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Comparison Between Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry


The goal of this project is to carry out an analysis the project value proposition of the Apple iPhone by comparing and contrasting it with that of the RIM Blackberry smartphone and the suitability of the Apple iPhone’s value proposition to extend its company to the growing smartphone industry. The marketing concept embraced for this specific analysis is Nigel F. Piercy ‘s Market-Led Strategic Transition. Marketing idea can be explained as a theory and as a technical concept. The plan as a whole is being viewed in the sense of a modern marketing paradigm of a strategy transition driven by the consumer.

When cellular technology grow, the coming smartphone revolution will bring drastic and profound change to the planet. This movement has started and is gathering traction. The transition would have an effect on multiple aspects of our everyday lives and the manner in which business is done, which will deliver valuable insights in real time to support decision-makers have a huge impact on business-to – customer communications and change the way we live our lives. The obstacles posed by mobile providers, such as shifts in market models, investment risks, restrictions on mobile devices, networking problems, connectivity limits, protection threats, and user scepticism of mobile apps, pose issues for researchers such as killer software, accessibility, user interfaces, mobile access to databases, and agent technologies. Mobile-device manufacturers, developers and network providers must provide end-users with a rich and rewarding interface to stay successful. Marketing plays a significant role in fostering a wider and broader understanding of IT industry. Now we can see what Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry Mobile Phones are and what both ideas and market models have used.


Data were primarily obtained from secondary sources. Collection of knowledge is called data collection. There are two types of info. There are primary and secondary data. Primary details are those that are obtained for the first time and are thus initial in character. Secondary statistics are those that have already been obtained by someone else and that have already been moved into the statistical process. Secondary data can be released or unpublished. The secondary data used by this particular analysis is “Business driven strategic transition” by Prof. Nigel F. Piercy, and is used as a marketing tool and its definition. Primary data were used for the preparation of business profiles and prior studies.

Apple iPhone & RIM Blackberry

For all the millions of iPhones being used by widely pleased consumers, including several business executives, Apple has been forced to add iPhone functionality to make it easy for The workers to handle and fit into current processes. This would enable iPhone users to view server notifications pushed by Exchange while they are posted to the server instead of being sent by the client at daily intervals, such as a standard email application. “When Apple revealed that the iPhone would integrate Exchange support via ActiveSync, it clearly defined some of the limitations of the server-based RIM framework” (Kim 2008).

Apple also illustrated the thousands of free web-based apps that already operate on the iPhone. One big obstacle that Apple poses when bumping an iPhone up to 3 G is that it would take more battery power to function and that the iPhone still has considerably less battery life than when opposed to most models. The organisation would also need to increase the battery life of the unit, but current customers also continue to refresh their batteries every day. “Apple also presented technology managers with their iPhone wish list in detail in an attempt to make their phone more market friendly. The mission: to recruit enough iPhone businesses so that Apple will meet its 10 million device goal by the end of 2008” (Dignan 2008).

Apple IPhone is a wireless mobile phone that along with text messaging and voicemail, enables Internet connectivity with a touch screen, virtual keyboard, video phone and portable media player (ipod). On Thursday, Apple Inc said that its iPhone will soon support corporate e-mail, join a new market, and challenge the superiority of the popular Blackberry smartphones of Research In Motion Ltd. (2008, The Visan).

The integrated capabilities of Apple iPhone’s innovative multi-touch user interface and modern software design include the greatest user experience and the most advanced mobile application software ecosystem ever. Through restricting the number of apps on the platform and limiting the features of the current apps, the security architecture of the iPhone is best suited. Apple’s iPod system is one of the most popular inventions in consumer electronics and is the greatest storage space with a large degree of memory that guides stores and plays digital music, images and video. Manufacturing thousands of iPod adapters, from iPod docks in hi-fi setups to car audio device connectors, alarm clocks, recorders, and a variety of other accessories, has arisen as a market ecosystem. In this ecosystem, Apple maintains a lot of power, not just because it fully regulates the standards of interface connection to the iPod, but most notably because Apple also developed its own digital music service, iTunes.6 In fact, Apple built the iPod so that it only plays music downloaded from the Apple site or from CDs. In some accounts, Apple’s plan was justified. Hardware paired with apps has already been developed and commercialised by Apple. The business strategy of Apple was to make money from hardware that both because of its architecture and software, is special. Apple has recently joined the iPhone mobile telecom room, which adds e-mail, web access, and phone capability, expanding on the considerable popularity of iPod.

