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Global Environmental Change and Agriculture

Risk and Value of Resources (Sustainability and Development)

Every nation believes in sustainability and development, this is the global thinking. There should emphasis on long-term resources if any country wants success. There should be policies for global environmental change, which help to cope up with all the problem exists in country. If country need success then politics should be strong and the policies should be in favor of resources in nature, government should try to focus on the need of era, for sustainable development to protect the resources become essential. Resources challenges and ability to cope up with those challenges is important, the development should not be compromised on the right of people of country, and to get protected environment and resources is one’s basic need and right. The challenges are very complex now days, to protect resources is not that easy, to give purify water, land and greenery is very difficult, pollution and toxics have made the environment impure. To strengthen sustainability there is need to provide polluted free environment to the people.

Political power significantly effects the resources, political behavior to make decisions and policies is important, government should implement the policies which based on resources and which control pollution effecting nature.Global Environmental Change and Agriculture The political people have large number of people in the society, the value should be given to the resources, political actors should emphasis on decision making about the existing value of resources. The environment should be preserves and resources should be retain, which will be helpful in near future. If resources are preserved then future generation could also enjoy them, and if not then there are less chances of the human survival. Human need to continue the things, which give them comfort there should be balance in consumption of resources. There is need of sustainable development if government wants to give resources to future generation, to secure natural environment there may be development of alternatives resources; alternative resources may be expensive to develop and may it takes much time. The existing resources should be managed and used efficiently, so resources could be safe for future generations, to prevent resources is the essential requirement of age. The imbalance in the environment should be balanced by sustainable practices. To preserve animal and plant life for the benefit of future generation is needed. Government should implement the strategies for the recycling of the resources or the wastes, by the recycling things can be used repeatedly, which could be helpful to save the natural resources. One of the biggest environmental problems is the global warming and acid rain, which means our environment, is polluted and limiting carbon and oxygen. Plants, animals and human being could be affecting by these air pollution and next generation could hardly survive in such pollution. Some countries are working to reduce carbon emissions, but whole world have to think collectively to solve such problems, the energy resources be supposed to focused. The global problem is the can be expected like loss of essential nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and micro nutrients. If these resources are wash away with the time then whole world can suffer problems, the is need to build up salt, sugar cane and other resources, without which men cannot even survive. Restoring the soil is also important, God has blessed us with the soils, which have many resources in it, but people like us are wasting and do not worth the soil. Framers should produce more tress and food crops, which inter plant more resources. The techniques and methods of home garden are also essential (kumari, 2014).

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Agriculture system is a big hindrance, to maintain and improve the soil for humanity reliance is significant. The agriculture is most important, as it made or produces food for most of us. The strategies should be made for recycling nutrients. Therefore, group of plants should be breeder in many countries to develop crops. Tree planting, managing water and restoring nutrients for ecological benefits should be foremost for the government of any country. To recover from ecological crisis, the vast network of resources is needed. Efficient air conditioning to sustain human civilization over the long run should be created in new ways. The transformation of world farming communities is desired. Agriculture should be promoted for burying the carbon safely in the soil. Food production should also be enhanced; food should be growing in communities so access food should be produced. The climate protection is important; mostly the food should be growing from boifuel, so it should pure and hygienic. In some countries, there is good sense of growing agriculture, so the food produce is pure and have those countries have non-polluted environment. Fossil fuels should be restricted to use in excess way, because it may be helpful for soil fertility. The ability to ensure the soil is very important for the farmers, so they could provide modest way of life. The living organisms similar to plants, animals is fundamental to life on earth, for the priceless ecosystem which provide clean oxygen, clean water, healthy food and medicines, the stable climate is important. To protect the bio diversity, environmental sustainability around the world must be observe. There should be effective campaigns given to farmer and people that how one could protect the environment and the pollution could be controlled (Cohen & Piquero, 2008).

Fresh water resources and the fresh environment are an essential component on earth. The changes in global environment and atmospheric pollution is impacting on the natural resources of water, in some regions fresh water is not available or people are drinking unhealthy water (Feng, 2010). Water is needed or all the aspects of life, the adequate supply of water and in good quality to the entire population are needed. The drinking water should be free from disease. Innovative technologies could b useful in such way. The need of water resource management and planning must be recognized. The resources for socio-economic development must be recognized, the development of underground water supply sources should be supported. There should be systematic assessment of opportunities that what could be done for the value of resources and there should be consistent evaluation of resources (CHO, 2011).

