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Walmart Strategic Human Resource Management Case Study Solution

Walmart Strategic Human Resource Management Case Study Solution


How HR Strategy can be Walmart’s competitive advantages?? What is the importance of strategy setting with respect to Human Resources and how organizations can mobilize it??

Effective human resource management will create a high perspective teamwork, fair competition and respective environment. Especially in the large-size company, Walmart has more than 1.6 million associates toWalmart Strategic Human Resource Management Case Study Solution work, so human resource management plays the most important role in the organization. Furthermore, in Walmart, there is never called “employee” or “worker” while it is called “associate” since the founder believed that there is no boss and workers, as well as the people who work for War-Mart are partners to make profit together.

HR strategy is competitive advantages by followings ways:
  1. The HR strategy is to focus Walmart’s employees to do everything they possibly can to hold down cost and, they do. Whenever Walmart is successful in lowering its expenses, it passes those savings along to its customers in the form of lower prices putting even more pressure on its competitors.
  2. HR’s role is to focus Walmart’s leaders and employees on continuous learning, continuous improvement, superior execution, employee empowerment, and employee ownership all designed to create synergistic teamwork. Walmart teams are highly productive but at the same time the staffing levels are lean.
  3. For Walmart, its corporate-level strategy and business-level strategy, as I analyzed is the low cost leadership. Then I’ll focus on its HR strategy. Walmart builds its low cost leader on employment policies that help it to achieve extraordinarily low employment costs. Through low-cost HR activities, Walmart tried to maintain it’s predominate competitive advantage.
Importance of HR Strategy

The HR Strategy is a managerial decision making tool as the HR Strategy sets the way the management should approach to the particular HR project proposals. The HR Strategy helps to employees to decide common daily decisions as they can see, if the request is fully aligned with the HR Strategy and the organization will benefit from such a solution. The HR Strategy sets the vision, but it is fulfilled by many daily small decisions and the strategy helps to set the decision process.

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