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Structured Report Writing Training Programs of Occidental Petroleum Corporation and its Methods

TASK 1:  Occidental Petroleum Corporation in Oman

The organization choses for this structured report is Occidental Petroleum Corporation is an American multinational natural gas and petroleum exploration company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Its major operations include in American Latin, Middle East and United States of America. In 2017 the company was the 3rd largest petroleum producer 21st largest natural gas producer in Texas. Occidental has been producing petroleum in Oman for over 30 years and today is one of the largest independent producers in the country. Their major operations are included in northern Oman at the Safah Field Block 9 and at the Mukhaizna field in the south. One of the most successful program led by Occidental is in northern Oman and more than 100 wells has been drilled till this date. Wadi Latham, Wadi Aswad North, Khamilah and Safah North B fields are all major drilling sites of this multinational corporation. (Occidental Petroleum Corporation, n.d.)[sociallocker]

​​ Recruitment by Occidental Petroleum Corporation


Occidental is committed to bring about the most work friendly environment and the best managerial staffs to train aspiring individuals in their aspiring careers. Its concept is to basically promote career growth by offering a wealth of training and development opportunities at all levels and in all regions, which is why their training programs and employment opportunities are planned to make it to be a collaborative process.​​ Since Occidental is a multinational company it is always on a hunt to employee the best in its field. The job applicants are to make an online profile on the official website through which they give a test of analytical, English and personality test. Those short listed in the list will be called on an interview.


TASK 2:​​ ​​ Training Programs and It’s Objectives


Occidental aims for excellence in what they do, they have facilitated their employees for undergraduates there are number of internships offered by the company; those who manage to score an internship in their undergraduate degree has a high chance of acquiring a Job after they graduate since they are trained meticulously for their acquired career. The job is offered through advertisement in social media, newspaper and job portals. But they also attend the job fairs of many universities in the country where they are situated.

 ​​​​ To achieve their business milestone and targets employees and managerial staff share the responsibility to fulfill the needs of the trainees​​ and train them to equally competent.​​ There are​​ six​​ main training programs that every corporate​​ offer to develop the skills of​​ their employees​​ which are​​ Effective Communication,​​ Time Management,​​ Management Skills,​​ Project​​ Management,​​ Technical skills,​​ Leadership Training​​ and​​ Diversity Training. Occidental Petroleum achieves this by having three types of programs.​​ (M.Stern, 2011)


TASK 3:​​ ​​ Types and Description of Training Programs for Employees


In the​​ following paragraphs​​ the description of three main activities carried out by Occidental Petroleum Corporation are explained in detail.


  • Training and Development

Occidental takes pride in providing many internal and external training and development programs the country’s development program for early-career professionals is one such example. Their training and development programs gives a personnel development which includes e-learning opportunities (available online) for individuals in their aspiring careers. Occidental focuses on providing development programs for its employees individually and as a team. Their employees are to contact the Human Resources representative or the Employee Organization and Development team if they want to avail any workshop or training programs to help them polish their skills in their required area. ​​ In the sector of technical skills; Occidental provides training solutions such as “PetroSkills program” is there for the engineers. Employees can also avail computer skills and specific functional skills training.​​ Employees can get the information about these training programs from the managerial staff. Some of the training and development programs under this section is listed below. (Sutherland, 2017) and (M.Stern, 2011)


In the following table the different types of programs are carried out under the training and development department of Occidental Petroleum Cooperation​​ 





  • Foundations of Management (FOM)

According to the official website of Occidental Petroleum, this is a four-day workshop for newly promoted supervisors. And it aims to promote leadership skills by coaching, motivating, influencing, communication and informs its participants of this workshop of compliance, finance, human resources and various Occidental business overviews. The purpose of this workshop is to allow employs to interact with each other and spend time with senior employees to acquire leadership skills.

To​​ promote​​ leadership skills and effective communication

  • Leadership Skills Workshops

This workshop basically aims to promote leadership skills in their employees and helps them integrate with their co-workers better. This workshop aims to use a typical classroom method; case studies, videos, simulations, practice exercises and real-time​​ applicants are all part of this. This also focuses on strengthening their managerial skills by providing peer learning and networking opportunities and enables them to reach out and integrate with other Occidental Leaders

To​​ promote​​ leadership skills and managerial skills

  • Employee Open Enrollment Courses

A diverse range of instructor-led courses are available to develop the skills and knowledge of the employees at all levels. Some of the courses offered are Petroleum Industry, Presentation skills, Crucial Communications, Time and priority management.

To promote technical, presentation, time and propriety, project management skills.

  • Women of Occidental Network (WON) Development Sessions

To promote diversity in its workforce Occidental especially focuses on promoting the careers of female employees and groom them for their respective jobs. The CEO Vicki Hollub herself carries these workshops. This program teaches about time management, leadership skills and project management.

To promote diversity amongst colleagues, time management, leadership and project management.

  • Early Career Network (ECN)

In this program the Occidental encourages to unite future leaders of Occidental. ECN provides multiple networking sessions meetings with various company leader of all regions where the corporation is situated.

To promote leadership skills and effective communication.

  • Mentor Program

To provide additional training and skills the Occidental provides employees with this workshop who would benefit to improve their technical skills, computer skills and project management. ​​ (Occidental Petroleum Corporation, n.d.)

​​ This provides, technical skills and project management related to the plant.​​ 



  • Educational Assistance Program


Occidental conceptualizes on providing education assistance to eligible full-time and regular employees who would successfully complete pre-approved courses of study. At the completion of each course of study, employees will then be compensated for mandatory fees or necessary expenses including tuition, textbooks, laboratory fees, parking, and admission fees. Occidental has developed classrooms and cafés for their educational assistance program and the benefit of this program would apply to a maximum of 10 courses per calendar year, up to the total pre-approved compensated amount. Their educational program mainly focuses on case studies, plant and equipment operation and maintenance. They focus on the development of engineering skills, computer and managerial skills of their respective staffs. (Occidental Petroleum Corporation, n.d.)



  • International Development Program


Occidental's international operations have ongoing, comprehensive programs in place to recruit and train national employees for jobs at all levels of the​​ company. This is one of the salient collaborative processes in emerging countries striving to elevate the standards such as in economic development, transfer technical expertise to the workforce, increase national employment, and reduce dependence on expatriate workers. In the Middle eastern region, for example in Oman and Qatar, Occidental is a leading creator of job opportunities for Omani and Qatari nationals in the countries in which they operate, enthusiastically expanding on government programs such as "Omanization" and "Qatarization." The workshops include diversity training, time management, project management, leadership skills, plant and equipment maintenance and other skill related workshops. (Occidental Petroleum Corporation, n.d.)


Note: Task 4 is​​ all the tasks compiled in structured report writing above.​​ 


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