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Sample Action Plan for an Organization Format

Sample Action Plan for an Organization Format by HRD and HOD

Action Steps
By Whom
By When
Are Resources And Available Or Needed
Potential Barriers Or Resistance
Plan For Implementation Of The Action
What needs to be done? Who is responsible for taking the actions Time require taking action Available resources Needed Resources Resistance from the employees or organization How organization and employees can be involved in the action plan for implementation
Step 1

Listening to the Problems & suggestions of Employees

–Head of the Department or HODs: The head of each department is responsible for the listening of the employee’s concerns, problems, and suggestions.

–Department of Human Resource: The Department of Human Resource is responsible for taking notice of the key problems identified by the employee and communicates it to the key stakeholders.

The Time required for listening to the employees is not more than an hour an hour weekly. –For this activity, the Head of departments and the Human resource department are the available resources.

–The Meeting Room and its supporting accessories

Meeting Plan for the listening to the employees scheduled on a weekly basis. The Participants of the weekly meeting can resist the action, due to the lack of time, or resources. –There should be an effective reporting system, which makes it convenient for the employees to report any problem.

–The communication gap within the organization among the departments and employees and their HODs are to be erased by making communication easy through surveys and focused groups.

–The HODs should ensure that the staff feels open enough to put forward any concerns and suggestions.

Step 2

Problem Identification

HRD, and HODs At most two meetings of 2 hours is required for the stakeholders to identify problem HRD and HOD Questionnaire making activity for the gathering of data for problem identification Wrong or No Response from the employees in the questionnaire –For the problem identification, a survey should be conducted within the organization through a questionnaire. –This questionnaire will be developed by the HRD. The questionnaire will be circulated via email to all the employees of the company, and their timely filing should be made assured by the Head of the Departments.
Step 3:

Suggestions from Employees



-Human Resource Department

It would take not more than 15 minutes for each of the employees to provide a suggestion. The compiling of the suggestions and their thorough analysis would need maximum two days. Employees and Human Resource Department are available. A resource within the human resource department is to be assigned to the compiling and analysis of the suggestions from the employees. Employees Laziness can cause hindrance in the compiling of the suggestions. All the employees should be asked to provide suggestions for the highlighted and identified problems via email and send it to the assigned human Resource department executive.
Step 4:

Communicating of Action Plan


Human Resource Department, HODs, Employees This would need a maximum of three days. HRD, HODs, and employees are available resources. The authority or the decision-making body can become a hurdle in approving of some key policy changes. The Action Plan or Solution decided has to be first communicated to the decision-making body for the approval process. Secondly, the approved plan has to be communicated to all the key stakeholders and employees of the company so that they are motivated by the new changes.
Step 5:

Measurement of employee Dissatisfaction

HRD It would need maximum two days for the making and approval of the questionnaire. Whereas it would need every employees’ 15 minutes to fill that questionnaire HRD Questionnaire Employees Laziness can cause hindrance Questionnaire making for the rating of employee satisfaction, and its sending to all the employees via mail
Step 6:

Remuneration & Compensation

HRD 10 days HRD Financial Resources From Decision making body  Higher salaries for better performing employees, better compensation for the employees who want job security
Step 7:

Conflict Resolution

HRD, and HODs 2 days HRD and HODs Extra Time From parties involved in conflict Competing, collaborating, avoiding, accommodating, compromising
Step 8:

Clear Communication of responsibility

HODs 20 minutes HODs Extra Time From HODs lack of time Communicate the responsibility to the employees clearly.
Step 9:

Training & development

HRD, and HODs 3 days HODs, HRD Outsourced Trainers From lack of financial resources Train the employees as per their needs
Step 10:

Feedback Mechanism

HRD 1 hour HRD From lack of follow up from HRD Provide timely feedback to the employees about their performance
Step 11:

Control & change Management

HODs, and HRD 2 days HRD, and HOD From poor conflict resolution, and change management Control any changes from the action plan in timely and effective manner

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