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Sample Attendance Policy

  • OBJECTIVESample Attendance Policy

This policy shall cover the rules & regulations regarding attendance of active key solution administrative practices to maintain the office/mill decorum.


This policy shall be applicable to all Permanent, Contract and Temporary employees.


H.R & Administration Department & Department heads are responsible to get compliance of this policy in its true sprit and in case of any short fall intimate to Manager H.R & Admin accordingly.

It is also the responsibility of HR Department & Time Keeper to ensure that No One is employed without approval of the General Manager/Mill Manager.


Morning Shift        00:00 am to 00:00pm

General Shift        00:00 pm to 00:00pm

Evening Shift        00:00 am to 00:00pm


Lunch Break will be available to the General Shift Only. Whereas workers of other shifts take Lunch and Dinner (Half Hour) on completion of their duties


16th Minute to 59th Minute Deduction 1 Hour

Afterwards each hour will be deducted from next hours up to half time i.e.

After Half time, Deduct Full Day

  • Planned late arrival from 30 Minutes to 120 Minutes

The employee who has known that he has to come late due to any unavoidable reasons then he must get prior short leave approval and submit in HR department, if an employee comes for duty late with out prior approval between 30 Minutes to 120 Minutes he should get approval on short leave application after reporting on duty. In case of non submission approved short leave the HALF DAY LEAVE from his leave balance shall be deducted.

  • Late arrival after120 Minutes

Employee who comes for duty after 120 Minutes he has to get approval of his late comings. He will be considered ABSENT until he submits his half day approval in HR Department.

All late arrivals shall be deducted from their leave balance and as well as from over time. If there is no leave in his credit than deduction shall be made from his salary.

Company shall take disciplinary action against the habitual late Comers and absentees.


All the Permanent Employees will mark their attendance on Face Reading attendance machine.

If an employee is facing problem while marking attendance on machine, i.e. machine does not recognize him, he must report to the HR/Admin Office immediately.

All employees are entitled for leaves as described in the Company Leave Policy. Employees can apply for leaves on the specific forms as per Company rules & regulations. Attendance record shall be checked and monitored on daily basis.

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