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Guide to Employee Management Research Analysis

Tools of Employee Management

Job Analysis Significant Importance:

Job analysis plays an important role, in evaluating the performance management; the purpose of job analysis is to determine the significance of recruitment and selection, performance analysis, the training and development, job designing and compensation management. Through job analysis, performance is carried out, job analysis help to prepare the, sound human resource polices and effective practices are undertaken, it is the deeper understanding or the behavioral requirement of any job. Useful information is known through the job analysis, like HR inventory and HR information system. Job analysis also helps to conduct the right person for the right job, to stay up-to-date the relevant information about the job is needed; the need of training and development is also assessed. Compensation management, employee counseling and appraisal system could also carry out through doing analysis of the job.

Training is Necessary for Anyone Conducting Performance Management:

For conducting the performance management system, training is the important key, to carry outGuide to Employee Management Research Analysis the appraisal system and other evaluation programs, one need to prefect in managing the appraisal system, it is required to pay attention on every aspect, while managing the or evaluating the employees. Only a professional can measure the appraisal system accurately, there could be conflicts within the group members and one’s performance could get affected if appraisal or evaluation is not done correctly. The appraisers need to be train, as error like Halo and Leniency, can be reduced. There could be workshops to train the appraiser so they can efficiently appraise the employees, based on his/her performance.

Job Evaluation is Important “Pre-Requisite” to Establishing Pay Structures:

Job evaluation is important in any job, so the capability of employee could be known, according to the employee capability and engagement pay should be set fairly, the pay need to be evaluated systematically, so the employees know the hierarchy of the company. Evaluation is start of anything, through the evaluation or judgments, the performance of employee could be known, in a job evaluation there are three methods that can participate to evaluate the job, the classification method, point method and ordering method. In the classification method the jobs are classified from the higher ranks to the lower, in the point method, the points are assigned to the different level and nature of the job, it is identifiable criteria, and the pay is decided according to the given point. The classification evaluates the grade of the job; the grade is given by accessing the knowledge, and responsibility. These three methods, could easily evaluate the performance of the job, according to the nature of the job, the wages or pay structure is developed. The developed pay structure according the compatible ranks, are based on fairness that can satisfy the employee.

Motivation Theory Guides The Design of Incentive Compensation Plans:

Motivation is the positive approach to design the incentive compensation plans, the motivation could be the tools of predictable behavior, and motivation is the thing that can lead the organization and employees to achieve the organizational goal, through the motivational theory. The individual ability could be known, that how much motivated he is to perform the relevant function or the task. Many environmental factors can motivate the person behavior to understand the work structure. The motivational theory can influence one to stay motivated, thus, productivity could be increases and work behavior and performance could be effective.

According to the behavioral scientist, Frederick Herzberg, there could be various factors, which can motivate the employees to perform his job, and can prevent him from dissatisfaction.


Satisfaction No Satisfaction


No Dissatisfaction Dissatisfaction

There are two factors, as classified by Herzberg, the Hygiene factors and the Motivators that can lead the person to achieve the desired goals, these motivational factors could be helpful in satisfying the person or employee towards his job, these factors are essential for one, to stay committed at the work place.

The Hygiene factors do not satisfy the people for the long-term, it will not lead to the positive satisfaction, however, these factors cannot lead one to dissatisfaction from his/her performance. These factors are extrinsic to do work that an employee wants to be fulfilled, and the job environment is described by the hygiene factors. The hygiene factors include:

Relationship with Peers
Company Policy
Work Conditions
Relationship with Boss

The hygiene factors can never, dissatisfy one from his job, however, the motivational factor , will motivate one or satisfy one towards his job, and his performance could also be effective, these factors, inherent to work, they will provide one with additional and positive satisfaction. The motivational factors are the intrinsic rewards, the motivational factors includes:

Work itself

These two factors “Hygiene” and “Motivator” can make or able the one focus on the organizational goals, these factors will avoid the dissatisfaction, and provide the satisfaction to the employees. These two factors provide the motivation to carry out or show the best performances.

