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These Are the Best Chess Openings for Black


Chess, a timeless game that challenges player’s intellect through strategies and predictions has its fans worldwide. In the world of chess, choosing the right chess opening is crucial as it sets the ground for the battle that follows.  For Black, making the right move is equally important, and one strategy that has gained immense popularity and is praised by many is the London System.

Best Chess Openings for Black




What do we mean by Chess openings?

Chess opening are the first moves that govern the positioning of pieces on the game board. They give an insight about the player’s strategy, consequently affecting the game’s narrative. For Black, making an appropriate move is not just a counter attack rather it is a strategy that significantly influences the flow and dynamics of the game.

Why Chess Opening is Important for Black?

Chess openings for Black are important for many reasons. Firstly, selecting an appropriate opening is a defensive decision taken to counter White’s move. Secondly, a wise defensive strategy not only disrupts the opponent’s initiative, but also creates opportunity for Black to control the game’s narrative. So, a well-chosen opening creates a solid defense, giving Black a chance to dictate the mid-game and end-game.

The London System: A Strategic move for Black

The London system is meant for reliable and consistent play. If you want a cautious strategy without compromising on aggression, then d4 is an appropriate initiative for you.

  • Key Principles:

The London System is known through its solid pawn structures which give stability and power within center. This system involves moves 1.d4, 2.Nf3, followed by positioning of pawns on d2, e3, and f4.

  • Pawn Structures:

The London System is known through its distinctive pawn structure. This formation not only provides strong defense but also gives Black strategic flexibility to effectively respond to White’s moves.

  • Important moves in the London System:

Some of the crucial moves in the London System are Bd3, Be2, and Nbd2. These openings set up a solid groundwork and provide more control over the game.

What benefits the London System holds for Black?

Here are some of the benefits the London System offers to Black:

  • Strong defense against White’s initiatives:

The London System provides Black with a strong defense by marking a boundary it is difficult for White to cross the line. This defensive strategy offers stability to Black, making it resilient to White’s aggression.

  • Control over Piece Development:

One of the greatest advantages of the London System is the control it offers on piece development. Black can plan a strategy according to White’s moves, creating ground for dynamic and adaptable tactics.


When it comes to chess openings for Black, the London System is one of the best strategies used. Its solid play, flexible adjustments, and robust results make it a perfect opening for Black. Getting equipped with the London System not only enhances your defensive capabilities but also provides success in the battlefield. Now that you are familiar with the basics of the London System, it’s time to practice them on the game board and adapt strategies wisely.

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