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What is a Dissertation Paper

What is a Dissertation Paper – Introduction

If you are a final year graduating student you must be familiar with the dissertation paper, it is not an essay but it is an extended essay that has different chapters, each chapter consists the different information but all the chapters are interrelated. This paper is the requirement for the management science and other management students mostly.  A dissertation paper consists of your ideas based on research findings, your areas of interest and you learn about your major courses or the field. Simply it can be stated that the dissertation paper is the paper written and submitted by the final year bachelor’s students to their respective universities in order to obtain their degree. A dissertation paper is always based on the findings which are obtained through the data collection and analysis. Students choose the topic based on their majors, collect the data, analyze that data and find the results which are based on the hypothesis. All the universities in the world set requirements for the dissertation papers, without doing that they do not issue the degree to the bachelor and master students.

There are different requirements of the dissertation paper based on the topic students select and it also depends upon the students that if they choose the qualitative data or quantitative research. We can state that a dissertation paper is a document that contains the information of the analysis which has been done by the final year students and submitted to their respective university, it has different sections and it starts from the topic selection and ends at the conclusion and recommendation. It is purely written by the students themselves and they also have to present it in the front of the committee or professors and they have to justify their research in order to get the approval.

Who Writes a Dissertation Paper?

Mostly the students of the final year in their bachelors write the dissertation paper because they need a dissertation paper to get the degree. Also, other people who are interested in the research and they want to know about their fields and are interested in the research they write a dissertation paper which helps them to understand the research process also it allows them to learn and write the research papers in future which can be published in journals. Anyone who is interested in the research and have skills of data collections, analyzing and research they can research and write the dissertation paper but they cannot submit it to any university but only in which they are studying. A person who writes a dissertation paper must understand that it is not a simple essay or a content writing it is the writing based upon research, it must be written according to rules and policies of authority who accept the dissertation paper and one cannot copy the dissertation because a person has to also submit the Plagiarism report along with the dissertation paper which states the percentage of originality in the paper.

Why Write a Dissertation Paper

It is the requirement of universities for the students who are graduating to write the dissertation paper and submit it to their instructor and later they also justify their research. Apart from the requirement of university a dissertation is self-learning process, a researcher who writes a dissertation paper, he learns a lot while working on this final year project, a dissertation paper covers everything which student has learnt in their entire degree and when they work on dissertation they understand the application of their learning which they are being taught in the universities. Many students get their first job based on their dissertation paper, if they do it well they can easily get a job because a nice dissertation paper proves that a student knows the application and concepts of their field and he also understands the practical things.

The main purpose of dissertation paper is to learn the practical things and know the applications of theories. Apart from that a dissertation paper also contains the new information and updated the previous researches, because the students collect the latest data and analyze that data using different appropriate methods. It can be stated that there are different reasons for a dissertation paper the most important is learning and understanding the concepts.

Types of Dissertation Paper

When a student writes a dissertation paper he must understand the different types of dissertation paper, because each type has its own type of method through which data is collected and analysis are done. Basically, there are two types of dissertation papers, below are those;

What is a Dissertation Paper

  1. Primary dissertation paper: In this type of dissertation students have to collect the data themselves, for examples, if a marketing student is writing a dissertation paper he will collect the primary data from the people or their targeted audience, through interviews, questionnaires, and other data collecting techniques. This type of data is mostly analyzed in the SPSS software and different other statistical software packages are also used for its analysis.
  2. Secondary dissertation paper: In this type of dissertation paper new data is not collected but the research is done on the basis of existing data, that is also called secondary data, for example, books, historical data of interest rate, other published reports etc. This type of dissertation paper is mostly written by finance students and this type of research is also called qualitative research.

When selecting a topic, students must understand the difference between the qualitative and quantitative research, because each type has its own defined methods which must be followed properly, if a student does not follow the proper methodology his or her research will not be accepted and it will not be considered as a valid research. Therefore before selecting a topic read some previously published papers and find out that what type of research is that. If you find any difficulty you can easily ask this difference from your dissertation instructor.

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The Format of a Dissertation Paper

As a dissertation paper is an academic document that must be written professionally, there it has a proper format which must be followed and that format makes to good and understandable because without completing one chapter another chapter cannot be started. A dissertation paper starts by selecting the topic and writing a proposal, once the proposal is approved by the instructor or the committee than a dissertation paper is written. Usually, a dissertation paper consists of more than 20 pages and the maximum it can have more than 200 pages, it depends upon the topic and requirement of the university. Usually, a dissertation has five chapters which are written by the students, but different universities may require different chapters that can be more or less but commonly below five chapters are very much important for a dissertation.

What is a Dissertation Paper

Dissertation Paper Format

  • Introduction: It gives the background of dissertation paper and discusses that what will be added in this dissertation paper and also this states the scope of the topic.
  • Literature review: This section discusses the previous researches which are already published based on the same topic. Students review many published research articles on their topic to get the full idea of the topic and understand its scope.
  • Methodology: This Section describes that how data will be collected and analyzed also this states that what type of research it will be either qualitative or quantitative.
  • Data analysis: This section discusses all the data and its analysis that what the data is and how it is being analyzed using software packages.
  • Conclusion/results: Sometimes this chapter also is written as conclusion and discussion and sometimes the discussion is added as a new chapter it depends upon the requirements of the teacher, this section concludes the results and talk about the finding which was obtained based on the data and research.

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Above chapters are commonly accepted by the universities but there are also some other essential sections which are added in the dissertation paper those are abstract, referencing, bibliography etc.

Things to know before writing a dissertation paper

In a dissertation paper topic is very much important because topic decides the type and methodology, therefore students must know the topic very well and they need to study it in every perspective before submitting it to their professors. Once the topic is finalized then students have to work on it properly and understand it fully, therefore, it is recommended to select the topic of dissertation that is related to their field, it just doesn’t make the dissertation easy for the students because of their previous knowledge but also it improves the understanding of field and that may lead to a better first job.

Summing Up

A dissertation paper is an academic document that is very much important for the students who are in the final year of their respective degrees; it makes the concepts clear and builds the strong foundation of basic things. Good dissertation papers are also published in the well-known journals but it needs some edits before the publishing.

Best of luck with your Dissertation papers

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