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Marketing Research Topics

Hot Topics in Marketing - A Researcher’s Goldmine​

Choosing a research paper topic is a long-term commitment. Depending on your degree, you will be working on your paper from anywhere between a few months to a couple of years. Which is why it is necessary for you to work on a topic that piques your interest – one of many hot topics in marketing in the modern-day world.

There are generally 4 basic steps when it comes to choosing a subject:

  • Create a list of topics you might like to work on.
  • Select the topic you like the most.
  • Narrow it down to a very specific topic to give direction to your research.
  • Carry out preliminary research to create a plan and draft an outline for the paper.

Following this, you are ready to dive in and start working on your research. If you are a marketing major, we’ve eliminated the first step for you.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of marketing research paper topics that can be used by research students at varying levels of education for getting research paper help. The topics ask important questions or address the latest happenings and trends in the world of marketing.

We have also divided the topics into 21 categories with a focus on varying marketing niches so you can find the right one for you.

So, whether you are looking for marketing research topics for undergraduates or PhD students, read on and shortlist your favorites.

Online/E-Marketing Research Topics

  1. Integrated online marketing for SMEs: The role and importance
  2. Search engine optimization: A key player in a firm’s online marketing strategy
  3. The rising effect of online customer reviews on e-commerce sales
  4. Can a small business survive without online marketing in 2021? A comprehensive study
  5. Facebook Ads: A study of the role of online ads on e-commerce sales revenue
  6. How online marketing helped brands stay open during the pandemic
  7. E-marketing for local businesses: The growing role of local SEO
  8. Internal vs. external link-building for new startups: A comparative study
  9. Google vs. Amazon PPC marketing: Who should choose which
  10. The ideal number of blog posts per day: An industry-wise categorization

Social Media Marketing Research Paper Topics

Social Media Marketing Research Paper Topics
  1. Social media engagement as an indicator of brand reputation: A study
  2. The role of social media competitions in consumer engagement
  3. Can young Not-for-Profit organizations function without a social media presence?
  4. The role of social media in the rise of the feminist movement in South-Asian communities
  5. The best platforms for micro-blogging: An in-depth comparative study
  6. Building sustainable communities on Facebook: Short- and long-term effects on customer retention
  7. A study into the use of Instagram to encourage social change and justice
  8.  Why retail brands cannot afford a mediocre social media presence: Top 5 reasons in 2021
  9. The connection between social media marketing and sales for service-based industries
  10. The role of social media reviews in brand reputation

Sports Marketing Research Topics

Sports Marketing
  1. The psychology of sport marketing: An overview
  2. Effective mediums for sport marketing: A comprehensive overview
  3. Sport marketing in the digital age: An all-encompassing framework
  4. Engaging fans of local sport clubs: Is digital or traditional marketing more effective?
  5. How to market sport and attract the youth in an era of mobile phones and video games
  6. Marketing sporting events across international boundaries: A holistic view
  7. Are sporting events marketed the same way to global audiences? A comprehensive study
  8. Sport marketing: The differences between marketing for male and female audiences
  9. Athlete-Brand collaborations – An overview of the sustainability of the strategy
  10. Athletes and CSR – How creating a meaningful impact can help sportsman reputation

Research Topics in Real Estate Marketing

Research Topics in Real Estate Marketing
  1. A boost in the importance of virtual home tours: A pandemic marketing story
  2. The growing role of AI to facilitate real estate marketing in the suburbs
  3. Video vs. image marketing: What works in real estate?
  4. How to outrun your real estate rivals on social media: A Facebook and Instagram analysis
  5. Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube: Which platform to focus on as a real estate professional
  6. The use of professional equipment for real estate marketing: An in-depth study
  7. Animated videos vs. real-life house tours: Understanding the impact of each option
  8. Digital storytelling in real estate marketing: A contemporary approach
  9. Paid advertisement in international real estate: Facebook or Google ads?
  10. Marketing luxury properties: An overview of the top 11 digital tools and platforms

Fashion Marketing Research Topics

Fashion Marketing Research Topics
  1. Traditional vs. influencer marketing: The more impactful approach in 2021
  2. Fashion marketing: A detailed look into the importance of consistency across digital and traditional platforms
  3. Retargeting ads for fashion brands: The next best thing after personalized marketing
  4. Fashion marketing in the digital age: A personalization focus for increased engagement
  5. The optimum gap between new launches for clothing lines: A comparison between 10 leading brands
  6. Is blogging an effective fashion marketing tool for smaller brands? An in-depth analysis
  7. Pairing digital ads and email marketing for maximum sales: An effective strategy?
  8. A study of the optimum number of social media posts for a medium-sized apparel brand
  9. Online fashion product reviews: A top strategy for enhanced sales or a farce?
  10. Is White-hat Amazon SEO necessary to boost sales in the fashion industry?

