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Manufacturing Process of Wrist Watch Report

Report On Manufacturing Process Of Wrist Watch


The main objective of this project report is that; analyze the manufacturing process of the wrist watch. Do the analysis of the material selection, with the current and the future trends and give the production sequence of the manufacturing process.

Materials Used In Manufacturing      

In the manufacturing process the material is used for watches, is plastics as well as alloy. Whereas the case are made up of metal, plastics and also include stainless steel. And the Microchips are made up of Silicones, on the other side’s the LED are made-up of Gallium, arsenide phosphate. And the Electrical; contacts are consist of gold. (madehow.com)

Manufacturing Process of Wrist Watch Report

Selection Criteria Of Materials

The materials determination criteria are particular materials properties got from a prerequisite recognized amid design requirements. For instance, on behalf of a segment that must help a particular load, a base yield pressure that is required for a segment’s material can be resolved. This will be one of the material choice criteria. Utilize materials determination criteria to decide out materials that won’t fulfill every one of the materials choice criteria. While assessing whether a material may be fitting for the application, make sure to believe about the materials’ scope of qualities for the properties of intrigue. Try not to depend upon ostensible values of features. (Metallurgists)

The quality, execution, life as well as so forth of a product all are affected through a designing material being utilized on behalf of assembling that item. Henceforth it winds up important to choose an appropriate material of product in favor of an effective designing item. In favor of determination of reasonable materials in support of any designing application/item, following components ought to be measured

  • Mechanical quality
  • Dependability
  • Accessibility
  • Fabricability
  • Design
  • Price

Mechanical quality is an essential criterion on behalf of choice of appropriate materials on behalf of product. Mechanical quality is a capacity of materials to survive through weight or powers. Materials chose in favor of some mechanical product, ought to contain a suitable mechanical quality to be fit to survive with burdens or powers shaped in structure of designing item amid activity. (electrical4u)

Dependability of product material is characterized through a capacity of designing item produced through utilizing that material to endure accompanying working circumstances-

  • Temperature
  • variations during temperature
  • Period of activity
  • Atmospheric circumstances

Selection of material for any product is additionally administered through an outline of an item. A plan of designing item chooses a quality as well as malleability compulsory in favor of in materials being chosen in support of that item. (-Beckers, 2011)

In the direction of make a designing item monetarily fruitful along with productive, its cost ought to be sensible with focused in showcase. A value estimation of any product is represented through numerous factors, for example, material charge, work cost, preparing price and so on.

Current And Future Trend

In the selections of materials the replacements of presents style Silicon replace with eth Straps, and the stainless steel metals strap. Since a present electronic watches are by outline so precise, exactness isn’t a main objective on behalf of which a watch producer points. Future transforms in products  will exploit diverse innovations as of different fields, for example, an expansion of a number cruncher capacity to a watch, or even an expansion of a radio-transmitter that can convey a traceable flag if the wearer is lost or stuck in an unfortunate situation. (P, 2017)

Production Sequence

  • Wristbands with Cases
  • Arrangements
  • Hands With Dial
  • Gathering

Numerous watch brands cooperate with providers to contain the cases made. Providers on behalf of cases are regularly exceptionally separate, as brands are defensive of their name plus picture. A same goes on behalf of wristbands. Wristbands are rarely created in-house. Particular organizations ensure that a case in addition to wristbands parts meet correct resolute necessities put forward through a watch producer. Devoid of getting into a discussion of in-house versus outsider development providers, a development has a significant effect in a creation procedure. Genuine producers begin their trip with crude bits of metal, hardened steel, and different combinations utilized for the development. A dial plus hands, or face of the watch, are critical. This is a thing that you will take a gander at ordinarily every day. These highlights should be lovely and immaculate. Excellence is entirely subjective, however hairsplitting generally rules out elucidation.  (Broer, 2016)

Selection Criteria For Manufacturing Process

This segment will center of quartz computerized watches through LED shows. In spite of a fact that to get together of such watches must be achieved precisely plus efficiently, a most basic parts of an assembling procedure are in a maker of a segments.


A core of a quartz watch is a small bit of quartz. Artificially delivered quartz is cut through a maker with a jewel saw and sent to a watchmaker to utilize. A generation of “developed” quartz is a basic advance all a while.

Quartz, during a characteristic shape, is first stacked into a monster pot or autoclave (a similar gadget utilized through specialists as well as dental practitioners to sanitize instruments). Swinging from the highest point of the autoclave are seeds or modest particles of quartz. (MOHIUDDIN, 2013)


An electronic leads created through a battery through a quartz (delivering motions) will go to a microchip that fills in as a “recurrence separating circuit.” Microchip fabricate, similar to quartz, is additionally done through a provider to a watch maker.

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