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Australian Apparel and Clothing Industry Analysis Report

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction

2.  Size

3.  Industry location

4.  Major products

4.1  Markets

4.1.1  Domestic market size (population, income per head)

4.1.2  Apparel exports latest 10 years using the Comtrade database

4.1.3  Analyses of top 10 export destinations (latest year)

5.  National textile/ apparel industry trade association(s)

6.  Key companies – their products, markets, major customers

7.  Industry capabilities

7.1.1  Costs

7.1.2  Technology

7.1.3  Skills

7.1.4  Quality

7.1.5  Supporting Industries

7.1.6  Natural fiber production

7.1.7  Chemical/ man-made fiber industry

7.1.8  Textile industry

8.  Industry development strategy

9.  Conclusion

10.  References

1.  Introduction

It was during 1992 and 1994 that the government of Australia relaxed its policies and reduced tariffs and opened its borders which lead to local industries flying out of Australia and focusing on low cost nations. The report tries to analyze the apparel industry of Australia and its current state. It starts with understanding the size of the apparel market. It then tries to analyze the products and the locations that are popular in Australia. It then analyzes the market dynamics such as local market size, exports from Australia and the top ten export destinations.

The report also tries to analyze the industry capabilities like cost structure, quality, technology, skills and other factors which are crucial factors for the apparel industry of Australia.

Australian Apparel and Clothing Industry Analysis Report

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