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Health Problems in Sports


Players of any sports are very important for the country. They are a concern as an asset for the country. People relate their happiness with their performance. Therefore, the health of players is a very important issue in this regard. Different complexes are made where free medical facilities are available to all athletes. Before entering into any sport, their proper medical checkup is compulsory because fitness is the first priority in any sport. And after Health Problems in Sportsbecoming a player of the national team, great medical facilities will be provided. Here we also discuss some issues related to the health of sportsperson and their problems and solutions.

These issues are related to well being and health of such young athlete whose age between 6 to 18 and they are part of any national team. such type of players are underdeveloped as per mentally and physically and eating disorder, heat illness and any type of injury can be faced by them which sometimes cause death in young sports persons. Proper medication and awareness about their health issues must be compulsory.

Now we are going to discuss some health problems:

Dehydration and Heat illness: in a young athlete, this illness is found very common. This illness include muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, heat syncope, exertional hyponatremia and heat stroke. This illness occurs when players are not much familiar with the weather conditions. Because of high humidity and high temperature, these problems have to face by players. If the player was unfit then these problems attack him very fastly.heat retaining clothing, previous experience with heat illness, chronic conditions, sleep deprivations and recent illness are also the reasons for such things. These diseases may cause death or sports disability and proper and fast medications should be provided in this regard. Few symptoms of this illness are confusion, unusual fatigue, headache, dry or sticky mouth cramps and loss of consciousness. Team management should take a precautionary measurement if the player is sensitive regarding such problems.

Eating Disorder:  eating disorder is not a big issue in sports but in some specific sports areas like wrestling and gymnastics. Their body image and weight are considered an ingredient for sports and they have to take a lot of care regarding eating food. Almost 81% wrestlers feel too much deficiency in their weight if they do not focus properly on their food habits. In case of rhythmic gymnasts, these players often need to maintain their weight and body shape to keep in this sport.42% of female aesthetic athletes has to suffer eating disorder when they move from one place to another. Weight loss symptoms can be appearing in many cases like diet pills, fasting, dehydration, vomiting, laxatives and other serious issues. These reasons may cause many serious issues in the body of players like reduce cardiac output, impaired thermoregulatory response, decrease plasma and blood volume, decrease renal blood flow and increase the lost amount of electrolytes from the body. Normally, wrestlers have to face body development and growth problems.

Injuries: another main issue in players is that their bones are in growing condition, facing a high risk of injury. Almost 8000 children or sportsman visits a doctor just because of this. Related to American football, they suffer five times more catastrophic injuries in school level. Almost half of the injuries caused by overuse. These injuries only because of inappropriate workout and many risk factors include these injuries like general physical and cognitive immaturity, dietary imbalance, sleep deprivation and physical fitness. Injuries depend upon sports and also ion gender of the player. Some problems of injuries are cuboids, calcareous, metatarsals, tibia, fibula, femoral neck and femoral shaft.

Concussions: head injuries and brain damage are most related problems in different sports like boxing and football players. Management of teams takes much care regarding such types of injuries. These injuries are the effect the condition of brain and athlete may face these concussions in long-term so proper care and medication should be adopted.


Sports is a very important part of our life and players are considering as heroes who play for our country and make a good reputation among different countries. Their physical fitness and healthcare are very important. Government and sports management has to provide good medical facilities in case of any injury or health disorder. Because these are the assets of our country.


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