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Enterprise Resource Management ERP

Competitive and Dynamic Environment

There is the competitive and dynamic environment for the businesses in the markets, there are the focuses to get the maximum profitability from the market, and thus, the competitive environment is based on the dynamic external system in which the businesses competes with each other so that there could be the better functions. However, there are two types of the competition as the direct competition and the indirect competition, the companies with the direct competition are a focus or giving the similar product or service to the customers, in this way, the competition is high and the same type of product can be given. Whereas, when there are different services or products or the substituted products, then there is the dynamic business environment.

The companies, in this way, are thinking tactically and strategically so there could be effective outcomes of the business and profitability the focus is on the optimizing resources so that the companies could utilize it and the organizations become able to get or gain a competitive edge. Consequently, the needs are to make the integrating business processes and the business use the Enterprise Resource management (ERP), to focus on the competitive and dynamic environment.

Enterprise Resource Management ERP Research Paper Example

The Transformational Power Of IT For Markets

IT is getting familiar in the market, as the case study on the Uber told that the taxi service faced competition in the market because not using the effective IT services, as the company had the premium services, other budget services, ride sharing etc. but the company still faced the challenges from the competitors like Lyft. There were the technology-driven competitors in the market, as the taxi services were based on the customer, who are equipped with the mobile apps of the similar business model. Thus, the BlaBlaCar was in competition with Uber and the there were the ethical issues. Moreover, the company uses the best brains and had the fighting spirit so proved to be successful in India.

Analysis Of Corporation’s Operations 

The enterprise 1.0 may not be that effective as the 2.0. It has the basic IT technology, as there are the technological bulletin boards, e-mails, text etc. Web services are used by the 1.0 organization in which there could be the collaborative filtering, the social networking, agents, portal/the internet, dynamic web etc. The firms in this way, need to focus on the 2.0 because there can be better chances to grow in the market and to gain value from the customers. Moreover, through stay innovative in the IT field companies can get the better chances to perform and represent themselves.

In the 2.0 there is the focus on the technology as the companies make the people collaboration easy because they can be online from any community. The application has the set of the technologies, there are different models and methods, which helps to develop the business software. Moreover, the companies in this were can get the knowledge of the next generations and focus on the ability that how software’s can be snap together. The companies through the collective wisdom can focus on the 2.0 practices.

Types Of Innovation (Continuous Change Vs. Punctuated Equilibrium)

The companies need to focus on the IT department in order to focus on the innovation, as the product vs. process, in the processes the products are not defined, each person had the diverse abilities, and the learning experiences so the result regarding IT focuses need to be open-ended. In the punctuated equilibrium theory, the evolution is seen to be smooth and the continuous, as there is the continuous growth. However, innovation is continuous because the technology is changing with the time. The variety of products has been involved in the consumer shopping the internet has grown advance; it is a continuous change from the physical stores to the world of internet.

It is a disruptive force because it has the power of thinking, there is the evolution of the innovative thinking, the innovation is driven in this way and there are the growths in the business or industrial sector, many companies are well established because they are focused on the disruptive innovation. The theory support the innovation because the focus is on the successful outcomes, there can be the broad usage of the IT forces so that the continuous growth could be there, there are the benefits if the company uses this strategic approach.

The Fragmented Types Of Technologies 

In the communication, technology there is the probability of fragmentation, as there could be the domestic fragmentation in which the organizational technology and worker can be impacted and thus the technology suffers. Thus in this way, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) had been introduced by the company, so that it could support and integrates business functions. ERP is the planning systems that provide the solution to the issues, the software is intelligent and the IT companies need to use it. There can be the different challenges in the ERP and the companies need to focus on them.

The challenges include the lack of senior manager commitment, ineffective communications, the insufficient training or there can be the failure in order to redesign business process, thus there can be the conflicts between people in the company or misunderstanding.  The information system functionality supports the ERP of the company, there is the integrated view, which can be given to the managers and need to adapt to new business so that there could be the best practices and focus on the business needs. The business can be improved and the cost could be decreased.