Tourism Marketing Research Topics

Tourism Marketing Research Topics
  1. A study of the increasing use of influencer marketing to promote local tourism
  2. Social media marketing as a factor in increased tourism in developing countries
  3. The best platforms to promote tourism: A national and international perspective
  4. The Eiffel Tower Tourist Destination Marketing Analysis
  5. Mobile bookings in tourism: The effect on consumer satisfaction
  6. The importance of a story-telling narrative in tourism marketing
  7. Virtual Reality: A game-changer in modern-day tourism marketing?
  8. Drone videos as a vital tool in tourism marketing
  9. Inclusive tourism marketing: An accessibility focus
  10. Tourism Destination Marketing Strategy
  11. A study on the use of personalization in tourism marketing
  12. Growing communities for group travel: The use of social media as a core communication platform

Research Topics on Digital Marketing

Research Topics on Digital Marketing
  1. A look into the link between email marketing and e-commerce sales
  2. Neuromarketing: A study of which companies should make the switch to the new-age technology
  3. How businesses are making use of voice marketing funnels
  4. SEO is dead: A detailed analysis of why you shouldn’t believe the claim
  5. Long-form vs. short-form content: A comparison for 5 large industries
  6. Internet of Things advertising: An analysis of the data-driven marketing approach
  7. Do secure e-commerce websites get more traffic? A comprehensive study of 10 sites
  8. Socially-responsible branding: Does it lead to enhanced sales?
  9. How 5 firms dominate the world of featured snippets: A detailed analysis
  10. A study about remarketing to consumers abandoning carts at e-commerce sites

Research Topics on Services Marketing

Research Topics on Services Marketing
  1. A comparison between paid advertising and organic marketing for service-based industries
  2. Lead attainment and conversion through funnel landing pages in the services sector
  3. New trends in services marketing: A study of what works in 2021
  4. Customized content in marketing services: A study into the importance of personalization
  5. The growing reliance of service-based industries on Facebook ads to generate leads
  6. Product vs. service marketing: The different approaches taken by 10 businesses
  7. Is a social media presence necessary for small companies in the services niche? An overview
  8. Offering a free trial service to gain customers: A study from a services marketing lens
  9. How effective is email marketing to promote services in the financial industry?
  10. Therapy services and the role of digital communities: A comprehensive overview

Advertising Research Topics

Advertising Research Topics
  1. E-commerce advertising: An online approach to increasing sales
  2. Understanding the trend from traditional to online advertising media
  3. Personalization in advertising: A digital era perspective
  4. Google and Amazon PPC ads: A new perspective in retail advertising
  5. Black- and white-hat propaganda techniques in advertising: A comparative study
  6. Television advertising: Is it the correct way for retail brands to reach millennials?
  7. A study of the effect of billboard advertisements on sales
  8. The growing popularity of ad blockers and the effect on brands advertising on digital media
  9. Use of Fear Appeal Messages in Advertising
  10. In-game advertising – A study into consumer behavior following exposure to ads
  11. Adaptable advertising strategies: A nuisance or necessity in the digital age?

Brand Research Topics

  1. Branding a restaurant on social media: An effectiveness analysis
  2. Creating a brand image through niche Facebook groups: Does it work for multinationals?
  3. Branding reputation management: Is SEO the way forward?
  4. Creating a financial brand in the digital age: A study of the essential components
  5. Maintaining brand identity in a startup boom: A guide
  6. How brands set themselves apart from others – Top tricks used by 5 brands
  7. Branding to Gen X: Is digital media the best route to take?
  8. Brand reputation and the role of online reviews: The 21st-century version of word-of-mouth?
  9. Is minimalism a returning trend in the world of branding?
  10. Standing for important causes: A new trend in branding for Millennial and Gen Z audiences

