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Security in Electronic Banking Transactions

Electronic Banking Transactions


For this study, research is conducted for Security in electronic banking transactions. Research is conducted for the data collection through the second method and the qualitative approach is used.  The data is collected from the reliable and valid resources as discussed in this section. In the secondary data collection, the method the data is collected from the previous researchers, journals articles, peer-reviewed articles, newspaper articles and reports that are published in the authentic resources.

Current research uses the secondary analysis is considered for the effective purposes of the prior study focused on the original work of the journal and authentic source of books for security in electronic banking transactions. There could be better analysis of the security in electronic banking transactions. The research question, hypothesis, and aims of the research discussed. This study makes sure to do work with effective efforts and it fulfilled the demand of the study. All the research questions have the answer and drawback of the topic. Through secondary data, the research is investigating each perspective for the secondary research. Secondary research could be better than the systematic reviews and meta-analysis for these qualitative studies.

The research investigated the security in electronic banking transactions. We know thousands of companies are engaged with e-banking. This research is focused on the online global banking and their securities concerns. Every bank represented their region and allowed for comparing the security in electronic banking transactions of the different bank in Saudia Arabia. Standardized reports get from the banking about security concern in the transactions.


Based on objectives following Null hypotheses have been framed for testing purpose:

H01= There is no significant difference in the bank customers perception towards security in electronic banking transactions.

H02= There is no significant difference in the bank customers‘awareness towards security in electronic banking transactions regarding the use of ATMs across selected banks of Saudia Arabia.

H03= There is no relationship between bank customers perception of security in electronic banking transactions.

H04= There is no significant difference in bank customers‘ perception towards security concern regarding the use of Internet Banking across selected banks of Saudia Arabia.

H05= There is no relationship between bank customers perception about security concern for transactions.

H06= There is no significant difference in bank customers perception towards security satisfaction regarding the use of ATMs.

H07= There is no relationship between bank customers perception of security concern and satisfaction in case of Credit Cards use.

H08= There is no relationship between bank customers of security concern satisfaction in case of Mobile Banking use.

Research questions

For this research, the ten features are used for collection of data. The features of this security concerns are mentioned here:

  1. Was customers are satisfied with the use of ATMs?
  2. Were people getting the security concerns for transactions?
  3. Was encryption used in the transmission of the security concern during a transaction?
  4. Was encryption can use for the storage of the banking data?
  5. Was there is any statement on the use of 68-bit encryption?
  6. Did there is an issue in all World Bank for secure transactions?
  7. Was there is any declaration for the use of security concerns?
  8. Did any site discuss the multi-level of the security concerns?
  9. Was transaction is safe in the bank?
  10. How can we reduce the chances of the security concerns in transactions?

Method For Data Analysis

In this research, secondary research is used for the multiple qualitative data sets that can get from the previous journal and authentic books. Through the consideration of the previous data of the journal and used for utilization of the existing data. The secondary research focused on the effective tool that used for this research. The research can make the collection of the data that is relevant to the effective materials and sample can collect and analyzed data that get from the previous researchers. In this study, all data collected from the authentic source.

Security in Electronic Banking Transactions

Research Design

            In this study, current researchers focused on the secondary and qualitative data collection method can be used for researching the security in electronic banking transactions. Various data of the literature review can be used for analysis of the security in electronic banking transactions. Bank made the efforts for safe the security concern about transactions. The qualitative method focused on the elaboration of the exact phenomenon of the existing problems. The secondary data analysis is effective for the qualitative data. For this study, there is consideration of the secondary analysis so that there can be the utilization of the previous authentic data. The secondary analysis could better for qualitative data collection. For the better and accurate evaluation of the data, analysis can be conduct for the research on the topic of security in electronic banking transactions.

The secondary analysis can direct the research project because of the consideration of the data that can reliable and valid for the getting the effective results. The secondary research helps to get the analysis of the security in electronic banking transactions. Forgetting the authentic and reliable data, make sure the reliability and validity should be standardized.

Benefits For Secondary Analysis

            For the analysis of current research, security in electronic banking transactions analysis secondary data can use for findings. The data that is considered or collected by me in this research is used in order to help the current research studies. Through the analysis of the data, in the study result can be answers related to the specific research questions that are there in the research. In order to help the currents research, there is the focus on the earlier researchers that are relevant to the security of banking and transactions, the banks that continuously doing in arrange to arrive at the well-organized monetary outcome.

