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Staff and Employees Overtime Policy Sample


The purpose of this Policy is to lay down the guidelines for overtime work and the details of extent of compensation to be allowed to the employees for hours worked beyond normal working hours.

This policy shall cover following category of Staff /Workers in case of working in off hours, weekend and holiday.

Production Staff

Store keepers

Time Keepers


Overtime limitations shall be stipulated in the following:

  • All employees are expected to complete their work within the scheduled working
  • Overtime, when necessary shall be restricted to emergencies or where work is clearly outside the normal daily routine.
  • Overtime must not be considered as an additional source of income as it remains, at all times, at the discretion of the Management.
  • Work on Public Holidays (Including weekends put in) shall also constitute overtime.

  • All overtime with respect to the need of work shall be worked with the recommendation of in charge/Department Heads & prior approval by the Manager Human Resource & Admin on overtime Sheet and after approval the overtime sheet shall be submitted to Time Office before start working on Overtime.
  • In case of any change in Overtime working hours for example the approval is obtained for 02 Hours overtime but working hours are exceeded to 03 hours i.e one hours overtime observed extra than the approved overtime.
  • In order to regularize the extra one hour, the in-charge concerned shall get the overtime sheet back from time office and endorse the overtime actual observed time on overtime sheet in relevant column and shall also give the justification/ reason of exceeding the overtime hour and amended time sheet shall again be get approved by Manager HR/Admin. Overtime sheet shall be sent to time office after final approval. Time office shall reconcile the overtime sheet with actual IN & OUT of the employee as well.
  • Time office also must have checked the maintenance workers IN & OUT who go for working on Director Residences & come late in factory. They should be out immediately after change over.
  • Time Keeper shall pay visit of all section after closing of duty hours where the overtime is carried out.

Rate Calculation     =     Basic Salary / No of Days in Month / 8           =          Per Hour Rate

The employees of following categories shall not be allowed overtime against the extra working as they are already being accommodated /compensated as shown against each.

Office Staff Compensation of extra working in shape of short leaves.
Managerial staff Managerial staff is not entitled for overtime.
Security Staff Salary fixation against 12 hrs duty 


  • Over Time shall be paid straight at Single Rate to all entitled employees in any situation.
  • HR Officer must seek advice & approval regarding the matters which are not covered under this policy.

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