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Is Wake Technical Community College a Good College

A good college comprises of several components that ensure the students’ life in college is enjoyable and fulfilling. It provides opportunities for all students to realize their potential in all aspects. The components include a safe working or learning atmosphere and ensure students’ progress in achieving their education and job objectives. Some of the standard elements of a good college may include; level of security within the campuses, flexibility of the courses, professionalism of the lecturers and other staff, cost of courses, quality of the courses offered as well as the facilities available for use in the college (Millan 5). All these components ensure the welfare of the student is taken care of, and the students receive value for their money.

Wake Technical Community College was established in 1958. It is a two-year college in Raleigh city in North Carolina. From the start, its initial name was Wake Country Industrial Education Center but in 1987, it changed its name to the current name. The college is part of the North Carolina Community College System, whose funding comes from the state. It received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1970. It offers associate degree and certificate programs and has an enrollment of over 19,000 students. The programs can be either in vocational fields as well as liberal arts, which is a good option for a student that would wish to transfer to four-year college or university afterward. The college has several components that make it a good college and hence ideal for someone wishing to further their education.

First, the college offers programs in over 180 areas of study. That serves to give students a broad variety of options for careers, as well as personal interests. Some of the fields in which one can enroll include construction management, emergency medical science, medical assistance, dental assisting, automotive technology, accounting, graphic design, business administration, welding technology, engineering technology, architecture technology, hotel and restaurant management as well as general education. The college offers associate degree programmes in different areas for those wishing to transfer to four-year colleges or universities.  Some of the areas the university offers such courses include pre-engineering, arts and sciences. The wide range of class time available in the college makes it easy for one to schedule their classes to fit with other commitments such as family and job commitments. That makes the classes very flexible to the benefit of the students who may have a lot going on in their lives but still want to attend all classes without missing any.

Is Wake Technical Community College a Good College

The fact that courses are online makes it flexible especially for the students that are already working and who may find it difficult to attend normal classes due to their job schedules. Some of the associate degree, certificate and diploma programs that are offered online include general education, accounting, criminal justice, office administration as well as web design and graphic design. Such online programs make it possible for students to study and work at the same time without having to compromise in either one of the two. The wide variety of courses also gives students many alternatives from which to choose. The college has academic advisors who help students in choosing their courses and programs. With their expert knowledge, they help students make informed choices that boost their career path.

On matters security, the college has taken steps to ensure the safety of students on the campuses at all times. There are always several security guards on patrol within the campuses at all times of the day. The guards ensure enforcement of campus regulations thus guaranteeing safety. The campuses are also well lit at night to boost security. That ensures students are safe on the campuses at all times regardless of the time of day. Also, there is an alert system that alerts the students in case of any concerns in the college. The alert system provides information about incidents that require the students’ attention in as much as security is concerned. However, it is optional for the student to sign up for the alerts. The fact that the college is a smoke-free area also makes it comfortable to for everyone to co-exist. That provides a healthy and clean environment in which one may comfortably exist. It allows one to enjoy the quiet environment without unnecessary interference from others. The beauty of its environment allows the students to take time out of class to walk around or relax as it offers beautiful scenery.

Wake Technical Community College has excellent staff. The lecturers are very understanding and are flexible to accommodate a student’s schedule. They always try to help in case a student has a very tight schedule. They show high commitment to their work and strive to deliver to the students as per requirements. Their understanding of their particular areas of specialty is also great. In this respect, the college thus offers exceptional quality as relates education. The college offers academic and career counseling. That provides the help the students need as they go through campus life. It enables them make informed decisions as they get quality advice from the advisors. The college, through their staff, provides placement services for its graduates. That makes it easy for them to secure jobs once they graduate and makes easy their search for jobs. For students, there are employment services that are available to them. The college helps them get employment while studying at the college. The students can thus earn some cash as they pursue their education. The college’s disability service is also commendable. The college takes care of students with disabilities. They receive the necessary support from the staff at all times.

Wake Technical Community College provides quality education at a low cost. It is a haven for anyone that wishes to save on costs while attaining quality education. The education standards satisfy the general education requirements. The students receive value for their money in terms of service delivery. The size of the classes is small thus making it possible for the lecturers to deliver their content efficiently. The small size of classes allows for one-on-one interaction between the instructor and the students thus making the learning process of exceptional quality. Such student-instructor interaction allows the students to ask questions in areas they do not understand. The lecturers are also able to give feedback on the student’s performance at any given time. The lecturers also allow students to seek their help during office hours and to discuss the student’s performance. The instructors may also offer tutoring during office hours. The students also have access to extra resources that may be beneficial to them in their quest to master their field.

Apart from the academic services on offer, there is also a range of extracurricular activities in which one can participate. There are several clubs and sports that one can join. For new students, the students’ service department offers information about the clubs and activities that they can join. Facilities such as the physical education building help towards the realization of one’s sporting potential. Another facility that may be of great use to the students would be the student service building. The building provides a place for the students to eat and hang around. It thus makes it convenient for the students as they can have their meals on campus. 

Although the college has many advantages, it also has some challenges. Among them is the problem of lack of parking space. Due to the increased enrollment, parking has become a problem. There is hardly enough room for parking. Also, some resources like computers are inadequate. They can no longer serve the ever growing population.

All in all, even with its challenges, Wake Technical Community College is a great college for anyone wishing to further their education beyond high school. It faces some challenges, but the benefits and opportunities it offers far outweigh the challenges. It is a college to recommend to someone wishing to start off their college education at an affordable cost as they save for their university education. It is also recommendable for those who are already working and have a busy schedule to manage.

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