For the getting the efficient results, increasing the efficiency of the research, the current research considered as the efficient reply categories so that in this research could be the better analysis. Thus, the biggest advantage of the secondary research is that it uses the secondary data is effective for the researcher due to some advantages that secondary research saves the researcher time, money, resources as well as the energies of the researcher. Furthermore, through the focus on the level of capability, there is the compilation of the effective material so that there could be effective and particular survey regarding the analysis of the security in electronic banking transactions.

According to the statement of the problem the current research based on the secondary research that is a flexible method for maintaining the effectiveness of the research. Forgetting the relevant data in several ways, the research paradigm examines the evaluation of the research for the security in electronic banking transactions. In this study of bank security, provide for the transactions with the analysis of the applicable data in more than a few ways. The research paper considers the better examination and evaluation of security in electronic banking transactions, so that could be noticed and there can be effective evaluation and the existing research that how the company is increasing its revenue in the banking market.

The secondary research is useful for the security in electronic banking transactions because in this research the main focus on the banking transaction and security measures. In this study, the data can be used in the form of the detailed qualitative form and secondary research conduct the effective results in the beneficial and reasonable.

Tool For Data Collection

In this research, a design is the overall plan for obtaining of answers of the question by the help of secondary research and handles the difficulties of the come across the research process. According to the Hair et al. stated that most research objectives could be met by the user of the three types of the research design. Like exploratory research, descriptive research and causal-comparative research. For this study, the data is collected from the secondary resource that is reliable for this study.

Secondary research based on the analytical works that comment and interpret other work such as getting from the secondary source that is the reliable source of getting data. The data is second hand and published data has the accuracy and they often used for the acceleration of the results. Some sources that used in this research is the textbooks and bibliography.


Validity is the quality of being logically acceptable for the authority. In this study, the validity is a concern with the accurate data the state or quality of the being valid for the research. Validity helps to make the effective information you are getting is valid and evaluate the effectiveness of the study. In this section, the research the information relates to the problems or all null hypothesis can be evaluated. For maintaining, the validity expert helped with this paper and valid and authentic material could use the hypothesis investigated.


To determine the information used in this research is reliable, data evaluate the following research in the such as criteria. Data is added in this research paper is written research authentic work and the author has the qualified and published in the world. The purpose of the research of the article is not appropriate for a method and measuring strategy. After checking the reliability of the data used for this research study. It is the type of secondary research that used gathered accurate the data. All information all get from the authentic source. Research study could found in the similar information and used a reliable source of the data. Customers want safety in terms of securing their passwords of online banking systems because it is a high-security risk term as it needs to be made purely secured for the customers because customers want a precise and accurate working system that saves their material from being hacked by the hackers.

Hackers are always in a mood that when they find some software so that they can hack it and leak their secret information especially in the term of making it and selling it to other banks in terms of taking charges from them as it is an unethical and complete illegal process. This new method introduced makes the data of the users secure and safe. It makes the user more reliable and trustworthy towards the online banking system of that bank.

The result of reliability concluded that people are unaware of the use of internet banking in the start when it introduced later it makes them aware of the system and makes them able to use this system in a way that it would be a good system to work effectively.  The need to be consistent in making their systems upgraded time to time and a swell a making their tasks well.

Justification Of The Research Method

The aim of this research to justify the research methodology used in this study, secondary research used in this study explained the approach designed discussed and justified. Research processes aim and objective of this research is just the research designed. This problem is based on the qualitative data and secondary data get from the authentic journal and books of the writers that are accepted in the world.

The researcher used the methodology that justifies that this study should need deep knowledge for the solution of the problem. For the security of the banking, the secondary research is valid and reliable because of the need of the authentic adat of the previous researchers. (UK Essays, 2015)

The most advantage for the secondary research the data is a valid and authentic source of the previous research. Another important advantage of this research by using the low cost and researcher did not use the time, money, resources and energies for the collection of data. Research conducted for using the best authentic source of data for getting the quality result. I justified the rationale for the research that is conducted as secondary research in this study. (Donald R. Moscato, 2012)


The concern with security in e-banking transactions is always had been one of the major factors that affecting the banking system for online banking. It is therefore essential to prevent the bank and make sure with the secure the banking system. This research highlights the significance of the security in e-banking transactions. The security policy is demonstrating the security of the e-banking. In this study, the secondary research is used for analysis of authentic results. This study also explores the customer’s perception of the security e-banking transactions. If banks understand their target about the security and make effectively manage their security.

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