The government should undermine the democratic governance, the natural resources are higher in the number but due to the less performance of the government the resources are not giving the result as they should give, the natural resources are diminishing day after day, the government should realize the need of resources and should do efforts for better performances. For the low-income countries or poor countries there are more need of natural resources, underdeveloped countries should encourage their sustainable development, to manage their resources.  They should make money first from their economy and then invest on natural resources for the best outcomes; natural resources could also contribute towards growth and development of ant country. The country can make capital through selling its resources. The natural resources should be supported by the management of the country, the policy makers should focus on the policies, which will help in natural resources sector like, fisheries, water security, minerals and soil productivity etc (Madhok & Tallman, 1998). Effective leadership and effective use of money are also required; the organizations working to save the environment should be strongly motivated and work effectively. Politics should not compromise on the policies related to the natural resources.

The researchers when talk about globalization there are talks about natural resources, everybody is worried about natural resources, as they are diminishing and being polluted. There is need to understand the changing in environmental factors, including soil water moisture, ground water balance and other climate factors should be clearly defined and then focused. There should be participation of government as well as every individual to participate in saving the climate and other natural resources. There is need to access the changes in climate and then techniques should be designed accordingly.

The implementation of agriculture activities under proper framework should be review by the government. Government should train the work force so that the performance would be better. In this case, the staff should be motivated and work to get success, country need to establish the staff and provide them with good academic training. The specialized staffs who know about the value of resources should be hired so they train new employees who can work better for the country resources, knowledgeable and qualified staff is needed. The staff can also help in decision-making processes, which may be beneficial to safe, the resources. The staff should accept the challenges, when needed. There is need of capacity building, the strategies should be review and implement at the national level, the prediction about climate changes in resources should also be done, so that one should be prepared for the future. There should be motivation, to strengthen the farmer capabilities. The farmers should be taught that how they can increase the livestock, the breeding of livestock and what should they feed them, proper monitoring and evaluation is needed, cost-effectiveness is also important to maintain the budget. Livestock should also be focused because it is managing the larger part of agriculture sector (Toman & Macauley, 1986).

The land should be managed by the humans in responsible manner; the value of land comes first and it is important to ensure sustainable development. If land and other related sources are not managed by the people properly environment can be destroyed. Development of land can be assured by growing tress and by adapting other conservationist methods.

The treatment of natural resources and ability to account the environmental problem, which can be caused by pollution, can have impact on productivity of the resources. The benefit of maintaining the natural resources and cleaning the environment is preservation for the next generation. Through making the new resources policies, there is a chance of GDP growth and employment opportunities. Natural resources of the country can also be linked to the financial and economical resources. There is linkage between environmental and natural resources policies, the new insight to work for the economy represents the step toward promoting natural resources and sustainable development of the country. The eco system management with the natural resources management; can also cause the market failure, or could be responsible for that because there are many eco system which provide goods to the public, example could be gasoline, petrol etc. Researchers classify ecosystem into several types, the goods and services sold in the market reflects the capital services, which include the equipments made from plants. The adequate assessment is needed example the oil price and availability is at risk, then it could be the result in financial losses of the country (Cox, 2012).

Natural resources could be protected at both organizational and governmental level, as it benefit to both individual and country, everybody should take preventive steps to prevent the natural resources. There is a need to carry out environmental activities, and measure the protection occasionally. Government could create much institution, which can serve the nation and participate to maintain the natural resources, if natural resources are finished then new generations cannot move forward, it will be hard for them to live. Government should teach the ethics, make environmental, and resources legislation, which can contribute the country in development. Government could make the agreements with other countries that how environment could be protected. The government focus should be on environmental protection and collaborative decisions. Government agencies should establish and maintain the standards for the international environmental protection (Cropper, 2007).

To cope up from the environmental issues, government need to assess, monitor and evaluate activities which lead towards advancement, there is need to understand the scientific knowledge, which make the environment risk free and sustain health and safety. Land, water conditions need to improve, which is only possible with the involvement of the community. Awareness should be given to every citizen that how much important resources are. The legal documents that have legal implication must be followed by the government bodies. The discussion concerning environmental protection should be carried out by representatives of the society and various steps should be taken to secure the community.

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