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Methodological and Observation Exercise Example Research Analysis

Methodological Exercise Example

Content Analysis

Step 1

Methodological and Observation Exercise Example Research Analysis

Research Question

If spending time on social networking or social websites every day affecting student grades?


I hypothesize that spending much time on social networking put a lot of emphasis on student’s grades, as the students are showing negative results in the colleges and universities.

Step 2

To prove my hypothesis, I have selected some words as a list, that is given below as, 10%-20%, 20%-30%, 30%-40%, 40%-50%, 50%-60% and above 60%.

Step 3

I have chosen five of the social networking websites that students are mainly using these days and spending much online time there. However, the websites are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Any Other (Mehmood & Taswir, 2013).

  YouTube Facebook Twitter Google Any Other
Above 60% 2 2 1
50%-60% 4 1 2
40%-50% 3 6 3 3 6
30%-40% 1 6 2 1 6
20%-30% 2 6 3 7
10%-20% 1 3 1 1 5

Step 4

It analyzed in step 4 that student’s grades were affecting and they are getting the lower grades because they are using the social websites. Most of their friends are online for the chat when there is the time to study. In this way, they also wanted to spend some time on social sites, so that there could be awareness and chat with new or old friends. Negative relation of the social websites and studies could be shown after knowing that students are wasting their times, as most of the students are getting bad grades, very few students have grades above 60%, and thus, the hypothesis is proved (Mingle & Adams, 2015).

Discourse Analysis

In the above analysis, the student-focused groups is concerned that social networks are resulting in the student’s bad grades because it is a source of distraction, the students have the online friends and there is the sense of belonging. However, online friends can waste the time of the students and they uses the social networks in classroom teaching, there could be education needs, but other than that, they could face the issues or problems as their grades could be affected.

Moreover, the analysis id did on the different websites and it could be seen that student’s grades are affecting as the facebook users are getting average or lower grades as compared to others. Students having the family including parents, teacher, sibling, friends on facebook and on other websites, this is the reason that they cannot focus on the studies.

Observation Exercise Example

In this exercise, I have visited the restaurant name Pizza Hut; there I did the analysis on different people and cultures (Pizzahutpizza.com, 2017).

Research Question

What are the reasons that people of different culture come to Pizza Hut for Pizza?


Pizza Hut, 2000 W Worley Street on Friday, December 8, 8:30 pm to 9:15 pm


How do you enter in the building?

The gatekeeper told me from where to enter. There were two doors for the entrants,

How do you know where to park the car?

The parking man that where to park the car, as the area around the Pizza Hut has the open space guided me or there was the spacious parking, so one could easily park the car.

How do you know that where to place the order?

Waiter comes to me and asked, what do to like to order sir, he also gave me the suggestion for the best pizza of Pizza Hut.

What do you order?

I have order 1 small chicken supreme pizza with extra cheese and drink. After that I order pizza.

Where do you order?

I have placed my order to the waiter, and he said me to wait for 15-20 minutes.

How do you know, what to order?

The waiter helped to decide about the order, as he told me about the best combo, I could have, and he also suggested me to have the cream salad with pizza.

How did you know when to pay?

I asked the waiter that when and how to pay; he told me that I could pay after having the food.

What do you pay with?

I paid with cash.

Who gave you the directions?

The waiters over there helped me a lot, as they gave me the directions about the washroom and other things.

How do you know what to do later than you have been to the counter?

Waiters of Pizza Hut were really helpful and they told me that how to reach the counter.

What do you come to know about the customers there?

There are the customers from the different cultures over there; I believe that the environment of the Pizza Hut is friendly, so people come enjoy the taste and respectable environment there. The customer was wearing the different dresses and experiencing the friendly environment over there.

Can you explain the culture of the customers?

The customers were from the different background, as they were wearing different dresses and talking in different languages, they seem happy in the environment of Pizza Hut.

Explain the food items that ordered by most of the people?

Most of the people there were eating cookies, pizza and salads, I think that Pizza Hut has the diverse taste for the customers of different backgrounds.

Can you explain about the building?

Pizza Hut has the high ceilings, there was no privacy but still, people were enjoying over there. There were bathrooms and restrooms.

Can you explain about the atmosphere?

The atmosphere of Pizza Hut was so good, as the smell of pizza was so appealing and tempting there, there was the friendly atmosphere and people were enjoying.


I enjoy the experience of the Pizza Hut; their exceptional food quality can grasp the customers in the fair prices. I will recommend my friends and family to go to Pizza Hut and enjoy.

Interview Questions

Should gambling be legalized in the United States?

People are indulging in gambling since years, it is the compulsive behavior, people are in addiction of the gambling and it has the negative impacts on health. However, it has the harmful effects to the psychological physical health of a person.

Gambling Questionnaire

I made the questionnaire for the friend who was engaged in gambling (Lancelot, 2011). The questions were:

  1. Do You Think Gambling Should Be Prohibited In the US?
  2. Does Gambling Affect Your Reputation In The Society?
  3. Has It Made Your Home Life Unhappy?
  4. Do You Think That Gambling Can Bring Good Fortune?
  5. Why Are You Indulging In The Game Like Gambling?
  6. Does Your Family Support You?
  1. I do not think that because it is the only way, to get the relaxation and earn the money through easy way, one could get the satisfaction level through involving oneself in the game like gambling.
  2. Yes, my reputation has affected in the society because people talk about me, they think I indulge in the bad thing. I do not have the good reputation in the society; there is no respect for me, due to which my family also has to suffer.
  3. No, my home life is not happy because everybody thinks that I do wastage of money because I do not win the game all the time.
  4. I believe that gambling could bring fortune for me because when I win I get much of money that I cannot earn.
  5. Gambling helps me in resolving the financial matters and gave me the satisfaction level.
  6. No, my family is not supportive of me because they think I am doing wrong.

I made the simple and clear questions for my friend, as the interviewee seemed to be happy, with the habit of gambling, he seems to be satisfied as he got the financial satisfaction.

  1. Survey (Kaheel7.com, 2017).
  2. If watching the dirty (Pornography) movies or funny movies creating psychological impacts on the children?
  3. Do you think that children are affecting by watching bad or funny movies?
  4. Does it impact on the children behavior?
  5. Do they behave in a negative way?
  6. Does the movie promote or glamorize bad impacts on children?
  7. Do they get psychologically upset?
  8. Do they want to behave in the same way like heroes?
  9. Do you think that parents should prohibit their children for watching such movie?
  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Question 1 X
Question 2 X
Question 3 X
Question 4 X
Question 5 X
Question 6 X
Question 7 X
Question 8 X

I did the interview from a father, who was 33 years old, I asked these questions from him, he said that bad and funny movies are impacting in the personality of the children; they learn from the movies and try to behave in the same way. Thus, the children need to be stopped from watching the bad movies because they can behave in the negative. Sometimes, his children ask him the question that they should not ask, and he told that his children do directly joke at home that they should not do, as the children are innocent, so there can be the negative influence on their personality. Furthermore, watching directly and funny videos can indulge them in negative practices.

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