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Pro-Go Company Australia Marketing Strategies

Executive Summary

This report is about a change in Pro-Go’s company strategies, which will allow the company to cope and remain in business, irrespective of fluctuations in the marketplace. At the start of the report, we have provided the company’s introduction and current issue that needs to be addressed by the company. In the next, we are discussing the aim of the report. Section three is based on Discussion, which includes the proposed and suggested long term and short term strategy, preferred strategies, and internal, external analysis. In the fourth part of the report, we provide the report’s conclusion, and the last part consists of some recommendations.


An Australian company Pro-Go is that mainly produces traditional high-class cameras for the market of athletes and enthusiasts. Pro- Go cameras have recognized high-quality, superior color, video, and exciting roughness in minor packages. Due to smartphones’ peak, ordinary camera purchases have not as attractive, so consumers are more likely to use smartphones to take photos, save and share memories, and use social media platforms. Additional feature which could be deliberated a risk is the lack of affordable options on the market, which cannot be addressed through a price reduction strategy, as it negatively, impacts the company’s stock. To overwhelm this, Pro-Go trying to fascinate new spectators and takeoff new products will be a policy to sales growth and keep on sales track. Due to COVID – 19, the company has been developing mobile apps, which is link with the mobile blue tooth. As technology changes, executives consider it is essential to adjust the company’s strategy and products to handle through fluctuating market developments. But due to the App tracker link with the Bluetooth people feel insecurity and voted in favor of confidentiality, with Pro-Go recently receiving bad press, with critics appealing that Pro-Go was in the “investigation” industry. The CEO of Pro-Go has convened an emergency meeting to report these issues as about COVID Safe app. The executive committee is expected to discuss this concern at the previous meeting and come up with a revised deliberate idea. The executive committee needs to come up with ways to address the issue of and explosion and sales. The plan combines this strategic credible technology into enterprise software and camera, submitted a final report for the CEO.

Pro-Go Company Australia Marketing Strategies


The aim of this report is to suggest Pro-Go’s strategic plan to make sure the company’s success in the long run.


Pro-Go’s management want s develop business plan to lead it for the following five years, all groups convened numerous gatherings to deliberate each strategy presented to the various departments. Meetings are conducted with conversations from senior, business managers, finance managers general managers and union officials are the part of the meeting. The outburst of the COVID Safe app may have been caused by unknown causes. To address current scenario , we have developed a number of strategic plans short-term and long-term, as shown under.

 Short term three top Strategies suggested through Panel of Executive:

  1. Block the application and tested again( for immediate solution of the problem ): App will not completed in one time Pro Go  need to be able to control the and prevent  and disruption further manifestations company should block the tested  for  market, optimize repeat, , reshape, add  security related features, and more  for as make  safe and secure  for lifetime . It also helps shelter the image of Pro Go from more harm and problem. These short term step helps to prevent damaging the people privacy and avoid the company from filing a complaint (Schmitz, A., Urbano, D., Dandolini, 2017).
  2. Through implementation liability: While Samsung approached the same situation in the event of a disaster and revolved it into a chance, we also to take practice and make a proactive decision, and we have to take accountability. Pro Go will hold a media discussion and take complete liability for the predicament and ensure that we do stop our app till the real reason of the app failure is not resolved. Public protection is a worthy sign that buy company time when try to find out the real source of the explosion. This tools can demonstrated to exertion with numerous clients because they feel comfortable knowing that the situation will be handled.
  3. Diminish public and supplier risk: Pro Go .could is cancellation of the App and refocus on its core product.

Two Long Term Proposed Strategies

  1. Capacity building can be lead independently, with features such as smart audio and fast storytelling, which will be a great feature to attract new customer to the market. Quick Stories of Pro Go and creates the best videos from a huge image that can be to social media will capture the platforms of media.
  2. Leadership Cost – Cut the broker and help sell the customer directly by reducing the sales cost. The corporation could moreover deliberate retiring, firing a number of employees, while at the same time targeting to profits maximization.

Strategy Preferred

Short Term Preferred Strategy 

Into the current situation, as an operations manager, I want to reduce the public and suppler risk of short-term strategy. Suppliers are involved in customer support on behalf of the company. Any risk reduction or better management related to them will bring enormous benefits to the company. Cancellation of the App is the best option that fits the current situation. The refocusing on the traditional product already has voted to the agreement, so we have to admiration of their judgment. The rationalizing of the sales segment is intended to save money, and once the current problem is solved, Pro Go can invest and look for a deal in other parts of the world.

