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HRM Reflection Paper Example

HRM Reflective Report – Introduction

HRM stands for human resource management. It deals with an organization with the maximization of the employee’s performance in order to improve the success rate of the organization. This department is concerned with the management of the organization. They deal with the employee and control all the tasks that are related to the employees. The HR department focuses on the functions and the policies that are made for the efficient working of the organization. They are responsible for taking care of the employees in terms of providing them with their benefits and the rights which they should gain in the organization.

HRM Reflection Paper Example

They are a concern with the training and development of the employees to make them learn their work well. HR department concerns with the hiring of new staff in the organization and firing the old ones in terms of having an issue with them. HR department also concerns with the responsibility of keeping change in the organization and managing their change in terms of achieving high success in the organization. The HR department manages all these functions with accuracy and with great efficiency as well. If they do not work properly then that organization will not be able to get great performance in terms of achieving success. (Markus Baum, 2012)

Reflection Report

Reflection report is a report in the summary of our learning from any activity or work which we do in a group. The teamwork is always a more beneficial task then we work as an individual. Teamwork makes us able to learn how a group can get success in any task and how we can make ourselves in a team more productive and more cooperative with each other. Teamwork has many benefits and it has a lot of scopes it explores many unique types of research and makes team more confident in terms of getting more success in the accomplishment of their project on which they are working in a team. Reflective writing enhances the vision of students because they have to use their own thoughts in order to conclude more productive aspects of the project on which you are going to reflect your thoughts.

We as a team work on a report on HR project we all divided each task among each other. Two of the members start gathering research about the recruitment and selection topic in an organization. Their task is to gather the working experience or an HR manager from any real working organization. Two of us gathered the information about management of the organization by the HR department. We have to collect maximum data about how HR department helps in making the management of an organization strong. Two of us have gathered information about employees benefits that what benefits are offered to the employees and how. (Globalassignmenthelp.com, 2018)

  • Forming

Reflective report increases your awareness as it makes you learn about that thing more in depth and you will find out many new things when you research for it. It makes you aware of many new things in terms of solving your projects and as well as making your vision more explosive.  When different people meet with different minds with different visions and different thoughts in their mind they then form a team. We first meet each other and started planning of the things that need to be done in order to get the success on the project on which we are working as a team. This makes every one relaxes in their working on the project. Now we know what we have to do in this project.

  • Storming

The most important thing is that the minds of the team members must have a meeting with each other in terms of understanding the project as well as understanding the each person’s nature and mind so that they can work efficiently with each another. If their minds have too many conflicts about the project then that project will not be able to get success in accomplishment. I was the manager of the team I kept looking on the performance of the members whether they are doing good or not. If members do not work properly then they will not be able to complete the project with success and the project will ruin. Therefore, I and all the members cooperate with each other and remain humble with each other to make the project accomplishment more accurate and make it a successful project.

  • Norming

In this step, teams will understand each other better and perform their tasks better and complete the task more efficiently and get good success. We as a team understand each other and we performed well in this project. We discussed with each other all the important aspects and as a result, we find the best content to be written in this project to complete this project and to get good grades in this project. We have gathered a lot of data with the mutual discussion that has made our work easier and more efficient as a must.

  • Performing

In this stage, teams perform their efforts what they have done in their mutual working. The best thing is that the teams will cooperate with each other and put all their efforts mutually in making the project successful. Our team had to perform best in terms of making a report on the HR concerns. The main thing is that we have cooperated too much with each other so that the result will be a great report in the end.

  • Adjourning

This stage is the final stage in terms of completing the project. The adjourning stage makes the bonding of the team members strong and they feel bad in terms of leaving each other. Our team members also have strong bonding with each other that they promised to get in touch with each other and they shared each one’s contacts so that everyone will get in touch with each other in future. This is the identification of a strong team that they will keep each remembers always. (Project-management-skills.com, 2018)

  • Benefits of teamwork

There are too many benefits of working in a team as when we work in a team we have too many ideas that came in different minds working in a team. The most important thing is that they are going to share each other ideas with a great discussion with each other. The members when sharing each other thoughts and that makes the work easier. The team will cooperate with each other in terms of making the accomplishment of the project with great accuracy and efficiency as well. Teamwork makes the working on the project easy and it explores the new innovative ways of completing the project.

Teamwork creates new innovations in the accomplishment of the task and as well as explores more learning. They build trust with each other in terms of completing the project more successful. Trust is a very important factor in the teamwork. The teamwork should be efficient enough that every member in the team must feel that they are the leader of this team and have the authority of making powerful decisions in terms of making the project complete with great success as a must. (Mattson, 2018)

  • Conflicts of teamwork

Sometimes in teamwork, there are many of the conflicts can be created at the teamwork between the members.  AS there are too many different minds working in the team each has different ideas and have different nature so there are many of the changes that can become in terms of working in a team. Every people think that he is right so he must be a leader so this could make problems in working in a team. Sometimes team members have personnel clashes with each other and they do not forget it even when they are working in a team.

Sometimes there is a different personality that works on a single project so that each cannot accept them warmly and this causes bad effects on the progress of the project accomplishment. Some people have working in with the different agendas that make them uncomfortable and also to other members of the team. They mistrust each member according to the behaviour or status level of the members working in the team to complete the task efficiently. This extra efficiency makes the impact wrong on the accomplishment of the project and makes it worse. (Witt, 2015)


Summing up all the points we can say that the teamwork is very much important to consider that in order to do the task efficiently teams must be very efficient and confident enough that they are going to manage the working appropriately. If there are too many conflicts in the team member then they cannot be able to achieve the real success in terms of completing the project efficiently. The team must have all the positivity in them so that they can be able to get the project complete on time with great efficiency as a must.

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