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Comparison Between Private and Socialized Healthcare System

Private And Socialized Healthcare System Comparison

Healthcare can be provided through public and privatized systems, public healthcare is usually provided by the Comparison Between Private And Socialized Healthcare Systemgovernment through the national healthcare system where as private healthcare system can be provided by self-employed practitioners within their established institutions. To begin with, the services given to the people with specialized needs in the private hospitals are more efficient and of quality compared to the services given to the socialized healthcare system. (Kirkwood, 2010) However, these services provided at the private healthcare systems are more expensive compared to the public healthcare system and majority of the population of people with specialized needs are not able to afford these services. A good healthcare should be a cost effective one that can be afforded by every individual within the community, Secondly in a socialized healthcare system, the quality of healthcare given will automatically reduce. The socialized healthcare systemmost of it’s funding from the government, at times most of the supplies to provide adequate services are lacking which is not the case with the privatized healthcare system.

Some of the privatized healthcare systems currently have been compromised, some of the institution at times focuses on profit making rather than providing the healthcare services to the people, the case might be different with the socialized healthcare where the services might not be of high quality but they don’t focus on profit making. (Kirkwood, 2010) In most of the socialized healthcare system, most of the people with special needs such as the disabled have their own wards, in addition socialized healthcare systems sometimes provide people with disabilities with wheelchairs and other stuff that they might in need of, this is seldom the case with privatized healthcare system. No any service is provided for free or at a low cost so if you can’t afford it you cant.


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