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Samsung Strategic Brand Reputation Analysis Report

Introduction Samsung Strategic Brand Reputation Analysis Report

Brand reputation is one of the aspects that have been studied by many researchers in the past due to its significance in the performance of the organization. According to Suomi, (2015) brand reputation refers to the stakeholder’s overall assessment of the brand. As De Chernatony (1999) puts views it, brand reputation is a much stronger concept than its image as it considers perceptions across all stakeholder groups. Since brand reputation is about perceptions and assessments built across all the stakeholder groups, it is difficult to manage it. However, as Vidaver-Cohen (2007) views it, it is important to identify possible brand reputation predictors that are crucial in maintaining control and consistency and make strategic decisions that position the brand at the right place so as not to give in to pressure from the forces.

a) Forces Influencing a Brand’s Corporate Reputation

The forces influencing a brand’s corporate image are broadly categorized into two, the external forces and internal forces. The report will adopt the framework by Knoepfel (2011) in its bid to identify and explore the forces driving the corporate reputation of a brand. Since the report focuses on the reputation of Samsung Electronics Company which has been under sharp criticism, the framework by Knoepfel (2011) will be customized to the circumstances in which the Samsung Company has found itself in.

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