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The Future of Public’s Health in the 21st Century

Public Health

Top Major Future Public Health Threat

In the article there is the discussion about the public health by the health professionals, however, the public health threats are discussed that could take place in the future and the in 2005 and beyond. Moreover, eight major futures, public health threats public face issues of the biological, chemical and the radiological terrorism that is manmade and people can be suffered for long-term. Another is the natural disaster response from which people face a lot example, they can be injured and their health’s or bodies can containing the disease, these threats include the hurricanes, chemical spills, fires, floods, tornadoes and the accidents.

Another category is of the infectious diseases example the Asian flu pandemic, Nor virus outbreaks, flu vaccine or the foodborne pathogens etc. There is also the growing prevalence of cancer in the people as they are facing issues or threats of chronic diseases; the heart disease, diabetes, asthma etc. It is also focused that there is about sixty percent of Americans who are overweight or facing the obesity issues. Consequently, there is 9 percent of the population that are facing the tension of the substance abuse example, cigarette, and alcohol etc. moreover; there is twenty percent of Americans who are facing the tensions of the mental illness. The other major prospect of the public health threat includes the environmental threats and the significant increase in the public violence.

The Future of Public's Health in the 21st Century

Believe Needs To Be Addressed

The medical treatment range regarding the public health issues is very wide. There are several other issues that need to be addressed example, issues ranging from childhood immunization and the motor vehicle safety example, the children in the countries are facing the health issues due to disaster and war because they even do not to eat. There is the need to develop the interest in children because they can face the issues of the infectious diseases. Pollution is also creating the health issues, as air pollution is impacting badly on the health of the people. Climate changing is the big issue because the people are not getting the natural air. Growing number of elderly people is also great issues because they are suffering from the health issues that have never reported before, the health system and the medical system is becoming expensive, in this way.

Health Education In The 21st Century

Important For Health Education

Focused on the article there is the discussion about six focal points, as the most important are quality assurance because, in this way, there can be the professional accountability and the health care professionals focus on the established standards to provide the better services to the people suffering issues. Thus, the health education needs to be discussed properly and the standards need to be review and revise after some time. However, the standards need to be focused so that there could be the focus on the theory and effective practices by the professionals. Professionals can provide the patients with the effective treatment as they have the certification of individuals and they can focus on the quality improvement, the health care professional feel the responsibility on themselves in this way and there can be the perspective the responsibility

The six focal points are discussed in the article example, the advocacy, research, quality assurance etc. all the point focus on how to treat the individual in an effective way with the ongoing process because the standards are focused on the people and applied or accepted by the public. There could also be the barriers in addressing the essential to health by the year 2020 because the professionals may be not aware of all the diseases, which are there in health literacy because challenges can be still there and there, could be disparities or inequality in health status by the health educators.

To have the understanding in the appropriate way is important, so that the issues regarding the health of the public can be addressed in the effective way and the health education profession should have the understanding of the maturation of the professional studies, in the new century there could also be the other issues. The professionals need to ensure that for the consideration of different health issues, there can be the requirements for accreditation, as the professional institutions need to teach or train the next generation so that the health educators can provide the appropriate accreditation to the patients or the people facing the issues of health. Vision statement that is mentioned in the article can be very helpful to train the professionals for the future, thus, health literacy can promotes the social and the environmental justice.

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