Two Qualities Of IT

The two qualities of the IT are automation and information, both are based on the reality of concepts and focus on the increased competition. Automation is a practical approach in which the focus on the automating IT services, the main focus is the realization of the promise, as the IT service management focuses on the infrastructure and management of the companies.  IT service automation has the efforts can prove to be more successful because the focus is on the target audiences and there is the rapid pace. However, the stakeholders together are focused and the development environment is there in the company.

Data And Information Management

Focuses on the data and information management, there could be the long-term success in the data management if the data is ensured. The companies in this way have to make the initial promises so that more strategic projects could be made. Companies through the focus on data and information management could discover, acquire, prearranged, filtered and cleansed the data, which is required, and there are the long-term and the short-term initiative. However, the information technology management is focused while data is arranged.

There is the focus or arranging of the quantitative data, the arranging is done by the computers is the focus is on the company IT, performance and competitiveness. The associated technology regarding the integrated organization and organizational effectiveness need to be focused as there could be the information about the market and the retrieval issues. IT is responsible for the effective outcomes and organizational effectiveness because the company in this way get to know about the current situations and stay updated.

To check out that the company has the security strategic planning there is need to focus on the effective IT system, in order or avoid the information risk. Thus, the companies can establish the strategies that can be protected by the confidentiality and there is need to focus on the availability of information so that company could manage the IT operation and get a competitive advantage. Moreover, there is the need to sustain the reputation of the businesses, through the gap assessment and the security strategic plan the information security program can be effectively and efficiently plan.

Using The Enterprise Architecture Implementation Steps

EA methodology could b explained and used, as keys to success, there is the detailed documentation of the methodology, which could support many of the public and private sector enterprises. Thus, the formula or framework of EA is fair or flexible enough to support the EA frameworks.  EA implementation methodology has many dimensions as it supports the creation of a new thinking; there is the revitalization of the people ideas and the vertical and horizontal divider are focused. The first step is the involvement or the establishment of the EA programs in the company.

The companies, which focus on the IT operation, become successful in the market, the company need to focus on the history of the IT, as the profile of the company is also need to be managed. The company, which focus on the role so that the IT could be outsourced and advantages could be there for the company, however, the company focuses on the management and governance of IT is getting the advantages. Thus, in this way, the grand IT challenges could be focused and the company gets the competitive advantages.

Moreover, the company can make their business strategies and operation that focuses on the IT technology, so that there could be the assessment of the company IT initiatives. There could be the learning if the lesson as the future regarding IT technology could be focused if the company is focused on the innovation and there are the process for the development and competitive actions. The staff needs to be trained, it could be said that the companies have the effective IT are flourishing and successful.

In the formula of the leading change, there is the wide variety of situations which can be beneficial for the senior leaders if focused in the organization, the management need to take the change initiatives and the proactively plan for the leading change so that the successful change initiatives could be taken by the companies. Change process could be difficult because the functions of the organizations could be changed; it is difficult to change the whole process because the employees and other stakeholders do not accept the change so easily.

The change could be taken in the case of emergency, as the company has the big opportunities but there is need to focus before taking the plans based on the change initiatives. First, for the change, implementation program the company could create the sense of urgency but the change could be difficult for the organization because there is the need of the strategic vision that supports the initiatives of positive change. Moreover, the companies need to sustain the vision through staying focused on the marketing activities; a company could be successful from the institute change.

Use Of Managerial Levers

Change management can be implemented in the organization by communicating a clear idea of change to the employees. It can be implemented by providing goals and objectives of change to the workers. The managerial levers need to use it so the employees should be informed that why this change is important for them and for their organization. It is important to get feedback from the employees in this regard. Employees should be informed of new objectives and ideas of the company in clear sense. Change management should be focused by managerial levers so that competitive situations could be there in the business and industry.

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