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What is the Collaboration Imperative

What is the Collaboration Imperative – Introduction

In the article there is the discussion about what is the collaboration imperative and What is the Collaboration Imperativecompetitive advantages that a company can achieve through collaborative action, the article has discussed the partnership and the efforts, through which the achievement can be there. The corporate collaboration is focused and new collaboration model is there, however, corporate sustainability can be achieved if the companies have the partners and work together for the common purpose or willing to provide the benefits or advantages to each other. Smart companies are focused on the collaborative solutions so that the progress can be made.

In the article, the most effective processes for the collaboration are discussed; the companies for the sustainability do the collaborations, as the companies know that the values can be created and innovation can be there, to maintain the trust of the clients and in order to maintain the productive competition the effective strategies are need to be follow. The four models or the four strategies are discussed in the article; the strategies can be used to reach the desired goals. There is need to focus on the strategies, the strategies are, develop the industry benchmark so that environmental performance can be measured. There is the need to identify the operational process so that the there could be assessments of the emissions, consumption, natural resources and environment can be protected. There are other two strategies should also be focused (Nidumolu, Eilison, Whaien, & Biliman, 2014).

The payment for ecosystem services model also needs to be a focus so that the companies could be known about funds, the companies by following this strategy focused on the investment, so that funds can improve the local communities and the protection outcomes. However, the other strategy is the extended collaboration, in which the business communities can do the operational innovations and can follow the best practices. The consumer behavior can be transformed or recycle in this way. However, all four processes or the model can be useful strategies for the businesses.

Large-scale sustainability collaboration can be attained if the stakeholder trust the business, the new collaboration models are followed by many companies, are they are getting success in the competitive market. Example, Wal-Mart, Nike, Alcoa, Microsoft have identified the four collaboration models and they are getting benefits of the models. However, companies are selecting the stakeholders very carefully and are focusing on the collaborative efforts, so that sustainability can be there.

Including climate change, the companies can focus on the self-interest and the shared interest through recognizing the participants effective for the businesses the through doing the efforts there could be the high-quality performance, for the competitive advantages it is necessary to follow the healthy collaborative activities. There is the need to identify the clearer paths or plans, so that the advantages can be achieved, however, the collaborative actions are the best ways, to improve the beneficial outcomes; the companies need to undertake all the four competitive strategies.

In my point of view, the four of the models for the growth and sustainability, through the collaborative action can be useful for the organization, as the benefits cam be there, companies can know about the outside environment of the businesses, that how stakeholders should be given values. The models can prove the benefits through the strategies, by identifying each of the strategies and by noticing that what should be done the companies can focus on the ongoing processes that the company is following. Companies can do the deep studies of their collaborative actions and can maintain the process.

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