, market competition, internal conflicts, rising healthcare costs and new government regulations and laws.


Johnson and Johnson have been household name for more than one hundred and twenty-five years, it is, and continues to be a great company. They have been a leading edge on health care products which provide people with an opportunity to live better lives. Therefore, people depend on Johnson and Johnson’s products every single day, whether they are placing a screw order used for hip replacement, ordering of derma bond to hold the skin together and ordering the part used during brain surgery, and also, from baby products to aids of band. Therefore, whichever product is ordered, the product is for a person’s wellbeing. It never matters what department an individual works in within Johnson and Johnson, we all are there to assist in improving and saving lives each day.

Action Plan

Johnson and Johnson ought to invest in employing best quality Research and development teams and regular employees to provide on a daily basis innovative idea and also to invent the state of art products so as to develop people’s wellbeing. Johnson and Johnson ought to invest on trainings and advancement of all employees, the new hires and the seasoned employees. They as well ought to continue with college repayment for those who are willing to contribute for those willing to continue with their education. Also, Johnson and Johnson should keep their employees engaged and motivated; this will make employees work to their best of their ability. Employees such as Research and Development as well as scientists will continue with invention which will keep Johnson and Johnson company competitive.

Reflective Essay

I suppose Human Resource Management is the pillar of any company. Therefore, Johnson and Johnson company should ensure that the H.R. department is resourced fully so as to effect in the recruitment and selection process as well as in the Planning, Coordinating, Organizing, Controlling and Directing. I think Johnson and Johnson have become one among the biggest and competitive companies in the market because of the strategies they have employed in their health industry operation.

For the company to maintain its competitiveness in the market, I think they ought to keep their business thriving and operational and also keep their employees engaged and happy. Training of the employees acts as a motivational factor hence; the more people are educated means high levels of salaries. Johnson and Johnson should thus provide regular trainings for their employees. Also, establishment of bonus programs will act as a motivational factor for employees working harder. Mostly, the harder an employee work, the more productive they are hence bigger bonuses. Therefore, I think Johnson and Johnson company will have their competitive edge safeguarded if they employ bonus programs to run their operations.

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