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Human Resources Practices at Amazon UK

Amazon.co.uk is an online retail company. It is a leading retail company that informs, inspire and educate the customers about the products that they sell for various firms. The company works together with Amazon.com and have established several stores in different major countries such as United States, Germany, France, Canada, and Japan (Ritala, Golnam, & Wegmann, 2014). The company operates virtually, and this gives it the opportunity to offer a wide variety of products including books and music titles among others. The company allows their customers do their products listing on their website. They are required to use the correct title and subject information concerning their products. The search engine of the Amazon Co.Uk then posts the results of the subject information based on their popularity and availability. Besides, they also post the results concerning the relevance of the subject information. For those who want to post songs, they are required to key in the correct keyword of the artist and the subject information. Moreover, the company also uses various search tools to assist the clients in their hunt for different items. Amazon co.uk works with several companies, interest groups, studios, and magazines so as to make their products available online (Ritala, Golnam, & Wegmann, 2014). Amazon co.ke assists their partners in selling and promoting their products to the clients. They package and dispatch the products on behalf of their partners. Besides, they do the billing and perform customer service duties on behalf of their partners after which they provide a weekly report.

The Purpose and Function of the Human Resource Management at Amazon Co. UK

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