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Network Design Proposal For Office

Network Overview

The Situation in Which the Project Exists: This proposition is for an information correspondence network to a web-based business website office. Three stories in the building should be associated with the correspondence inside the association and also needed to set up an internet infrastructure.

Network Scope: The proposed network is intended to serve the web-based business website Office. The workplace contains three-story. First, we have two spaces for the site staff. The aggregate staff involves ten individuals—every five in one room. On the second floor, we have three places and the general population getting requested by the clients. There will be 15 individuals, every five in one room. On the third floor, we will have a stockroom store the items and ten individuals to dispatch the items according to the incoming requests. Subsequently, our aggregate staff entireties up to be 35.

The usage of staff with the PC will vary from department to department; there will be different work scope in each department with various people working on some PC related to their desired work assigned to them. Their pc speed may be entirely different from others, but the internet-connected to all the systems contain the same rate.

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