CRM Research Topics

CRM Research Topic
  1. The top CRM tools for large retail corporations: A detailed list
  2. Customer relationship management in e-commerce – Are chatbots the answer?
  3. Managing customer expectations: Is social media or personalized email marketing the way forward?
  4. Are Facebook groups the primary CRM platform in 2021? A comprehensive study
  5. Building relationships with clients through online mediums: A time-focused approach for service-based companies
  6. A study into whether face-to-face or computer-mediated communication is better for customer relationship management
  7. Why SMEs choose extensive CRM tools: An overview
  8. Customer relationship management in a world of instant action: Where it leaves smaller companies with limited resources
  9. Consistency above all: Why you shouldn’t keep customers waiting for a response
  10. What is the ideal response time for online customer care queries? A 360-degree study

Non-Profit Marketing Research Topics

Non-Profit Marketing Research Topics
  1. Reaching marginalized communities on Facebook: A modern-day approach for non-profit organizations
  2. How a not-for-profit builds a brand voice on social media: An overview
  3. Building online communities for social change: A new perspective
  4. Social event marketing through online channels – A new era for not-for-profit organizations
  5. Can not-for-profits do without an online presence in the 2020s?
  6. Inspiring the younger generations through interactive and engaging call-to-actions – The modern-day not-for-profit approach
  7. Community engagement: Prompting, incorporating, and executing audience ideas for greater participation
  8. A study of new story-telling approaches in the not-for-profit arena
  9. Is automation the need of the hour in the not-for-profit world? A look into 10 NFPs doing it right
  10. In-person plus virtual events: A two-pronged approach for engagement in a hyper-busy world

Consumer Behavior Research Topics

Consumer Behavior Research Topics
  1. Catering to consumer behaviors seen to emerge during a pandemic: The best practices
  2. The shift to online shopping – Will people stop visiting shops entirely by 2040?
  3. Role of Consumer Behavior in Customer Retention
  4. Brand loyalty: A study into the relationship between customer loyalty and sales
  5. The quest for quick solutions: Will delayed deliveries cause consumers to switch brands in the future?
  6. Pre-purchase research – What goes into making sales to an informed customer
  7. The role of safety protocols when making sales during a pandemic
  8. The shift towards personalization: A study into why offering a platform to express individuality is important
  9. Do customers feel better about brands with prominent CSR activity? A comprehensive overview
  10. Activism alongside business: A study of how consumers feel about brands that make a statement
  11. Do brands need to prepare for new post-pandemic consumer trends?

Marketing Strategy Research Topics

Marketing Strategy Research Topics
  1. The importance of Artificial Intelligence to real estate business marketing strategies
  2. Do large businesses need personalization as part of their marketing strategy?
  3. Long-term vs. short-term marketing strategies during a pandemic: A detailed analysis of 5 retail businesses
  4. Does your startup marketing strategy need influencer marketing?
  5. Video testimonials: A marketing strategy component necessary for service industries
  6. Instant responses using Chatbots: A study of consumer loyalty and response times
  7. 5 businesses doing SEO right: Lessons for any modern-day firm
  8. Social media stories: A marketing strategy essential or an unnecessary hassle?
  9. Omnichannel marketing strategy for small businesses: A study of how 10 businesses are doing it right
  10. User-generated content: Does your marketing plan need it?

Marketing Research Survey Topics

  1. Market research for segmentation: Is artificial intelligence the new must-have?
  2. Mobile-friendly surveys for busy users: Reaching audiences on the go
  3. 5 brands doing market research right
  4. Shrinking survey size for the time-crunched audience: A measure of the best length
  5. Quantitative vs. Qualitative surveys: The more popular approach among service-based businesses
  6. Personal opinion vs. Objective questions: A study of customer preferences
  7. Do big retail companies outsource consumer research or do it in-house?
  8. Social listening: The smart new-age approach to consumer research
  9. 10 brands using automation to predict consumer behavior
  10. Requesting pictures and videos as part of survey responses: A study into the effectiveness of the approach

Relationship Marketing Research Topics

Relationship Marketing
  1. Is a customer relationship management solution necessary for every small business? A comprehensive overview?
  2. Loyalty points: The unbeatable king of relationship marketing for retail businesses
  3. A study of interactive social media presence for effective relationship marketing
  4. Time-sensitive customer service responses: An approach with growing popularity
  5. Building customer relationships through referral programs: A comprehensive study into the effectiveness of the strategy for e-commerce stores
  6. Sending greetings on festivals: A study of evergreen SMS marketing for strengthening customer relationships
  7. Relationship marketing in the post- pandemic era – The expected changes
  8. Relationship marketing: Should businesses take an emotional or rational approach?
  9. WhatsApp groups for community building of tier-1 customers
  10. A detailed study of 5 businesses doing relationship marketing right
  11. Engaging story-telling: The effective use of content marketing to build consumer relationships

