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Illegal Immigration in the USA

Illegal Immigration Should be Banned

Illegal immigration is not a new phenomenon in the USA. It is a threat that has faced the country for a long time.Illegal Immigration in the USA Majority of the immigrants arrive in the country from the Pacific Ocean or the Mexican border. Some individuals entered the country legally by using their visit visa. They overstay in the country making them be considered as illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants have various pros and cons to the economy because the economy realizes cost benefits since many of them are productive. On the other hand, some of them evade paying taxes and the companies they work for have failed on many occasions to remit their taxes. It has negatively affected the economy of the country.

Illegal immigration should be stopped completely since they are detrimental to the country’s economy. The Immigration Reform and Control Act provide regulations and policies that employers should consider before hiring an employee (Chomsky, 2014). The law considers that there are many illegal immigrants in the country. The law requires employers to employ individuals who are authorized to work in the country and prohibits employers from discrimination of persons based on citizenship status. The employees are required by the law to complete a form to authorize them to work in the country; however, some employers may ignore the employment authorization because their workers are qualified for the job. The law also imposes heavy penalties on employers who fail to honor employment authorization since they are considered to have discriminated against their employees because they are illegal immigrants. I say that illegal immigration should be banned in the country, even though it is not bad, it drains the economy of the United States of America.

Many of the illegal immigrants work in the USA as undocumented workers. They are concentrated in Texas and California, but their effect is felt in the entire country (Chomsky, 2014). Most of the illegal immigrants are hired as undocumented workers because they do not demand high salaries and wages. They are not given healthcare benefits because they are in the country illegally even though they perform some of the difficult jobs in the construction, agricultural, and manufacturing industries. Most of the jobs which they perform are illegal and the companies are saved from paying large sums of taxes and the direct costs paid to employees are low. It is for this reason that makes me believe that illegal immigration should be banned because they create room for the creation of illegal companies which evade remitting the tax to the government.

Illegal immigrants are a burden to the United States of America. Several social costs are brought about by illegal immigration (Dreby, 2015). The illegal immigrants do not present any documents of authorization while entering the United States and the government has no valid record about their backgrounds. The government is forced to cater for their medical bills when they faced with diseases which include tuberculosis and polio among others. When treatment is not provided, they can spread to other American citizens thus causing more problems. The state is also obliged to provide education which has proved to be a burden to the government. The illegal immigrants also take up employment opportunities which are meant for the American citizens. They are filling the labor market making it difficult for the residents to secure employment opportunities of their choice leading to the increased unemployment rate in the USA (Dreby, 2015). It is for this reason that I believe that illegal immigration should be banned because this would save the country of a lot of resources that are used to provide healthcare and education to the illegal immigrants.

Main Argument

Illegal immigration should be banned because it is detrimental to the economy.


  1. Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes.
  2. Illegal immigrants enter the country illegally.
  3. Illegal immigrants are a burden to the government of the USA.
  4. Illegal immigrants compete for the available jobs with the local population.
  5. Illegal immigrants provide cheap labor.
  6. Companies employing illegal immigrants evade paying tax
  7. Illegal immigration has been a problem to the United States


Illegal immigration should be banned because it is detrimental to economy of the USA.

Argument Map

Illegal Immigration Should be BannedArgument Template
  1. I say that the illegal immigrants should be banned because they are detrimental to the economy of the United States since the government is burdened to provide for social services which are a burden to the government.
  2. One might object that immigrants should be banned because it is necessary, however, it would limit their freedom of movement and association which is a fundamental right.
  3. I reply allowing illegal immigrants in the USA is beneficial since they contribute to the growth of the economy by providing cheap labor in the industries thus promoting local production.

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