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Importance of Global Sport Report Analysis

Global Sport

I am working as an event organizer internationally, I am going to arrange basketball event in the stadium of Macedonia, for this a have to arrange all necessary things related to the stadium, teams, their accommodations, many other things which are important in this regard. In Macedonia, the federation of basketball is work as a governing body of basketball. This federation was developing in 1992, in the result of the breakup of Yugoslav basketball and Yugoslavia.  In 1993, FIBA joined the federation. Then it manages the Macedonian premier league and manages the Macedonian national basketball team.

You will arrange for the game the biggest stadium for the maximum people because many people are interested in this game and came to the stadium to see the watches with family. Make a list of all stadiums and check the capacity and all facilities available in all facilities. People want comfortable seats that give a nice view of the match and they set on that chairs for a long time. (Sports.eu, 2012-15)

Importance of Global Sport Report Analysis

Now international teams of basketball teams should be invited. Different leagues must be held between different teams so the spirit of teams enhances and their sportsman spirit makes positive changes and give them knowledge and more training about the match of basketball. The stadium must be comfortable towards the team. Good waiting rooms and dressing rooms should be available for team members where they can stay and take some rest before or after the match. In Macedonia all matches organized because it full fill the responsibility of hosting by providing excellent facilities and attract people in the country. As an organizer, for team members, a residence like a hotel must be arranged who have all facilities, good foods, and good environment and give them feeling like home. That hotel must be nearest to the stadium so that the transport facilities automatically manageable for organizers. People must be easily reachable from the stadium and hotel to meet their favourite players. In addition, not far from the airport so the extra time must be saved which spend on travelling? (Etchells, 2015)

The cost of hotel room and expenditure of all must be reasonable for organizers. Cost of transportation and all other costs of which bear by organizers must be calculated carefully. Good and comfortable rooms with all latest facilities must be provided to all teams. With the tournament players also want visit and shopping facilities of famous and well-known areas of Macedonia.  Proper travelling facilities must be provided to all team members to go in entertaining places and enjoy their extra time with fun. All teams are reached at Miami International Airport, so travelling facilities must be given to teams within reasonable price and keeping the status maintain. (Ffm.MK, 2014)

As we know different teams have different members from different countries and their living style and likeness related to food are different from each other. Therefore, the organizer has to arrange all type of food facilities for players. All type of food for all players must be provided according to their need and requirements. Good restaurants, which have all, type of eastern and western foods for players must be selected for players for all teams.   Organize such events and activities, which promote the culture of country and training given to own players that they give gifts and promote their own culture in front of others. Because different players are related to different cultures and have different norms and values. They promote their own culture and in hosting country, they enjoy their culture and see and enjoy all cultural aspects and beauties related to their culture. (King, 2016)

For bearing all expenditures and costs related to all team members, their matches, their accommodation and all other expenses, organizer have to prepare all the budgets and all budgetary elements, which help in organizing all costs. The proper budget plan has to prepare for their actual occurring and all elements in the budget must be studied and manage carefully.  All expenses include team players tickets, travelling expenses, their accommodation expenses, their food facilities, their enjoyment facilities, their security expense and health and care facilities must be arranged by host organizer. All exchange rate problems also manage before time.  (Thedailystar.net, 2016)

When any plan is prepared for any tournament, then all areas must be study first and proper attention must be given to all areas. Because of its effect the reputation of country and people of that country. The response of such events makes the image of such countries in the mind of other people and they come and visit repeatedly in that country. Proper planning and budgeting must be done before actual implementation. It is the responsibility of host country that they have to provide all best facilities and introduce their culture and values in such a good manner so other impress and get attraction towards that country.  The road makes of all planning must be discussed among all the organizer team so they know each area of working and know how to do work at that point. Each step is performed according to planning. Because without planning it is difficult to manage all tasks in a smooth and quick way.

