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Difference Between Research Paper and Dissertation Paper

Difference Between Research Paper and Dissertation PaperThere are a lot of challenges for the researchers in the academic world. Starting from the term paper at the O and A levels, the depth of research gets increased as the fields get diversified and much focused for the students reaching to the undergraduate and graduate levels. Even at the post graduate level, doctorate level and post doctorate levels, this depth increases further with the higher demand of innovation and quality. At these levels, there are various forms in which research is presented. Research paper and dissertation paper are the two popular forms.

Definition of Dissertation Paper:

Originally the word “dissertation” is taken from a word dissertātiō in Latin, meaning ‘path’. Some countries refer dissertation as the thesis. Bu the definition of Oxford dictionary, dissertation is kind of long length piece of writing which is written on particular topic and is written for the degrees and diplomas at University”.

Definition of Research Paper:

On the other hand, a research paper is defined as the piece of plagiarism free writing of research. Here the word ‘research’ refers to the repetitive search done in different directions for proving the central objective statement or question. Usually there are two forms of the research papers, quantitative papers and qualitative papers.

Structure of Research Paper and Dissertation Paper

A research paper comprises of the speculative variable as well as constants which are geared to prove the basic statement of research paper of the main constant. A research paper is focused on the single scholar statement and few times may be just a summary of this statement. This paper circulates around the central statement and is referred as the procedure of giving the methodological proof of the given statement. Both qualitative and quantitative papers have this methodology, presented in different forms as per the requirements of the particular topic.

Difference Between Research Paper and Dissertation PaperDissertation is regarding a single statement or may be summary sometimes. The structure of the dissertation papers starts with the line of inspection and flows into numerous speculative possibilities which contradict the statement of dissertation. As the dissertation statement opens up the barrier of the variable possibilities, the basic line of inspection becomes constant and doesn’t change.

Differences Between Research Paper and Dissertation Paper

There exists a lot of difference amid research paper and dissertation paper. Few these are the main differences while remaining are a bit subtle. Few of these differences are taken by the European style of thoughts on academic writing. They are very relevant and regarded as the alternative visions of the definitions of these papers.

Major Differences between Dissertation Paper and Research Paper
  • The dissertation is related with the basic objective statement which is taken for the scholarly argument leading to the further deep research, on the other hand the research papers are all about the procedure of proving this basic objective statement.
  • Dissertation paper is both regarding the variable possibilities, using the development of a lot of contradictory arguments, and proving the constant statement by nullifying all of the contradictory arguments at the end. A research paper is more about giving the proofs of the basic objective statement and is focused on accumulating the data and evidence to prove this statement while exploring many possibilities as well as nullifying them at the same time. The paper provides various speculations for the future references regarding the basic statement of the research. In short, a research paper is the explication and proving of the statement question.
  • The dissertation is usually made using the extensive genuine thoughts which are put forth as a proposal, however there is a need of tenacious resilience in the research paper by the researcher for justifying the basic statement. After this is the long procedure which involves gathering of the evidences and nullifying of other possibilities as well as application of the evidences and theories to prove the basic statement. You can call a research paper as the extension and expansion of the basic statement.
  • The word dissertation is generally used instead of the research paper, however this is considered as the rhetorical error where just a small part is replaced with the whole big chunk. The statement of dissertation is part of a research paper.

The major differences between dissertation and research paper are presented in tabular form below:

Difference Between Research Paper and Dissertation Paper

Subtle Differences Between Research Paper and Dissertation Paper:
  • The dissertation statements don’t include any methodology while the research paper have the methodology for both qualitative and quantitative researches.
  • The dissertation statement has an end of it in itself. Although, research paper is directed to explicating and expounding of dissertation, opening up to the line of inspection. In most cases, a large number of these lines get nullified and proved to be wrong. There are some possibilities that they even may not appear but they may go into section containing the future reference as the alternative structures where basic statement of research doesn’t hold valid. A research paper if viewed in the unfolded form, has an end which proves basic statement of dissertation. Nevertheless, this paper will be rich in the theoretical details and other empirical knowledge.
  • The statement of dissertation is related to the single question while in research paper, there are many questions which are raised but they are revolve around the main theme of the statement. Few of the questions get nullified while some become the part of alternative future discourses.
  • A research paper generally comprises of the dissertation; however, this is not always true. The research paper is written as the part of the question of the dissertation or may have its stand-alone nature itself.
Similarities between Research Paper and Dissertation Paper:
  • As mentioned above, the dissertation paper is a part of a research paper. The similarity lies in the material of dissertation which gets explicated and uncovered in material of research paper.
  • The dissertation is something which ends with the meaningful justification. In research paper, the dissertation statement is explicated in detail. So, both research paper and dissertation paper are deterministic.


There are a large number of the anti-basic theories which go against the classical model of difference between research paper and dissertation paper, but a strong point in this model is that the flow of enquiry which opens up speculatively in form of the contradictions must not be denied as the means to get the deterministic end in the dissertation paper. There are a lot of possibilities to do research which must be nurtured and encouraged boundlessly. They have a lot of potential to open up the novel vistas of the innovation and horizons of the knowledge. At the end of day, you can say that there are differences between the research paper and dissertation paper. They are the alternative discourses which flow into the formation of the knowledge having distinctive structures.

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