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Difference Between Research Paper and Research Report

Difference Between Research Paper and Research Report

Research Paper Definition

The research paper is, in fact, the complete & careful exploration of some specific topic or issue and reaching the results by interpreting the facts. In the research paper, the author writes about all the realistic implications of the research and its uses in the real scenario.

Research Report Definition

The research report is, in fact, a totally different piece of document that encloses the information regarding your research that what kind of investigation has been conducted in your research paper and for what purpose & in which circumstances you have conducted that research.

Research Paper and Research Report Comparison

Difference Between Research Paper and Research Report

Major Differences Between the Research Paper and Research Report

  • By reading the definition only, it is easily recognized able fact that research paper represents the whole research process; on the other hand research report actually represents the concise overview and description about the complete research paper.
  • Besides the definition of both, the main difference between a research paper and research report can be easily recognized only by having an overview of its complete format. Research paper encloses more chapters than the research report as a complete document. A fine research paper starts with a general introduction of the topic, and then includes a literature review of the other researchers regarding the same topic, a methodology that how you are going to do that research, results, and interpretation of the figures presented in the results. Most effective and thorough researches also narrate the importance of the research, implications and also the shortfalls of your research as well. Contrary to it, the research report cannot explain too much data about the research. Its main purpose is to enclose the course of action, results, and significance of the specific research papers which is to be discussed.
  • From the above point discussed, it becomes obvious that research paper is a lengthy document because it encloses more chapters than that of the research report. Contrary to it the research report is the summarised overview of the important points of a specific research paper.
  • Research paper in its literature section reviews the ideas and analysis of other researchers who already have done work on the same topic but may be in the different scenario. On the other hand, research report cannot discuss the research or investigations of other researchers but it only explains the procedure, conclusion, and importance of a specific research paper.
  • The research paper can present the citations and quotations from other author’s papers along with their references or it can also narrate the ideas presented in books or movies about that topic or research in order to support your own research. However, the research report cannot narrate any kind of supportive material but only about the specifications and findings of your research work.
  • Research paper and research report both are different from each other because the main purpose of both documents varies from each other. The main purpose of the research paper is to convince the readers that variables discussed in the specific research have some sort of relationship with each other and to persuade effectively writer have to quote previous researches with the same kind of experimentation or research done. On the other hand, the purpose of the research report is to provide information only. The research report provides the summarise information about the research being done; it can never be used to convince about any argument.
  • Another distinction between both of them is that research paper will be based on a question or a query. Main focus of the author of the research paper will be to address the query which is stated as question or ambiguity in the start of the research paper. All efforts of the author will be inclined to provide the logic to the given or anticipated relation between two or more variables. On the other hand, the research report can never address any question or query. It is developed just to recap the important details of the targeted research paper.
  • Moreover, the research report is focused to scrutinize and infer from given information. It involves arguments & logics along with gathering data. In contrast to it, the research report doesn’t need to involve any argument, analysis or interpretation of the results.
  • Last but not the least research paper is a document that will be helpful in bringing distinctive and unique knowledge at the end of the research. Because research done in it is necessary to be conducted in different scenario or experimentation with a new combination of variables but research report is never inclined to do the same, It can never bring any new idea or knowledge in any case.

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Characteristics of a Good Research Paper and Research Report

It has become very clear from all the above discussion that research paper and research report, both are a very different document from each other. But another fact is that there are some qualities and characteristics that may be common in both and all these qualities must be there in both documents to make them meaningful and worthy for reading.

  1. All the information given in the script should be based on facts only. No information should be imaginary or doubtful in any manner. Moreover, the information provided quotations or any research done by other researchers being quoted in the research paper should be provided with proofs and proper references.
  2. Language used for writing both types of documents must be clear and easy to understand. Use of jargons is strictly prohibited. Moreover, technical words must be used if necessary because more use of technical words will make it difficult for the reader to maintain attention in reading the whole paper. Easy and clear wording will make it more reader-friendly and understandable.
  3. It is also very necessary that document developed must be free of errors and there must be no duplication of any information in a single document. Duplication of information will directly lead to the decline in the interest of the reader & he will stop reading that document. Moreover, errors and doubtful information will decline the worth of the paper as well as the writer.
  4. The format of the research should be well prepared and its structure must be according to requirements. Otherwise, the document will lose its authenticity in the real sense.
  5. The manuscript developed, whether the research paper or research report must be oriented towards the result. Procedure, survey, and methodology every step should be inclined towards factual and clear results. If the results are ambiguous until the end, the whole effort of writing the document will be devastated. Moreover, each and every line is written should maintain an ethical reporting style in itself.

These qualities must be there in both documents in order to maintain the quality of the work and enhance the understanding of the manuscript for the readers. Any document, whether Research paper or research report must have these qualities, to attract the attention of the reader and make them read & understand the complete manuscript till the end.

Importance of understanding the differences between the research paper and Research Report

It is really necessary to understand the differences between the research paper and research report both. Because commonly these terms may be confused if asked generally but both types of documents have very different formats and designed to serve very different purposes. As research paper is a complete document in which each and every step of exploring a specific issue is documented along with guidance & support from the previous researches which are properly cited and referenced. On the other hand, the research report doesn’t have any concern with other researches, but it is restricted to give a concise summary of a specific research only. No other previous research is being discussed in the research report. So understanding and learning about the differences and characteristics of a good research paper and a research report will really contribute to add in the worth of the research.

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