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Growth Yield and ROI

How You Can Optimise Your Growths’ Yield and ROI Just by Using the Right Medium

ROI (Return On Investment) is a well-known term in the agricultural industry, which acts as a Performance indicator and allows an investor to assess the profitability of his investment. It aids the owner to be knowledgeable of his success over time and make the right decision for the future. It is a prerequisite for an individual to evaluate beforehand that he is investing money in the right approach to strengthen the financial success of his venture. ROI helps farmers to understand their niche and identify the areas which need to be improved.

Considering ROI to balance economics with environmental practices at your farm to keep the land productive for your future generations is the key to understanding more about your fields, enhancing its productivity, and investing wisely.

Growth Yield and ROI

Why is ROI Important for Growers?

Prophesying ROI for a specific field is not a five-finger exercise! It is different for every patch of land you planned to work on and hence calculated accordingly. The ROI (field-specific) data allows you to make better choices at the right time so you can avoid facing severe losses in the near future. Let’s say, for instance, one of your fields is unsuitable for growing wheat without ROI data; you may invest a lot of time and energy in planning this crop for this field for the next few years without realizing the potential failures you may suffer.

How Using a Suitable Medium can Support ROI & Growth Yield?

The passionate growers, working in the fields for years, know about the importance of using the appropriate growing medium for their crops for ages. It has its crucial role in providing a hospitable environment for its roots to nurture and preferred microorganisms to multiply and support its growth.

Choosing a perfect medium for your desired crop can be a tricky task. The roots of plants are adaptive to various conditions such as aeration, fertility, pH, and moisture level. These factors must fall under adequate levels to provide appropriate conditions for the plant to carry out the vital process of flower production. If the surrounding media has wrong levels of pH, then it can drastically disturb the ratio of the nutrients resulting in poor yield of your coveted crop.  Low fertility & moisture content of the medium can also affect the growth of the plant, hence resulting in a low production rate. Furthermore, the air is also essential for a plant to bloom and survive. It is necessary to ensure that your medium caters to all the water retention and drainage characteristics required for the development of your aspired crops. All these significant factors, once optimized, can give a grower its dream growth yield and ROI.

There are varieties of growth media available in the market; deciding which one will be suitable for your plant can be problematic. Pick the one that supports the needs of your plant and your ongoing operating systems. Coco Coir substrate is one of the most preferred media used by growers for several reasons. It produces big yields and quick harvests as by using it plants thrive less for searching food and centers more on growing. It provides plenty of space for the roots to grow with optimum air exposure. It keeps pH levels in a neutral range and minimizes the risks of pests. Moreover, it is an environment-friendly product that can be reused. Several other mediums such as Peat moss, Rockwool, Perlite, Vermiculite, and many more similar products exist in the market, which can be evaluated and utilized based on crops you are planning to cultivate.

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