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Digital Marketing Research Paper Example

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McDonald's Digital Marketing Strategies

McDonald’s Digital Marketing Strategies

In a recent research, the 10 digital marketing tactics of McDonald's were examined. Ten distinct digital marketing practices are being studied and pushed via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, web browsers, and other platforms as part of McDonald's new digital marketing plan..........

Digital Marketing Research Paper Summary

Digital Marketing Research Paper Summary

Digital marketing is a sort of marketing that deals with the promotion of your product in a market that uses digital media. Because they have access to everyone on the planet, digital methods of communication are incredibly modern and simple to use these days. If you market anything online, it will spread more widely over the globe, and your product will get a positive reaction. You will make more money from your goods if you market it online. The digital media has increased so much in so many fields that it has made the usage and access to items to them very simple......

Nike Digital Marketing Plan

Nike Digital Marketing Plan

Nike is experiencing poor performance, particularly in the North American market, where revenue has declined by 3%. As a result, the corporation is more concerned because of the business's bad trends in international markets, which has resulted in a decrease in sales (Low, 2017). Nike does not seem to be suffering for visibility. Nike Sneakers lacks innovation, and as a result........

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