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Causes of African Immigration to the USA

Africans have immigrated to the United States for several reasons. Most of them immigrated to the US to Causes of African Immigration to the USAfurther their education. There are those who also moved to use to advance their careers in sports and other disciplines. There are Africans who immigrated to the US and have since changed their citizenship while others are still nationals of African countries. The term African is used in this context to refer to a geographical location as opposed to ethnic affiliation. The number of Africans immigrating to the United States is growing day by day. The first group of Africans moved to the US during the Trans-Atlantic trade as slaves in the 16th century. Most of them who survived acquired US citizenship and became nationals of the United States.

African Americans have always fought for equal opportunities and respect in the US. Their support for the American culture has changed the society of the American people today. Their impacts have been felt in almost every industry including sports, education, and entertainment among others.

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