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Development Planning for Business

Evaluation Mission and Vision On Development Planning for Business

The economy of market is growing rapidly, the current trend has increase the number of entrepreneurs andDevelopment Planning for Business competition is increasing, it is difficult to make a development plan, that satisfy all aspects of business development, currently I am working as business coordinator in an organization, which is a retail store that has a number of services and employees. To satisfy the customer needs I have to make plans according to the situations of the market, to increase the profitability and to get success in a competitive market. Development plans need to be focused by me, I have to design strategies and plans that will be beneficial for my company, the plans include mission, vision, values regarding the products and services, after analyzing the current situation, strategies for target audience, SWOT analysis and other tactics could be used, for the better services to our customers (Enns, 2016).

The mission of the company would be to provide the, better services to the customers in less or valuable money. Save money of customers, could be the strategy, which will attracts many customers, because customer want more or best at reasonable or lower prices. The vision could be, we want to be the best retailer in the market of U.S, and for this, and we will create and implement strategies accordingly.

After keeping our mission and vision in mind we will focus on, segments we need to target, target audience will be upper-middle class or middle class people, because when they hear about the less prices they will definitely come to get the services. People from all age group will be target, as we will give services for all; we will also serve fresh baked food and organic food that can attract more consumers. Halal food will also serve that can attract Muslim customers, as they are large in numbers. Annual business, development goals are important to set the goals, in my point of view, to promote the development plans marketing communication firms or teams could be good for us. The focus on business development effort, can be result in the increasing the number of clients, to identify differences based on customer behalf is important, in this way strategies should be made after assessing the target market.

There is need to focus on the marketing strategies, if a company want to get success, marketing is the successful business plan. Through attractive marketing consumers will attracts towards the product and willing to buy the product; product development should also be promoted, product awareness could only be done through marketing, there are various or different types of marketing, first of all, this should be notice that there is need to increase the sales, by keeping customers for the long term.

For the marketing to know about the customers is important, that customers are willing or really need the product, however, customers will never buy the product or services they do not need, so to identify the need is important. I will plan marketing strategies with the marketing team; I will also give them my ideas that through attractive billboards, posters customers’ attraction could be grasping, advertisement, internet will also attract my customers, even if they are sitting at homes, and if the quality food is available at reasonable prices they will come. Direct marketing will also help us, as we will go to people and offer them are good products which are less in prices, according to our mission. Conduct online reputation, with the customers is very important, if customers know that there is sense of care from the company then customers will retain.

Human resource department is very important for any kind of business either small or large business like retailing business. Human resources department in the company and in the organization provide help, support and assist the company by managing the people in the organization, by managing the environment of the company, by developing the culture of the company or organization etc. With the help of Human resource manager in the organization, the disputing or conflicting situation between the people and the employers can be solved. Moreover, they provide support to eliminate any bad activity that can cause harm to the business or the working environment.

Human resource manager help the organization in achieving the overall goals, objectives, mission, vision of the company. For the development of effective and efficient retail store business, it is very important for the firm to have strong human resource department. By having the strong human resource department, the company will hire skilled employees and the employees that have the high knowledge. If a company wants to start a business of retail store, they need develop effective strategies and plans regarding hiring of the employees. Therefore, they can collectively take part in achieving the overall organization goal and mission of the company.

Company can have the human resource department so that they can hire right people for the right job at the right place. This strategy makes the company to save their time and cost. Company can have the human resource department so that they can manage the people in the organization, and can direct them to work in the right direction. They have human resource department so that they can and will provide guidelines, can provide supervision regarding making good decisions for the betterment of the company.

Every company has its own planning, strategies, and procedures regarding allocation of the resources, therefore, human resource department will provide them to manage employees and to have number of employees they need in the organization. In today’s technological business world, many large companies are following technology and dedicating large attention to have strong human resource department so that they can make plans and strategies to achieve the competitive advantage in the sense of skilled, motivated and retain employees, and I the sense of production.

Company, with strong human resource department can make their employees, motivated to their work as well as towards the organization. Human resource manager play important role in the company for motivating employee because human resource manager provide feedback to all employees, provide employees an effective working environment to work, provide employee. Human resource manager develops the compensation plans and training plans for the employees working in the organization. In short, human resource department is very important for the company to achieve the overall goal, mission and vision of the company in an effective and efficient way (Winslow, 2016).

The strategies for the supply chain management should also be implemented, as I have to make the strategies for my retail store. I should have effective and efficient supply chain because, goods need to transfer everyday from one place to another, fresh products are needed, if management of supply chain is not effective then there are chances of failure or loss of customers. To meet the customers’ demands, in a very comprehensive way, planning and coordinating with customers demand is very essential.

There will be implementation in all strategies; we will focus on the quality with quantity, however, for the retail stores, quantity is significant, good quality of food or products will be given to the customers. In this way, customers will trust the store and confidently rely on our products.  There will be use of latest technology and software, with in the store, employees will be train to manage the data of the store based on latest technology, in this work will be done in an efficient and well-organized way. There will be no bearing of negativity, for the image and reputation our retail stores always be concerned.

We will manage costs and prices, regarding to the competitors and according to the market prices, porter model and SWOT analysis will help us to know about our situation in current market, so as business planners, timely assessment will be done. We will see the competitors and then design our strategies that will be helpful for us in the future. Strategies will be implemented after predicting the result, the weakness of retail store could be that it could not focus on one-person choice, retail store see customers as a whole, but still there will be segmentations and effort will be done so customers from various backgrounds could be retain.

Effective planning is needed, in a retail store, where there will be strategic-mix goals, incentives will also be forecast for the future. Engagement of clients, ensuring the opportunities for them, and to undertake various activities is important for the future goals. For the retail stores to retain the customers is very important for the long-term, for the development in any sectors, assessment and evaluation, need to be focus. From the customers feedback any company can do improvements, for the retail sectors, expansion and growth, is significant. For the manageable invocation and risk, management developmental plans should efficiently design. Innovative models, from all the employees can provide rich environment to the company. For the sustainable, legal and financial conditions need to fulfill, for the growth, it is important to manage the copyright and licensing, data protection, accessibility, freedom of information and health and safety requirement. Employees should be manages for the sustainable growth in the market, if employees are properly trained and know how to deal with the customer and how to react or answer in a problem, then no difficulties will be there. In the retail stores, the management and staff need to be efficient so that positivity and productivity will take place.

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