10 million iPhones are projected to be shipped by Apple by the end of 2008. Meanwhile there are 12 million subscribers to Research In Motion, and the famous BlackBerry sells at a rate of about 4 million units a year. (Who Wins? 2008, BlackBerry Vs. iphone).

With the Apple iPhone, it is obviously becoming more common to use a touch screen. The goal is to provide a web page that will have a satisfactory user interface, whether it is a laptop Computer or a mobile phone, regardless of the system used. The iPhone should play nicely with people particularly in a social environment, to be genuinely innovative. In fact, the iPhone is both a landmark in the mobile ecosystem and a turning point. The iPhone with the concentrate on a high quality of entertainment and fun beyond only voice calls, along with the reality that it is the first consumer-focused launch in the wireless world that was not directed by the carriers, makes it a major milestone event in the industry. It definitely offers a richer experience in the minds of customers. It really opens up the supply chain on the business side. Apple has modified the nature of how smartphone users perceive, behave, and do. Essentially, the iPhone transcends what a cell phone is and has altered the world to a larger degree. Since Apple loves its consumers a great deal and has used a number of technologies to take better care of them. The programme for Customer Relationship Management is a crucial aspect, but Apple’s whole company needs to grasp CRM in all business units and operations and operate professionally to make CRM work. Methodologies, tactics, tools, and web-based capabilities that allow the organisation to coordinate and maintain consumer interactions can provide an efficient CRM Customer Relationship Management. Both organisations would have to risk playing with the latest CRM marketing techniques to retain market share and grasp all future customer behaviour. This would force companies to re-examine the conventional combination of marketing investments to identify creative ways to implement these emerging technologies and techniques into their current relations. In order to gain competitive edge in the long term, industry-led tactics are purchased for a clear knowledge of the market in which the business works, which are helpful in gaining market-based competitive advantage, are primarily concerned about the consumers involved and desired steps are taken to take good care of them by putting and adding to their cores.

The RIM Blackberry Smartphones are small and slim with features that include a screen with built-in and light-sensing technology that helps build up the system’s global positioning in navigation, expandable memory, video player, tethered modem and battery. In addition to the full experience of email, web server, text messages, instant messaging and organisation apps, The Blackberry is a business built to carry the company into its consumer niche and provides mobile, digital camera, graphical features and expandable memory. It thus provides workers with wireless connectivity and helps secure any valuable and required time to make them more effective, versatile and successful.

In a recent ranking of company mobile phone customer satisfaction, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry handhelds took the top spot, and smartphones from Palm and Samsung tied for second position. (2007 Sacco).

RIM creates mechanisms and applications for seamless access to time-sensitive content, including email, web, SMS, Internet and intranet-based applications, through the creation of specialised infrastructure, software and services that promote different wireless network specifications. Thus, RIM technology helps a wide number of third-party manufacturers and vendors to extend their products and services for wireless networking. RIM’s range includes quality management goods and integrated technology being utilised by thousands of companies around the globe, including the Blackberry Mobile Phones cellular network and offers guidance for the model range of wireless devices, app creation resources, radio modems, and licence arrangements for software and hardware. BlackBerry requires personal knowledge management to be utilised which provides features such as schedule, address book, work list and other personal organiser based functions. RIM provides applications that helps smartphone makers to outfit their handsets with Blackberry features, including push technology to send email and other details automatically. Blackberry Smart Phones are networking platforms that provide connectivity to mobile communications by leveraging cellular technologies. Using Blackberry Mobile Phones push-based apps that instantly delivers email and other details that are completely optimised browser and organiser applications that want to support their clients by achieving the goals of the business.