They also plan the weather condition because weather changes also affect the performance of players. Forecasting regarding weather must be also considered so that organizer can take precautionary measurements on the time and face no problem. The proper and well-trained team must be arranged for organizing all tasks for this tournament. They must be responsible for each and every step taken in the tournament. Because internationally, their reputation is very important and at risk because if they fail at any step this will badly effect it. So better planning and methodology must be prepared to avoid any problem and do their tasks with full attention and focus. Proper planning must be compulsory for doing any tasks successfully. And this is an international task so effective and smooth planning is required at every step to get better response and result. (Independent.co, 2018)

Proper tournament format must be prepared and arrange all needed facilities and requirements for the tournament. What type of tournament has to be arranged? Which teams are going to invited and from which countries? How many teams of players will come to their rooms and living and food facilities have to be arranged before the time? At what format matches are held? What prizes are given to winning team? What prizes for the best scorer? How many referees are required in all matches?  What amount is given to them against their services? What amount is given to all team members for their participation? From where we select referees?  What mode of travelling is used for players within the country? Which airline selected to reach the teams at their destination? Tickets for which class has to be selected for players? What expenses are paid against their uniform and shoes? What facilities should be provided to all players so they feel comfortable and enjoy their trip? Proper medical facilities should be provided to all players because different players disturb by changing weather condition so according to their need medication provided to them.

Invite teams of different countries to make the relationships strong with such countries and its improve business relationships. Players observe the culture and atmosphere of that country and met with different people and tell our people about the behaviour and nature.

Security is a very important matter in this regard. Some people want to hurt the players and an image of the country. Therefore, to make secure the image of the country in front of others are a most important task for organizers. High security is provided to all players. Guards and security team is always present for players. Because the life of players is very important for the reputation of the country.

Now move to the planning tournament, how many matches going to be held and at what time? Which teams are going to play in warm-up matches and which players? A proper list of all players is made before the match and announced in front of the public. Normally, players are used too with their ground or basketball court. So same environment is not given to them in a new place but maximum facilities and conveniences have to provide them. Therefore, they feel comfortable and play very well. With all these teams easily play and feel happy and enjoy many different matches.

The organizer is responsible for each and everything. He must be active and fully attentive. He has contacts of all people who engage in this entire situation. He has to manage all the people in his team. All team members also very active and sharp minded. They quickly pick the instructions and follow them in right time. Therefore, the entire responsibility is belonging to head of organizing a team. (Theballisround.co, 2006)

All activities for players must be arranged according to the age of players. Because some teams have all young, age boys but some teams have men having 30 plus age. Therefore, activities and trips must be prepared according to age and interests. Some players also have their families with them so facilities also provided to their families, they spend their extra time with families so a guide for tourist players must be provided which give them knowledge and guidance about country, city and all famous and unique items which that country has found. Families visit shopping malls and play lands with kids and all expenditure must be managed by organizers.

As we discuss above, team players belong to different countries and maybe they are not familiar with the official language of that area so a proper translator should be provided to players who help them in communicating with any other person in that place. Because language is a very basic communication hurdle within many countries so good translator must be arranged who know many languages and help the players in smooth communications.

Some players need training on daily basis so for such players trainer must be arranged who give them training according to their need. Sometimes trainers also come with players who give them training and verify their flaws in the spare time and make them correct for the next match. This is also a very important point which organizer has to confirm because when any team in coming, list of all people must be arranged and distributed to both countries. Organizers have to make arrangements according to a number of people. So correct quantity of people must be in knowledge of organizers. (Independent.com, 2008)

In simple words, arranging different sports events is a very good opportunity to attract the people of all countries to come and visit their country, which increases their income and foreign amount. It’s a very healthy activity, which gives entertainment as well as fame in all over the world. Money exchange increase among many countries. Sports events give a spirit to all people to come and enjoy sports also take participate in different sports.

A full team of organizers has to arrange before many months that start preparing all ideas and work for such type of events. Before doing anything, they have to prepare a budget for the whole event that how much expenses and costs are going to spend and after making it goes to sports centre who read all the budget carefully and then give them clearance to start the work according to plan budget. Then step by step they start their work which includes stadium for matches, capacity of people (audience), maintain the stadium, clear that one as security point of view, check all facilities which used by players in stadium, proper arrangements for their accommodation, their dieting plan and food they like arrange on time, different restaurants which are very famous must be visited by players. Show them our culture and culture related areas and items. Provide them with all facilities to enjoy and visit the city or area in their free time, because first, we have to spend a lot of money at every important point to make our reputation strong then we are coming in the position to earn foreign revenue and increase tourism in our country.

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