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Effects of Smoking on Health

This article discusses about smoking, effects of smoking on health, risk factors and smoking policies made by government.


Smoking can be called as a practice, in which a substance burned and can result in a smoke breath; the substance is made up of the dried tobacco, which is rolled in the substance Small Square of rice paper, known as cigarette and shape of cigarette is round cylinder. Smoking can be done in different forms, such as, hookahs, kreteks, pipe, dip, cigars, little cigars, chew, and electronic cigarettes etc. All forms have tobacco inside and can be injurious to human health. However, the most common type of doing smoking is a cigarette.

Effects of Smoking on Health:

Smoking has the drugs or tobacco inside it, there is combustion of dried plant leaves, which can deliver an active Effects of Smoking on Healthsubstance into the human lungs; the substance absorbed into the bloodstream and can reach inside the body tissue. In the case of cigarettes, there are the substances that contain the mixture of the gasses and the aerosol particles; however, active nicotine is also added inside it. Lungs can absorb the particles and can negatively affect the health of a person; there are several diseases, which can affect the human health and body. However, it is known that the average life of smokers is short, as compared to the people who do not smoke.

There are different types of substances used in smoking, example, cannabis, opium, narcotics; heroin can also be used in smoking. Due to smoking, death or mortality rate has increased in the United States and other countries. Both males and females indulge in the smoking practices, men are most likely or Effects of Smoking on Healthattracted towards smoking, person-environment can also result in smoking; there may be the cultural aspects that can relate to smoking. Consequently, in many cultures, people do smoking because it is their tradition, especially in Arab, people smoke in families, women are also involved in it. Health can be affected, as the research shows that smokers have 10 to 15 short lives as compared to nonsmokers.

Risk Factors:

There are multiple risk factors and associated with the smoking, from eth decades, there are the disappointing factors that are related to the public health. Due to the smoking, deaths are taking place globally, there are the maximum chances of lung cancer, and a person can die due to lung cancer. There could be heart diseases; however, the risk of heart attack increases and smoking also effects in platelet aggregation. Both the sexes, in this case, can suffer the risk of diseases, as smoking is very harmful during pregnancy, the smoking may cause the ADHD to a fetus.


The state has implemented the smoke-free air laws, so the environment can be protected. The government is also taking effective steps so that awareness could be given to the people, however, there are anti-smoking campaigns andEffects of Smoking on Health mass media is guiding or stressing on the harmful effects of smoking. There is the law, which has enforced the people to stop the smoking in the public place, indoor smoking is also ban. Moreover, smoking is discouraged and a law has passed that underage should not give the tobacco or related products. There are the laws implemented by the employees that they should not smoke at the workplaces (Guerin & Delpo, 2015).

There are the smoking policies; there are the negative effects on the environment, people can also adopt the habit of smoking, from each other. For the lifestyle improvement, there is the need to give awareness to the people, so that they stop smoking and can improve their heath lifestyle; for the healthy lifestyle. In the end, we need to promise to promote the awareness of smoking because health is being affected, there is the need to make the effective strategies so that there can be recognition of the men’s heterogeneity (Rippe, 2013).

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