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Role of Leadership in Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior


An organization runs efficiently by the working of leaders or managers with great honesty and hard work. The strength of the organization is based only on the working of the organization so that they can achieve all their organizational goals and can set better targets with great efficiency in achieving them. The leaders have to follow the essential stages or steps that make them true leaders and by following them they can increase their working efficiency in the organization as a leader. The leaders have to manage a team which if work efficiently then only be that organization can get great success.

Main Contemporary Theories in Organizational Behavior

In the organizational behavior there are some theories that need to be considered properly so that the cause of real success can be fulfilled and organization grows well. First one is self-determination theory which deals with the self-development and self-control of the leader itself. It is very important for the leader to control them in order to control their team. If leaders have no control on them then they cannot manage their teams properly. Goal setting theory is very much important to consider keenly into management of the organization as organizations cannot achieve the actual success if they do not set any specific goals. The goals must be efficient enough that when they implemented they will get great success for the company. (Myorganisationalbehaviour.com, 2015)

Role of Leadership in Organizational Behavior

The self-efficacy theory is very much important to be considered as this theory motivates the employee to develop a self-confident in them and show good performance in work. The reinforcement theory is the identification of the attitude or behavior that is essential to be shown in the organization by the leader and from the employees as well. Equity theory is considered to be that theory that makes a sense of comparison among the employee with each other. Leader must be efficient enough that he can tackle this type of situation well if happened. The expectancy theory as defined by the name expects the tendency of work of employee and leaders in order to achieve the goals and targets that are set to grow business well in the organization. (Rochon, 2017)

Types of Human Behavior

Human behavior is an important aspect to be considered efficiently in an organization if any organization has no focus on the behavior of human then they cannot be able to get success. The human behavior is that with which they act in an organization properly and efficiently with other employees in the organization. The personality of every person is different among all the employees working in that organization. In organizations human behave differently like sometimes employees in organization focused on the behavior of the boss if the boss behave well then employees behave good and work with great efficiency as well. (Leonard, 2018)

Most of the employees are given such atmosphere that they feel like a boss in their organization. This feeling makes them comfortable and they work better. The leaders of the organization are to be meant to maintain this situation in a positive in their organization. The leaders must be a good coach to its team so that they can behave well and work with great efficiency in the organization. Leaders must be supportive and motivated to its employees and must implement those strategies that motivate workers and inspire them more in working with great efficiency. (Managementstudyguide.com, 2018)

Leader must create positive atmosphere in the organization so that all the workers will work with good motivation and with good efficiency so that organization will get great success in future and use to grow continuously with positivity.

Evidence Based Approaches

These approaches are very much important to consider keenly in order making the working atmosphere of the organization positive and efficient in terms of getting success. The evidence-based performance of the leader is that he or she will follow the overall principles of the organization that are set by the higher management in terms of maintaining high goals for the organization as well as to make their team to follow that principle too. If all the principles may not be followed accordingly then it could be a big threat to the organization that it cannot be able to achieve positivity in their organization. The decisions must be made according to the principles of the organization so that a positive decorum of the organization must be maintained properly. (Briner, 2013)

Personnel and Interpersonal Skills

There must be many of the compulsory skills that need to be present in the leaders of the organizations so that they can act best and get great success for the organization. Leaders must be very good at communicating with the employees so that they can easily understand what to do. Dealers must be efficient enough in terms of dealing with the overall staff and he must be a problem solver in terms of solving all the problems if came in the organization.

Organizational Problems and Solutions

Organizations have to face many of the problems in terms of achieving goals and managing the work with great efficiency and with accuracy. Some problems may be related to employees behavior, that must be managed properly and leader must resolve all the problems with great efficiency by listening all the issues of the employees. Some issues can become in terms of dealing with the staff but that can be resolved by dealing with the staff efficiently after understanding the nature of work of the staff.


Summing up all the points we can say that leaders must be very much efficient and determinant with their responsibilities and they must be work in such a way that they can manage all the situations efficiently and as well as they must focus on all the aspects that make the atmosphere of the organization positive and makes the growth of organization with success and can keep growing with the passage of time. The best leader is the one who can take the organization to a height of the success.

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