Literature Review

The nature of advertisement is a transaction and an interaction that is meant to fulfil individual desires or wishes. As a consequence, advertisement is taking effect at a moment where the societal cap attempts to share anything of worth for another social unit. Marketing consists of all operations that promote the sharing of knowledge. The marketing challenge is to produce that revenue by meeting the desires of customers in a profit-driven and socially conscious way. In order for a corporate organisation to understand the maximum benefits of the selling principle, theory must be converted into reality. This ensures that the marketing efforts of the business must be completely organised and well handled and that the Chief Marketing Officer must be granted an important part in the preparation of the company. As these steps take shape, brand management is beginning to evolve. Marketing management is a marketing philosophy in the field of operation or a management orientation in the field of scientific and systemic marketing. Its peculiar and often special criteria are a significant aspect of marketing. Marketing as a philosophy. and a feature is special in that it is out of operation. Its goal is to put products into the market and bring knowledge and ideas back from the market. Owing to the dynamics of all marketing practises and concepts, there is constant adjustment and revision. Company messaging now is going to be distinct than yesterday’s marketing which will adapt to something different again in the future. Because of this competitive targeting, advertisers must actively search and collect knowledge. Most businesses have developed information flows from which sales figures and fluctuations in revenues can be constantly tracked. However, such mathematical knowledge flows are not adequate, and marketers collect details and consumer insight intuitively and continually as a regular occurrence in doing business. This, in essence, adds to, and even forms, the relentless flow of marketing. As the importance of business strategy increases and innovative marketing ideas and applications arise and develop, so does the demand for up-to – date market intelligence. Marketers also require broader and more comprehensive qualitative analysis, and its significance resides in the need to grasp phenomena and to obtain insight into situations and shifts.

Business models helps in estimating the infrastructure, core capabilities, offerings, customers and financial services. Marketing is the competitive arm of the strategic framework and prior focuses on the value chain and the creation, delivery and sustainability of customer value. Thus it turns the Customer Value Proposition into superior customer value, delivering added value packages to their customer faster than the competition by creating and sustaining customer loyalty. Marketing is pure unbridled competition and creating the competitive edge at the product/service level. Thus the marketing criteria of Apple iphone functioning bundles and delivers the value package using their corporate support structure to ensure it is delivered faster and more abundantly than the competition’s value package.

Depending on the strategic framework in place more of the responsibility renewal, creation and delivery of the value package may fall under the most implication of marketing strategy. Thus Apple proves to be a company which has chosen a leadership through innovations of the customer value proportion and executes totally a new business with their unique perspective of business through Apple iphone. And this type of business is used to flow products and services to Apple’s customer clusters and their marketing in turns spawn a range of products and creates a value added to their brand image

The market-led strategic approach is being implemented in order to provide consumers with more benefit. The current marketing system is structured to better satisfy the need of the new consumer. It is a customer-oriented strategy, since there are modern developments and realities; in both situations, the mere conventional approach to marketing is not at all effective. A modern strategy is then introduced, and is a market-led strategic transition. It’s more about focusing on the demand or value of consumers while embracing a structural transition in marketing. In this analysis, several essential factors are presented to turn the phase of entering the business. The business model is essential for the proper execution of innovation. Market models are turning emerging technologies to economic benefit. The business model acts as a connection between technological input and economic production.

Quality proposal is one of the elements of the business model. Value proposal is a summary of the customer’s dilemma, the product that solves the problem and the value of the product from the customer’s point of view. Other components of the business model include the consumer category, supply chain function, sales production and margins, value network position and strategic strategies.

With intensified rivalry and obstacles, a sheer focus on ads, branding, fresh product releases are not enough to hold up on the market. The guiding factor behind the latest marketing is Importance strategy, business strategy, internet strategy, operation strategy and transition strategy. (Fig-1)

Drivers of New Marketing (Fig 1)

Value Strategy

Value strategy is a cohesive and customer-driven plan that provides superior value to of customer in terms of customer-driven matters. The drivers of the value may change quickly, companies focus on the things that were important for last year will definitely fail to excel. The greatest challenge management facing is to understand and follow the drivers of value for different customer groups and their reactions. Successful companies are those which take into new areas of customer value that have been neglected by the existing competitors.

