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McDonald’s Australia Market Analysis

Executive Summary

The paper basically discusses the situation of McDonald’s in Australia. The industry size and trends have also been explored in the paper with respect to the local market of Australia. Along with this, the financial performance of McDonald's Australia Market AnalysisMcDonald’s is discussed which confirms the fact that it is doing reasonable in the industry. Furthermore, a SWOT analysis is also conducted which reflects upon the opportunities which are available for the company moving ahead in the future. The competitive advantages of McDonald’s in Australia have been explained in detail. Finally alternative solutions have been provided for the company which can further improve the overall performance of McDonald’s in Australia.

Mcdonalds Australia Market Size & Trends

The market size of fast food industry in the Australian market has been growing quite considerably. As per the research conducted in 2016, the revenue that is being collected by Australian fast food industry is $6.6 billion. This indicates that a large portion of revenue is collected from the fast food market and it is all set to grow and expand further with the introduction of more products that are liked and preferred by the customers in the market. Along with this, the fast food market is also a competitive one where it has been offering the consumers with wide range of goods and food items which makes it attractive for the customers. Furthermore, the industry will have addition of more foreign outlets coming over in the Australian market and will be competing. Therefore, it can be said that the size of the market is quite attractive which will further grow provided the quality of the products is consistent and prepared within the standards of healthy eating (Hebden, 2011).

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