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Management Dilemma: Promotion Policy of a Multinational Company


The primary purpose of human resources is to manage the workforce well and keep them motivated. Talent management, fair recruitment and selection procedures, better working conditions, and equal employee promotion opportunities are essential to an HR organization. In these issues, advertising is the most discussed issue, and many researchers study in detail about this factor that directly affects employee satisfaction and organization’s productivity in different fields (Naeem, 2013) (Muhammad Ehsan Malik et al. 2012), (Norrani Mustapha, 2013).

Within an organization, job promotion is the vertical development of a worker. According to C.Pfeifer, 2008, “Promotion is the improvision in employees’ level within the organization and also increases in their salary.”

Promotion is considered to be an essential issue in the organization for its employees. The main reason is that job promotion is linked with the career progression of employees. Most employees work devotedly and, in return, expect job promotion. Depending upon the requirements within an organization, advertising can be on a permanent or temporary basis.

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