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Manpower Issues In The Healthcare System

Health is an essential issue or term discussed nowadays in every institution. Health is being discussed globally because it is the main reason that the world is based on. Health is that important ingredient which must be observed very keenly and precisely and can take care of it very carefully.  The health of a person depends upon the diet of food which people intake in their daily routine. Health is affected by many of the things, which may affect it very badly and can destroy the strength of your body’s immunity level as well. Health is something, which must be considered into account very carefully and keenly. Health is something which when not is taken seriously and not cared about at a specified time then it will be destroyed gradually.

For better health facilities, people should take steps towards a healthy lifestyle to gain health with proper steps towards a healthy lifestyle. A healthy person can achieve all the benefits of life and can achieve all the success in life. Heath is facing now a day are many serious issues because of lack of facilities available for people. In many growing countries, health is a big issue because they do not have many health facilities and better policies for gaining good health facilities in their countries. In order to strengthen the health facilities and drawbacks, they must consider some important and essential steps towards health betterment. (Donald E. Yett, 1972)

Manpower Issues In The Healthcare System

In this way, the government should take careful and essential steps to improve the health issue and provide better health care facilities to the people of their country. As it is the foremost and most essential responsibility of the government of every country. The government must provide all the possible outcomes or sources that are essential for maintaining good health conditions in their country as many people depend only on the government policies for health. Many people have the very low scale of income, which means that they cannot afford expensive health care means. The government should provide free facilities to their citizens so that they can enjoy good health, as well as rich people, enjoy by spending the heavy amount on the health items. Sometimes when we eat something it does not suits us it means that thing is not good for our health.

Food is the most important factor in considering good health as food is the thing which we intake on daily basis. The food quality effects very much on the health. If we eat bad quality food then we may get sick soon and become sick we cannot be able to perform our routine works properly and carefully. Foodstuff when produced or grown in any country as if vegetables and fruits they must be grown through neat and clean water with good quality seeds and the soil must be of good quality. More you produce good quality products more you are healthy. (Robert Beaglehol, 2003)

Food is the one basic essential of a good health there are many aspects, which causes your health to be good and perfect. The atmosphere of any country or your surroundings must be neat and clean. The atmosphere of our world now a day is very much polluted and filthy as well. All the spaces, which are near a sea or near any factory, contain a lot of dumps aside there. The water is very much polluted now a day due to a mixing of the toxic material of factories wastes into the nearest ponds or lakes, which flows towards the seas.

This polluted water is intake by water life animals as fishes, which when we eat we also get sick with that. Fishes are also dying due to too much toxic material mixing in the seas. Artificial plants are built for the production of fishes, which is also not a healthy material to eat for a human being. Other then fishes there are a lot of smoke present in the atmosphere due to use of a lot of vehicles on roads. They emit very dangerous smoke, which causes cancer issues and throat issues and damages the health of the people. Many people now a day are suffering from cancer and throat problems due to smoke. (Zweifel)

Another major health-disturbing factor is the use of the products, which emits many ultraviolet rays. Mobile phones, refrigerators, PCs, laptops and many other electrical appliances emit many dangerous ultraviolet rays nowadays that they are causing a lot of damage to the skin and internal p[arts of the human being as well. Government policies are lacking behind in controlling health-disturbing issues in many developing countries. In most of the countries now, strict rules are made that if someone caught violating the rules and policies he or she may punish. The public welfare health force is the department prepared in every developing country to take care of peoples health in a positive manner with many facilities as well for those people who cannot afford expensive health controlling related stuff. Like medicines, injections etc. The government should make strict rules and laws for the production of food crops with pure water and seeds. People should keep themselves and their surroundings clean.

People are to be performing some part on their own, they should keep themselves and their surroundings clean. They must try to eat healthy food items which they can easily afford like vegetables, pulses etc. People must aware of the bad or adverse effects of some food items, which can damage their health so, they must avoid them to eat. People must use vehicles, which emits less smoke. A proper study should be performed by the people in order to gain good health indeed.  People who are still unaware of the pure health terms must be guided properly by health care centres, which are present in every country’s small and big cities and villages as well. The government should run campaigns to analyze people about the importance of health so that people can take care of their health and be aware of its negative aspect. (Cheng, 2013,).

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