Three Reason to Exiting form Current Scenario

I as operation manager consider that there are three ways leaving can help to grow by the Pro-Go Company in current situation:

  • Get focus:

ProGo try to focus its core product and deals with major retailers. Nowadays company needs to focus on solving the problem and restoring customer confidence. In addition, as managers, we need to deliberate about rolling out the business line so that we can re-play our strategy and resources and our real advantage.

  • Losses are Avoid:

Pro Go should recall the app or product first and try again with the latest technology to find the cause of the problem first. Then openly communicate with users about its development and promote new tested app or product. On occasion accountability also builds confidence inside the marketplace. It could avoid main damage and revitalize the condition.

  • Increase your milestone

Although leaving the market may reduce overall sales or customers, company overall profitability may increase. Pro Go should sell its olden product and spend in the up-to-date technology. As an effect, the numbers of customers’ decreases, but profits are likely to increase as company is additionally manufacturers of special products in this segment.

 Long Term Preferred Strategy

 I choose the long-term 1st opportunity, as an operations manager which is an introduction to capacity building, which contains quick stories and smart voice that helps the Pro Go to enter developing markets and increase the company’s revenue. Pro Go is involved in video and cameras, the “Focus Differentiation” strategy can work fine in this pandemic situation (Dobbs, 2014). We’ve heard that add-ons may help reduce costs through the knowledge of expert suppliers or widen the gap by having a deeper knowledge about needs of customer.

Pro Go will be able to new market and better-quality cameras with outstanding features, after presenting these features, which will give customers confidence over its products. The company implements a subscription software service and manages digital footage recorded by a Pro-Go camera, providing an innovative source of revenue for the company. It also increases shareholder value with this, Pro-Go can lead a new developing markets. As for the adjacent marketplaces, the Pro-Go business can move away from the traditional camera and venture into new products such as even body cameras and surveillance cameras. In the next five years the market for surveillance and body cameras will grow by 17% or 11%, separately. It may be an opportunity for the ProGo to increase its revenue by collecting this new product line. They have fascinated different investors and are confident that they will not attract current funding. ProGo s would have a reserve facility is compatible with security cameras, which works very well in this specific marketplace. Moreover, ProGo can compete fiercely with companies that have already entered in this market.  Competition in the global market, while providing significant prospective assistances for example gaining new customers, lowering costs and diversifying risks of the business, can even make it difficult to go abroad. Risk of Politics denotes to the possibility that government interference and intervention in trade could damage domestic competition in the global marketplace. PESTEL analysis must collect all the risks of the initial phase and avoid the failure of the next phase on behalf of ProGo cannot bear any further loss in the marketplace.

Analysis for Pro Go 

The PESTEL analysis supports the Pro Go to enhance to understand its challenges and external environment. The legal and political Technological and Social factors are also very beneficial given the market attitude towards change. It means that Pro Go innovative and better-quality camera will be support in the existing marketplace.

These strategic plans also need SWOT analysis is related more damage than failure or success will be determined through the analysis. The plan has the potential to evolve due to strengths such as, flexibility, adaptability plan and internal quality.

The five forces analysis consists of close factors that affect a company’s ability to serve customers. In competitive analysis, the company has advantages over several of its competitors, which are good for the body and surveillance cameras. Pro-Go’s cloud backup service outperforms its competitors on this particular production line. The threat of new and substitute product is the big challenge for Pro Go people  could  pick to mobile phones  as substitute of Camera  which  can proposition same as camera .


It concludes that the purpose of the meeting has to achieve the strategy of the previous meeting has been changed to accommodate the recent turmoil. As an abrupt exploration into the damage to the business, as a team Pro Go have made a few changes to long and short term plans. For example as manager of operations, these small changes take in decreasing the risk of customer security and strengthening independent capabilities, which not merely attract fresh consumers, however help to explain the current problem. Developments in adjacent products and markets are conducive to increasing the company’s auctions and addressing losses immediately.


 I as an operation manager believe that strategic decision-making has long-term concerns, however in the current situation; we must also consider strategies for short-term. Such as

  • Pro GO can use advance technology to investigate all strategies and discovery the real reason of the camera explosion.
  • Takings the responsibility, as well as focus on retreat strategies about App.
  • When the company has constant, currently in place move on to the long-term strategy
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