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What is Human Resource Development

The term HRD stands for Human Resource Development that demotes to a field where multiple organizations offer training and development sessions to the employees. These training and development sessions of organizations enhance the awareness, abilities, and confidence level of the employees. There are many organizations where the procedure of human resource management started with the hiring of new employees. This training and development of an employee are going on throughout the whole professional career.

However, some employees join an organization with basic few skills and the organization trained them. The purpose of this training is to make them professional by teaching them skills. Some employees have all the skills which are required for a job but they don’t have information about the organization under they are working. So HR department is intended to provide the information and awareness to all the employees so that they can do their duties in an effective way. (Heathfield, 2017)

What is Human Resource Development

Purpose Of Human Resource Development 

Human resource development can be easily analysed by the organization and organization has the ability to engage the employees on the basis of skills and expertise. The main purpose of human resource development is to provide the training to all the employees of an organization and enhance the level of awareness, abilities, and skills respectively. Another objective of the training and development sessions is to encourage the employees so that they can give their best performances.

Human resource development consists of multiple opportunities for the employees such as practising, professional career progress, effective performance, and development of the organization. The main focus of human resource management is to encourage the employees so that employees and organization work together to achieve the goals. Moreover, there are multiple chances of human resource and employee’s development for an organization. These opportunities are available to the employees at or outside the organization.

Purpose of human resource development to learn the employees within the organizations and companies invest a huge amount of HRD. Term human resource development joins the psychology, business, and science education at the same time. (Whatishumanresource.com, 2018)

Types Of Human Resource Development (HRD)

Human resource development is started when an organization hires employees as a working staff. Human resource development procedure continues with the professional career of employees. Human resource development consists of various kinds including training the employees at the workplace, job shadowing, and online training facilities for the employees, and through textbook or guidelines.  The explanation of these types of human resource development is

Training Of Employees At The Workplace

In this type of training, employees are being trained by the organization in which they are working. Due to training at the workplace, an employee becomes familiar with the basic skills that are required for the job position and other responsibilities that are being used in the workplace.  (Hrssolutions.com, 2017)

Job Shadowing

In this type of human resource development training, an employee gets training by observing other employees at workplace within the organization. By observing the employees at the workplace, he or seek many skills from the colleagues that are significant for the human resource development.

Online Or Home Based HRD Training

Professionals are the main factor of this kind of human resource development training. Employees attend different seminars and online sessions for HRD training. Due to this kind of training, employees learn the basic skills before hiring by the organization. (Nrsp.org.pk, 2018)

Textbooks And Guidelines

Textbooks and guidelines are also being used by the employees to get the human resource management training at the workplace. This type of training is time-consuming and less effective than other types. Human resource development can be informal sometimes especially when the employees are trained by the manager or internal trainer.

For better development of the employee, it is considered that monitoring from other experienced employees is also important. Moreover, human resource development can also formal such as training and development sessions at the classroom, college, and universities. The term formal training is important because it enhances the development rate at workplace within the organization.

Benefits Of Human Resources Development (HRD)

Human resource management is the main key to attaining success and connects the employees and management of the organization. If an organization maintains a good human resource development it will lead to good results. There is a list of benefits that employees get from the human resource management such as

  • Human resource development focuses on the development of all the employees who are performing services for the organization by increasing the level of skills, work performance, and awareness related to the organization. HRD assists the employees to become more proficient at working environment.
  • With the help of human resource management, the performance of the employees can be judged frequently. Due to this check, all the employees show professional behaviour and complete the assigned task at given time.
  • Human resource development provides a strong connection among the employees and management of the organization. It emphasized to establish an environment of honesty and reliability.
  • Human resource development focuses on the problem-solving methods so that required changes are made through this approach.
  • It also emphasizes the group unity and strength at the workplace that directly leads to a positive environment for an organization. Due to positive environment circumstances, chances of productivity of an organization are high.
  • Human resource development accentuates the employees to participate in the organizational work. Due to participation, employees feel more encouraged toward achieving the goal. (Work911.com, 2015)

The importance of human resource management is increasing day by day and it is the part of human resource management. People seek for that job where they can make themselves better personally and professionally. As being an employee, human resource development is one of the most important factors to be considered.

It helps the employees to enhance and maintain their professional and organizational skills at the same time. Organizations provide many chances to the employees for better HRD at the workplace or outside the workplace. Human resource development is necessary for employees training of every organization and company.

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