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Auckland International Airport Limited Financial Analysis

Table of Contents
  • Overview
  • Financial Position of the Company
  • Company’s Capital Structure and Dividend Policy
  • Recommendations
  • References


Auckland International Airport Limited (AIAL), incorporated on 20 January 1988. The company was made under the Companies Act 1955 and went public in November 1988 by an order in council of the NZ government.

The company provides numerous customers; the noteworthy client accounted for 26 percent of the external revenue, including services from all the three major herein mentioned, segments, facilitate airports, and endow infrastructure support in Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland International Airport has three fundamental functional segments, including Retail, Property, and Aeronautical. Auckland International (AIAL) Limited’s retail business brings forth services and facilitates the retailers that operate within the Airport terminals, enabling them by providing car parking for the airport staff and employees, visitors to the Airport, and the passengers. The property segment of Auckland International Airport generates cash/revenues via area leased, on the Airport land, outside the Airport Terminals; the facilitation includes hangars, buildings, and standalone investment properties. Moreover, the Aeronautical segment, which is the largest of all three, provides facilities that support the departure and arrival of aircraft, the arrival and departure of passengers, the Management of cargo services, and facilitates in utility services in order to support the overall management and operation of the Airport. The aeronautical segment of Auckland International Airport (AIA) Limited makes revenue via renting out the airport space; leased out areas of the Airport terminals (Screener, 2020)

Auckland International Airport Limited Financial Analysis

The Auckland International Airport Limited (AIAL)comprises of the following:

  • A single runway.
  • Two domestic terminals and one international terminal.

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