Market Research Topics

  1. Market segmentation in the post-pandemic era: What the future looks like
  2. 5 businesses that cater to global markets effectively
  3. How to go beyond the “marketing minimum”: An approach to increasing sales for retail stores
  4. Reaching your “market potential” through social media
  5. How to produce the right goods for a market economy
  6. B2B services: Making your place in a saturated market
  7. 7 startups that entered the market with a bang
  8. Expanding into new markets as a new makeup company
  9. Business expansion: New products for existing customers or same products for new markets?
  10. Demographics vs psychographics: A study into maintaining the right balance when defining a market

Food Marketing Research Topics

  1. Food blogging: A recipe for success for home cooks
  2. Healthy food consumption as a rising trend in the food marketing arena: A detailed study
  3. The effect of marketing on the food choices of the youth
  4. How food marketing has changed over the years: A holistic view of changing trends
  5. Social media to bring a change: A restaurant’s success story
  6. Email marketing to share offers and updates: A rising trend in food and hospitality
  7. The importance of discounts in marketing efforts: A food industry focus
  8. E-commerce sites for fast food companies: Only for the young?
  9. Food blogs: A study of social media as an effective platform
  10. 5 young food enthusiasts doing international food blogging right

International Marketing Research Topics

International Marketing Research Topics
  1. Marketing across borders: Social media as a game-changer
  2. Are audiences across the world alike? How to sell to varying international markets
  3. Viral content: Does the same material work for international audiences?
  4. Role of Marketing Manager in Launching a Product in Foreign Market
  5. The effect of using the same content across borders: A detailed study
  6. User-generated content from local influencers: Its effectiveness as a trust-building tool
  7. Programmatic advertising for reaching wider audiences quickly and effectively
  8. Addressing the unique needs of audiences across borders: The way forward
  9. SEO to build brand reputation on an international scale: A comprehensive overview
  10. The conversational marketing perspective from a global lens
  11. The effect of leveraging the right technology for global customer relationship management

Print Media Research Topics

  1. Is the global print media industry growing or declining in 2021? An analysis into the implications
  2. The last generation print media majorly impacted: Gen Y or millennials?
  3. Advertising on print media: Is it effective in the world of smartphones?
  4. Is print advertising regaining popularity? A comprehensive overview
  5. Unique business cards to make a lasting impact: 10 businesses doing it right
  6. The place of print media in an age of information overload: An analysis
  7. Print vs. digital media: What do consumers trust more?
  8. Innovative packaging and its effect on sales: A study of 3 businesses doing it right
  9. Pairing digital and traditional media: Taking the smart approach
  10. Balancing printed marketing materials with an environment-friendly perspective

Green Marketing Research Topics

Green Marketing Research Topics
  1. A descriptive study of the popularity of green marketing in large economies
  2. Leaving behind leaflets, posters, and brochures to pave the way for green marketing
  3. Sustainable and eco-friendly products: A marketing goldmine?
  4. Green marketing for socially conscious audiences: A comprehensive overview
  5. 7 companies using green marketing right
  6. A study of brand loyalty as a result of green marketing
  7. Do brands have a responsibility to the environment? From a consumer loyalty lens
  8. Eco-friendly marketing campaigns made easier by digital media
  9. The effect on companies of addressing consumer concerns about the environment: A detailed analysis
  10. Do people buy higher-priced environment-friendly products? A comprehensive insight

Making the Right Selection

Our aim, when we were compiling this list of marketing research topics for your dissertation was simple: to provide students with a clear direction on marketing research that is relevant in today’s world.

In other words, we wanted to share the latest marketing research topics that would add value to readers, as well as the researchers themselves.

Having said that, these marketing research topics for college students and beyond are not set in stone. If you like any of the subject areas we have explored, you can modify them based on your own requirements. These specifications can be on the basis of the following:

–        Scope of the research

–        Geographical location

–        Demographics

–        Psychographics

–         And so, on

Just remember: the more specific the topic, the better, as it will allow you to explore your chosen area in substantial detail.

Happy researching! 

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