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What is Online Personal Data With Example

Giving Away Personal Data Is A Benefit

The personal data are the details of the persons mean their names, telephone numbers, addresses, ID card numbers etc. Most of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn want personal data of the people while making their accounts on these sites. All these sites are linked properly with Google and the data is secure on these sites. People now a day wanted a secure account and all they also wanted is that the data they are giving to these sites must remain safe. As the personal data is the most secure details of the persons and if it is leaked then it would be a great tension for that person. There may always remain a chance of data that it may hack by some hacker.

To know the personal data about the people and of the sites by the people. Both these terms are same and both are beneficial for both parties. As using personal data of the persons shows that, you are legally using this and you are a good person. Knowing about the information on the site, which you are using, makes you aware of this that how will that site benefits you. The personal information is analyzed and observed in order to gather some facts about a human being. The data when given by the people they first confirm this that whether their data remain safe there or not. People mostly do not trust some of the organizations or apps where their data is required. (Scholz, 2014)

What is Online Personal Data With Example

They believe that their data if being hack by any hacker then it became very dangerous for them as that hacker may blackmail them and harass them through any mean. This will disturb them mentally and they may be tortured by the hacker whenever they want. The most important issue they have to face about being giving their personal data is that the organizations that take their personal data annoy them time-to-time by asking them too many questions about their product or services that they are offering to the customers in order to know about their performance.

There are many of the researchers have been made in order to keep secure your personal data because they are going to give their data in terms of just being getting aware of the current affairs of the company’s offers. It is about the loyalty and trust that the data must be kept secure of the people in terms of making them comfortable in providing data in future to any other company or place where required. One of the renowned social media applications Facebook is considered to be a safe app that all the data in it of the customers is secure.

Recently in the last year, the data of a large number of Facebook users are being hacked by a hacker. The Zuckerberg’s policies were good enough but the hacker at backend is very strong and they take a large amount of data of so many people. People complained about this issue and Zuckerberg was called for a meeting in front of a social security concerned desk. He has asked many of the questions by the desk and he answered them all. He said that he has made too many strict policies but he does not know what had happened that their policy is failed and the data of the users hacked by a hacker. The meeting was of 22 minutes and he, his team was to answer too many questions, and they answered them all. (BBC. com, 2018)

The security concern is the main thing just because of that people rely on the services they offered to the people they are dealing with at the time of providing their personal data. Many of the companies or organizations take the personal data, as they wanted to know about the details of the working they are offering to the people with great efficiency and accuracy. The best thing is that the people are being alarmed by the latest trends about the product or services they are offering to the people as well as they will be able to perform best to the situation where they must focus more and more.

 The main thing is that people now have more trust on the sites or some of the brands so that they will get aware of the current trends in their desired products. There are many of the disadvantages of sharing your personal information to your loved place and as well as to your desired are that it may be able to make you harassed by the hackers if your data is being hacked. They can blackmail you, harass you, and force you to do some of the things that you do not want to do in reality. This is the most dangerous form that the person is being harassed by someone and in order to perform such tasks people blackmail others and demands money from them. (Forbes.com, 2017)

They are using the pictures of the people in a wrong way to harass them and to blackmail them. In this sense, they blackmail girls and make them do sex with them forcefully. This is the worst thing they did while blackmailing the girls. This type of harassment makes the people scared and they do not want to share their personal information with the organizations and people who asked them to share. The social media use is very much now a day. People are connecting with each other and all this is because of the social media apps they are using. These apps made the working efficiency great and as well as they are going to make the communication of people more strong. (Gsb.columbia.edu, 2015)

The best thing in using these applications is that they will keep the data safe and sound and they can easily communicate to a number of people at one time without showing their personal information to the people they are connecting with.  This sense of security and safety is compulsory to be taken care in the term of gaining the trust of the people. The trust is that thing which is made with great care and it takes time to build but it can be removed just after a second or at a little thing that is gone against the result or expectation of the people.

To make the trust of people strong towards you the most important thing is that you must maintain the level of security for the data of the people and as well as of all other any personal information of the people. The people when to give their personal data to the authorities and other people then they can only be able to get the best result out of that and then they only be able to find out the most important aspect that why people need to make their data safe. (Gibbs, 2015)

Most people give wrong information to the data providers that they have not trust on the people or organization that going to use it in sense of making their feedback chart to be fulfilled with the help of people in order to increase the efficiency of the work.

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