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How To Write A Personal Essay

Personal Essay

How To Write A Personal EssayIntroduction:

A personal essay is the most strong and different form of essay. Normally, personal essay elaborate any specific topic, your personal feeling or what you consider in your mind. Other measures your work level through feelings and point of view. Personal essay is most popular and standard essay which include personal experience that also give some lesson. Writer of essay share its experience without proving anything to others.


Personal essay is most famous forms of creative nonfiction, which depend on experience that also, give us some lesson. It must be some opinion about any issue or problem. It is completely different from any formal essay. It expresses personal experience, opinion, emotion and feelings. So personal essay is may be known as personal narrative, in personal narrative author explain any experience or incident that deliver specific lesson learned or meanings. It also is an opinion related to any problem, topic or issue. Any personal essay has included following points: it depends on experience which have specific meaning insight. Author explains the story with the help of imagery, dialogues, conflict, plot, setting or characterization. It may be autobiographical story of any person. It is written in (I) point of view. Author define its personal life experience with the help of weaves a theme throughout narrative, make an important point and scene building techniques. Writer must be honest with readers and uses self disclosure. Author only express its feelings, emotions and thoughts. Author dramatizes its story by using scene location, concrete and unique description, action, dialogue and intimate details. Author must use fact and truth instead of any fake thing. Personal essay may be a piece of opinion which include different social and political issues or topic of interest. Writers try to elaborate all the truth and facts that he experienced. Writer explain the topic according to its personal perspective. Writer has to write in such a way which attracts the attention of reader. According to Bill Roorbach; personal essay include all different qualities of which is basic element for the personal opinion such as; it must be a combination of facts, wisdom, personality and storytelling. It is a form of conversation with reader. The personal essay has subject which is form of evidence as arguments. Personal essay is self made but work as an evidence. Personal essay explain all the evidence and give a thought to reader about truth or false of story. Passage of narrative work as inductive arguments in evidence. Personal essay is attractive because of its subject, present long and short view, knowledge, learning, personal history, providing experience and circle around it. Subject of personal essay is depending on your own choice. Subject may be any important event of your life, any turning point, any death, illness or any type of accident which show strong image on your mind and you are too much affected with that. You also explain all the real thoughts and meaning of subject. But you have to present points in such a way that your reader must appreciate them. So you can write about; a memory, topic, anecdote, issue, incident and personal experience. (wordpress, 2010/05/02)

Some basic elements of personal essay are central theme, epiphany, climax, description, character development, suspense, self honesty and chronological organization. (byui.edu)


Personal essay is the combination of personal thoughts and thinking and real life experience of a person. Personal essay must include all facts and truths so the reader believe their story and present a fair view regarding its essay. Writer must use different dramatic situations to make its facts more interesting.

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