Market Strategy

Business approach is a simple and proactive market direction that clarifies value proposition and defines the route ahead through the market phase. The strategic pathway is about evaluating companies learning capabilities as basis for making strategic choices, and strategizing to create new ways of going to market ensures competitive advantage. Here focus is on customer, market sensing, market choices, value proposition and key relationship. Understanding the customer and their priorities is the first step in any marketing strategy. Next choice is the market that is with in which boundaries product is going to market by understanding the availability of prospective sales. In value proposition, the challenge is to specify in detail what is offer of value to each target customer group. Competitive advantage is more important to compete in the market else no need to compete. Key relationship is about how well manager understands and manages relationship with customers, competitors, collaborators and other forces in the market place and with co-workers.

Internet Strategy

Internet strategy is based on exploiting and integrating the potential of the web in changing buyer-seller relations, multiple channels and developing new business model. Internet provides an amazing enabling technology that allows made to order products, genuine individualized customer relationship management, information exchange with customers, partnership, e-service and new alliances.

Process Strategy

Process strategy is the designing and managing clear and focused processes of decision making in creating value to the customers. This is about total integration of marketing process around customer value. It is tracking the underline process of value identification, value creation and value delivery. Simple analysis of these is helpful to identify and evaluate companies basic value processes is a good start in tackling the big problem of breaking down the barriers between departments and getting marketing.

Change Strategy

Change strategy is a credible and effective approach in the way of getting things done for the company and for competitive advantage and providing value to the customers. Effective change requires a resourced and realistic implementation strategy that confronts the structural and process issues that have to be aligned with new strategies.

For this particular study of market perspective, the steps to transform the process of going to market are relevant. This involves:

  • Customers

It is about the skill of the marketers in understanding and responding to customers and by retains the customers. It is merely concentrating on the each customers demand.

  • Value

The main important issue in strategy is identifying value opportunities and meeting them.

  • E-Business

Utilizing of the web-enabled technology is an essential part of delivering value in modern market

  • Totally Integrated Marketing

It is important to give new market led strategy while delivering value to customers.

  • Creativity and Strategy

The creative process of strategy and reinvention process is important for the new trends and new market situation

  • Strategic Pathway

It is the process of going to market is evaluated and enhanced by using the pathway template, customer focus and market sensing, market, market choices, value proposition and key relationships.


The strategies have to be tuned into creative plans

  • Strategic Gaps

Main attention on the gaps between strategy aimed and strategy achieved should be studied and priority based changes can be made.

  • Manage the Key Processes

Manage value processes and key decision making processes to build ownership and commitment

  • Implementation Strategy

To use strategic internal marketing as a mechanism, for managing the implementation process.

These are the powerful tools for market-led strategic change which urgently needs for many companies.

Analysis and Interpretation

Depending on the strategic plan in effect, the most significant consequence of the marketing approach could be further accountability for the renewal, development and distribution of the value bundle. Apple therefore proves to be an organisation that has chosen leadership by consumer satisfaction percentage innovations and executes a brand new industry by Apple iphone with its special market outlook. And this form of company is used to flow goods and services to the consumer clusters of Apple and their advertisement spawns a multitude of products in exchange and generates a value added to their brand name. With the original Blackberry mobile, RIM built a name for itself, being the premier email system for corporate and government customers, as well as strong consumer sector emailers. Yet RIM blackberry is not sponsored by the main cell service companies in the industry because of some of the protection problems.


It is concluded that Apple Iphones will withstand which its acceptability at worldwide. RIM blackberry is having all good features but problem is that it is not accepted worldwide because of some security problem involved it. The server installed now is not capable of identifying the providers. So it is not supported by major mobile service providers of some countries.

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