The Concept of The New “Psychological Contract” and it’s Relation with Relates to The Concept of “Flexibility” in Benefits:

Psychological contrast the term, is constantly increasing the day after day, there are various aspects that take place due to the psychological contrast, the domestic partnership benefits and the family medical leave act are best examples of these contrast. The society is changing psychologically, there are changes taking place, if we see or look back over 100 years, the American society was not like this, as it is now, the society was not that liberal, women cannot go universities as they are going now, they have to wear the long dresses, the African American were facing lots of problems. The society is becoming liberal now, the contrast in the society have given many benefits to the society, gay marriage is becoming reality in recent years, the particular attention towards LPGT rights, the society have changes a lot as compared to the past. The organizations have realized the importance of psychological contrast and there are development and modernizes the society. Various acts are now noticed by the government as well as the society; more importance regarding care is given now to the employees as compared to the past.

The same sex marriage is allowed in more than 35 states now, the world is changing and the benefits are given to them. The states are becoming aware and modern with the time and studies, the FMLA factors are example of psychological contrast, the nuclear families and LBGT are becoming more acceptable in the societies, the rights are given to them. The nuclear families are considered to give FMLA benefits, the health benefits are now given to the employees, the need is recognized, medical leaves and care for immediate family members is being noticed, the psychological contrast is expanding in society from various aspects. The organization need to understand the importance of psychological contrast in the society, foe the competitive advantages the organization, the organization need to study the trends of the societies regarding the business and cultural values.

The Safety Function is Directed by Qualified Safety Professionals:

The safety operations need to be designed or directed by the safety professionals, because they have required the qualification about ensuring the employees safety, they have the knowledge, skills and experiences; they are competent as they have the ability to manage the workers. They have the strong analytical skills, they understand the organizational behaviors, they think strategically and they have the ability to influence and drive capability. If risks are not properly managers, then there may be no efficiency in the work, by the worker; workers may be de-motivated and show no interest towards the organizational goal. The risks are needed to access so the right decision should be taken at the right time, if risks are not access then there may be lack of control in organizational tasks or purposes.

The Employer’s Role in Managing Employee Stress:

Firstly, employers need to understand the stress or the problems faced by the employees, or his team, there is need to recognize the factors that are responsible for one stress, the employer is responsible to manage his team. If any member of team is not working efficiently then employer should struggle to know the reason, for the effectiveness, employer need to be humble and need to create the environment that is favorable for his employees. To deal with the stress an appropriate ability is needed from the employer side, the employees should give the role or task to the employees that they can do, the task should be given regarding one capability , if the employee performance is not effective then there could be some personal reason. The employer should redesign the job in this case, to manage the stress, the workload should be managed, not much workload should be given to the employee, the employee if facing the stress, his performance will be affected, and there are chances of failure to reach the organizational or personal goals. In USA the stress is given on the rights of the employees, there are planning about the finance, wellness programs and legal matters that should be manage by the employers;. Employers need to do the deep study about the behavioral issues that are faced by the employees.

Employer Action Within The Context of Employee Rights:

There are much focused on the employees right, the employer need to take care of the employees feeling, there are many context that could be illegal for the employees, the employers need to deal fairly with his employees, so there employees feel equal and comfortable within an organization. The employers can do differences based on the caste, color, creed, race, sex etc. The employer may refuse to hire one, or fire one without his mistake. There may not be proper or appropriate training given to the employees, the less pay is also given. There are various aspects on which discrimination could do, however, such employers need to notice, and employees need to complaint against them.

The Concept of Concerted Activity:

Concerted activity is the activity or the legal term that is used to protect the right of the workers, it is the labor policy, the labor when working in an organization need to protect by the organization, in the United State, there is much focus on the employee or workers right. The employers need to protect the rights of the employees, the employers cannot do wrong to the worker, and every employee needs the freedom, the employees could do anything without getting afraid of the employers, the protected concerted activity is the best labor policy.

The Critical Issues Facing Unions Today:

There are critical issues that are being faced by the unions of USA; in USA there conflicts are arising within the employees and the management, which are hard to handle, this is the issue of today’s union. The union wants to focus on the employee’s right, the labors or workforce are not given importance; it is a serious issue, at the public sectors, government need to focus on the current situation of the employees. There is need of major setback; the low membership by the unions is also an issue, operations are needed to protect the workers and the advancements towards the technological needs.

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